Burundi: Gitega’s power is on the verge of triggering genocide in the sub-region; his partners would be accomplices

July 3,2020

Burundi: Gitega’s power is on the verge of triggering genocide in the sub-region; his partners would be accomplices
We will never stop repeating it; the power of the cnddfdd has always collaborated and still collaborates with terrorist and genocidaires groups which operate from DR Congo to destabilize the Rwandan government. It is in this logic that the power of Gitega plans to complete the genocide of Burundian Tutsis started since 1993 by the Frodebu after the death of Melchior Ndadaye.
The facts that justify this collaboration are legion. The leaders of these terrorist groups grouped within what they called P5 receive a warm welcome in Burundi, they receive Burundian diplomatic passports under new identities to circulate without difficulty at the time when some are wanted for the crimes committed. The example of Kabuga who has just been arrested in France is telling. Others live there under the protection of Burundian police. It should be recalled that some interahamwe, FDRL members, have been recruited into the Burundi army, police and intelligence services. A good number of themselves are in the close guards of the authorities.
For those who did not know it yet, the presence of the Interahamwe in the escorts of certain military and police authorities is a strategy to facilitate the recruitment of combatants for these groups. The testimonies of P5 combatants arrested in DR Congo by the FARDC (Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo) and handed over to Rwanda and who are today before the courts of this country say that thousands of young Rwandan Hutus recruited from all over the region (Malawi, Zambia, Tanzania, Uganda etc.) all pass through Tanzania, then enter Burundi, then are taken care of by the security services of Burundi for their temporary accommodation, their clothing and then are transported at the moment come to Lake Tanganyika to take boats that take them to Bijombo in Rd congo. The name of Major Bertin, Burundian officer, appears in all testimonies as the one who was very active in this kind of transfer. So he’s not the only one; everyone involved in this case is known. The time to quote them will come. The necessary logistics, arms and ammunition are drawn from army or police stocks to supply these groups. Here we note in passing that the conventions signed with these genocidaires groups are based on the trade in minerals extracted in DR Congo and which pass through Burundi; the money is used to buy weapons and supplies and other logistics. This material and other products are bought either in China or in Russia, in Turkey or elsewhere as being intended for the Burundian Government, but are subsequently delivered to all these groups who want to destabilize Rwanda.
These groups of genocidaires have repeatedly attempted incursions into Rwanda, but have always been repelled by the army of that country. The path has always been the same: they leave eastern DR Congo, enter Burundi under the support or complicity of the Burundian state services to attack Rwanda. Once pushed back, they take the same path to return to their entrenchments. Sometimes they pass through the Burundian soldiers positions. The example of the recent attack on the night of June 26-27, 2020 speaks for itself. They transited through a military position in Bukinanyana in Cibitoke province; they attacked the locality of Nyaruguru in Ruheru in the south of Rwanda. They were pushed back. They lost 4 of their own, others were captured. They even left behind war materials (weapons and ammunition) and logistics (tin cans marked « Burundi defence forces, origin: China », sachets of sugar). They then withdrew towards Bukinanyana on a Burundian military position.
According to information given by one of the soldiers on the position, a double cabin vehicle, escorted by a team of Burundian soldiers, recovered two seriously injured people and took them to Bubanza for urgent care. The other wounded are said to be being treated by a team of stretcher bearers in Kibira.
Through diplomatic channels, Rwanda asked for explanations from the Burundian government, but as of the writing of this article, no response had yet been given. But the answer lies in the reaction of Evariste Ndayishimiye, who once again points to Rwanda as the enemy of Burundi. It was on the 58th anniversary of Burundi’s independence, July 1, 2020, when he gave medals and money to those who performed well. As if to mock Rwanda, he gave a bronze medal of the order of patriotic merit and an envelope of 1 million Burundian francs to Master Corporal Ndizeye Fulgence and the family of Chief Warrant Officer Nitunga Jonathan. These two Burundian soldiers were part of the military position of the navy on Lake Rweru whose waters are shared between Burundi and Rwanda. The chief warrant officer died in a clash between the soldiers he led and the Rwandan soldiers who intervened to push back the Burundian fishermen who had overstepped the limits. Did they do it out of ignorance or just to provoke the neighbour? Nobody knows it. But President Evariste Ndayishimiye said, presenting the medals that his soldiers are brave, that they fought and repelled the enemy and saved the Burundian fishermen.
Think again; you who believe that Evariste Ndayishimiye and his military government were going to improve relations with neighbours and the international community. His language is the same: the settlers and those who work for them. On the contrary, it seeks to provoke a regional war in order to take advantage of it to complete the genocide in Burundi. He is more than ever determined to support the genocidaires groups stationed in DR Congo to plunge Rwanda back into insecurity or, if they can, commit yet another genocide like that of 1994
Countries that already have military cooperation with Burundi should be careful not to fall into complicity in this macabre plan of the military clique on power in Burundi. The best known are China, Russia (who take the opportunity to extract minerals from the Burundian underground) and France. Recall that France has, despite the sanctions imposed on Burundi by the European Union of which it is a member, taken a unilateral decision to prelaunch bilateral cooperation with Burundi since October 2018, just five days after the renewal of the sanctions taken in 2015 in accordance with Article 96 of the Cotonou Agreements. According to radio RFI, France’s decision was not known until eight months later, and it was kept secret. Why this unilateral decision? Would this cooperation be limited only to the 50 million dollars injected in the education field and the 30 thousand dollars in military training as it officially declares? What kind of military training does it support? Is France aware of this collaboration between the Government of Burundi and P5 (genocidaires groups seeking to destabilize Rwanda)? Or, is this country playing tricks to correct the failure suffered in 1994? History will tell us.
URN HITAMWONEZA will never stop shouting for those who can take preventive measures so that another genocide like that of 1994 in Rwanda does not happen, because this time it would not affect a single country, but the whole region because all genocidaires are now interconnected.

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