Burundi: CNDDFDD asserts itself as a State Party to complete the genocide of Tutsis

July 6,2020

Burundi: CNDDFDD asserts itself as a State Party to complete the genocide of Tutsis
The cnddfdd government has ruled Burundi with an iron fist since 2005. When we talk about cnddfdd, we mean a government really exercised by a military clique which takes all the important decisions of the country. When they entered the country with the implementation of the hard-negotiated Arusha Accords, they saw themselves as a movement that won a military victory, while for more than 10 years of struggle; they never conquered any meter Square of the territory. They were not able to because they had before them a professional and disciplined army. It was this army that they first destroyed to install an army and a police force of criminals with which they associated the interahamwe (members of the fdlr) and a militia of the cnddfdd party, the imbonerakure. This is what they call the Hutu defence and security forces. To these must be added a national intelligence service which is made up 100% by Hutus. No representative of this service in the different provinces or municipalities of the country is Tutsi. However, the 2018 constitution that they made themselves and that they swallowed to the people is very clear in its articles 253, 262 and 265.
According to some Hutu extremists from FRODEBU, Ndadaye would not be killed if he had a Hutu army. This is why the cnddfdd who has fought for so many years could not fail to constitute an army dedicated to its cause. By this means an army and a police force dedicated to the cause of the cnddfdd and not a republican army and a police force which defend the general interest of all the population and all its goods. This is why they neutralized by all means the elders of this former professional army by favoring those who can neither read nor write, but who have the easy trigger. With these, they associated the interahamwe and the imbonerakure to whom they distributed weapons with a power which exceeds even that of their army and police. It is therefore not surprising to see law enforcement officials supposed to protect the entire population from shooting peaceful demonstrators without any weapons, nor is it surprising to see an Army General shooting at close range at twin children ( we are talking about the late General Adolphe Nshimirimana). It’s also all they did during all the years of the rebellion . Killing Tutsis, women and children on the roads and in their households, in IDP camps, supposedly to show public opinion that the government is unable to protect its people. A serious rebellion should rather attack the military positions and not the civilian population. The late President Nkurunziza testified that he spent months without sleep because he saw at night the image of a child he had killed coming back to him every time in his dreams. These are the kind of criminals who have and continue to govern Burundi. Today’s military clique that runs the country has emerged from this school. Evariste Ndayishimiye, Allain Guillaume Bunyoni and Gervais Ndirakobuca alias Ndakugarika are the great masters.
The government says « Parent » (leta mvyeyi) which Evariste Ndayishimiye keeps talking about is therefore led by this clique of soldiers from the cnddfdd. 99% of the members of this government are members of the cnddfdd, including only 5 Tutsis (including the vice-president, one appearing in the head nucleus). In the 2018 constitution, the vice-president assists the President of the Republic (article 122). He is appointed and can be dismissed by the President of the Republic (article 123). Without however commenting on the personality of this vice-president, the constitution alone does not give him much power. Whether he or the other members of the government, they are the executors of the decisions of the military clique that runs the country.
Why militarize the country when we keep shouting that the country is in a democratic system? Is democracy limited to elections? What kind of elections? Elections organized by a military power are not democratic because we know the winner in advance. He’s the one with military strength. The case of the May 2020 elections is telling. Surprisingly, the elections were won by an opponent because everyone wanted a change in Burundi; and now that by military force, everything switches to power cnddfdd and everyone shouts, then ends up being silent. Even the cries of the Catholic bishops only lasted until the time of dew. Yet they were right. Let these men of God know that the Bible of God requires us to tell the truth, nothing but the truth. ’Let your word be yes if it is yes, and no if it is no. What is more comes from the bad ’’ (Mt 5:37). Saying no, then yes afterwards, without convincing explanations, is not worthy of the representatives of the Catholic Church.
Make no mistake about it; the installation of such a government is no coincidence. Nor is it for the benefit of Burundians, as Evariste Ndayishimiye keeps saying. Apart from the President, the Vice-President, Prime Minister, the Minister of the Interior, Public Security and Community Development, we should also note the presence within this government of the Minister of External Relations (Hutu extremist), Minister of national defence (tutsi-imbonerakure), minister of affairs of the East African Community (Chief imbonerakure). Figures who make the whole government antipathetic in the eyes of Burundians and the international community, but who have been chosen for a specific mission. Expect it as we said in one of our articles from other military and police personnel in the administration.
As in 1993, in Burundi, as in 1994 in Rwanda, such a selection is only made to prepare for the genocide. The Hutu extremists of Frodebu could not exterminate all the Tutsis in 1993, today, the Hutu power of the cnddfdd is seriously preparing, with all the means of the State in support to end it definitively. This is why he even allows himself to provoke armies from other countries (case of neighbouring Rwanda) to have just a pretext or a trigger.
URN HITAMWONEZA continues to issue a cry of alarm to the region and to the United Nations Security Council to keep a watchful eye on Burundi so that they can take consequent and urgent measures because all the signals are gathered so that there is another genocide in the region.

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