Burundi: What kind of war is the military clique in power preparing for?

Burundi: What kind of war is the military clique in power preparing for?
President Evariste Ndayishimiye and the military clique that governs with an iron fist Burundi will never cease to surprise us. The President first surprised many by appointing the Prime Minister in the person of General Bunyoni. A long-time figure in charge of the police who have committed many crimes and gross human rights violations. He is under United States sanctions and the European Union. He is not free to move; and Ndayishimiye said he wanted to revitalize relations with other states. Words always in opposition to his actions.
When the government was appointed, public opinion was amazed to see General Ndirakobuca Gervais (alias Ndakugarika), a member of the government, with a super minister in charge of the interior, public security and community development.
As if that were not enough, and it was announced in one of our articles, Ndayishimiye appoints soldiers, police and former members of the national intelligence service to the posts of provincial governors. On the 18 provinces, 06 governors are officers from the police, military and the national intelligence service. A soldier and a police officer occupy the border provinces with neighbouring Rwanda (Cibitoke and Kayanza provinces).
On the 18 provincial governors, only less than 20% are Tutsis; among them, two senior army officers (ex-FAB). There is no point in reminding that with the military power of Evariste Ndayishimiye, nothing about ethnic balance, no more job sharing with the cnddfdd. They put a stop to the Arusha Peace and Reconciliation Agreements. A detail, not very important, which some might even describe as unnecessary, but which is important. The two Tutsi officers are close friends of Evariste Ndayishimiye. You will quickly understand what kind of leader the country has just had at the head of the state. A head of state who gives positions of responsibility according to his affinities with people. But, it is not surprising because from the first public ceremonies that he presided on July 1, 2020, after taking office, he gave a prize to one of his daughters, supposedly representative of the children of the eagle (ivyana vy’inkona: children of cnddfdd members). Exactly like his predecessor, the late Pierre Nkurunziza, who constantly decorated his wife and children until his maid?
Beyond the facts, there are realities behind it. Remember, we had military governors and ministers at the time of the powers resulting from military coups; a system that the same faces in power today keep blaming. Now they’re doing more than General Michel Micombero’s power did. We have also known military governors during difficult moments of civil war.
The question that many observers of the Burundi situation ask is why this excessive militarization of the administration of Evariste Ndayishimiye? Are we in a war situation? Does the ruling military clique prepare for a war in Burundi? Against who?
Here, it is necessary to make several analyses to answer this question. Politicians find that Ndayishimiye is positioning soldiers in all areas to silence any discordant way because he knows very well that the people do not want him. He saw it during the last elections in May 2020. He is putting in place instruments of repression in the event of a popular uprising. He announced in his speech during his inauguration that everyone who has to say must go through the organs qualified. For him, take the floor without permission is a sign of indiscipline. He had just declared that during his reign, no demonstrations. And he keeps deceiving opinion in his speeches that his government is coming to uphold human rights. How can such man join acts to words when he keeps contradicting himself in his speeches?
Another analysis, this time by specialists in the security field, rather shows the military clique in power today preparing for a war; followed by large-scale genocide in Burundi. It’s not free that Cibitoke and Kayanza provinces are governed by officers. Burundi is in conflict with its neighbour Rwanda which it accuses without proof of sheltering people who disturb the security of the country. On the other hand, Rwanda accuses Burundi of hosting interahamwe, genocidaires members of the FDLR who committed the genocide in Rwanda in 1994. At the same time, it provides logistics and facilities for attacking Rwanda via Burundi. Tin cans purchased in China marked with the Burundi National Defence Forces were seized from fighters captured during the recent attacks on Rwanda in June 2020. Clear evidence that the government of Evariste Ndayishimiye supports those who attack Rwanda. He is planning other such provocations to find pretexts for war and to finish with what is called Tutsi in Burundi. This is the plan.
URN HITAMWONEZA will never stop following the development of this situation and alerting those concerned and all souls in good faith to block the way for all criminals.
All Hutu extremists always have as a pretext what they called the genocide of the Hutus of 1972. We will start tomorrow a series of articles drawn from the testimonies of people on the killings of 1972. Who are the planners and the executors? How things went etc …

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