Burundi: Keny-Claude Nduwimana, spokesperson for Hutu extremists of the cnddfdd, continues to propagate the ideology of genocide in Burundi

Burundi: Keny-Claude Nduwimana, spokesperson for Hutu extremists of the cnddfdd, continues to propagate the ideology of genocide in Burundi
When we go through the stages of the genocide process, we realize that in Burundi we are almost at the last phase. Judge for yourself: the classification (Hutu: abenegihugu, Tutsi: abanyagihugu) -identification by group- discrimination-persecution- dehumanization-organization (pooling the energies of the killers) – identification of the enemy-preparations for genocide- extermination – Denial of genocide. There remains the penultimate and the last step.
We tried to show the origins of this genocide ideology, the attempts that were made, the 1993 case which almost succeeded, but did not satisfy the Hutu extremists who planned and executed it, the massacres of the Tutsis carried out during more than 10 years of Hutu rebellion and the continuation of the actions which have been carried out by the cnddfdd since 2005 until today, always in the sense of completing the genocide of the Tutsis.
In Burundi, this order is not respected because the ideology is already ingrained in the hearts of many Hutu extremists who think only of perfecting their methods of killing whenever they find an opportunity. The preparations have been made: the hutu power exists; it is the cnddfdd (whoever is not a member or accomplice has no rights in Burundi); the Tutsis were killed en masse (case 11-12 September 2015 in Ngagara-Nyakabiga-Jabe-Musaga), then killed one by one (kamwe kamwe), the others imprisoned, others raped and tortured, others forced to l ‘exile. Those who remain in the country live in total fear, their economies ruined and no longer receive jobs from the state. Note also that Hutus who oppose this mismanagement of the country are treated like the first; perhaps with less animosity. On the material level, it should be noted that the imbonerakure militia, supported by members of the fdrl-interahamwe, were trained and equipped. Initial reports indicated at least 05 weapons per hill. But, others would have been distributed in total discretion before and after the elections of May 2020. The establishment of a military government (a president, a prime minister, a minister of the interior, public security and community development, governors (05-18)) shows that they are preparing for war. Against who ? We do not know yet.
But the presence of General Ndirakobuca Gervais, alias Ndakugarika at the Ministry of the Interior, Public Security and Community Development shows an importance placed on the supervision of the population, including this machine of killers, the imbonerakure militia. Evariste Ndayishimiye intends to look for work for them so that they are not hungry, that they stay in good shape, ready to carry out a later mission (when President Ndayishimiye says he wants to look for work for everyone, that he there will be no more unemployed, he wants to talk about imbonerakure). Everything is in place, now is the time for mobilization (awareness). It’s just a reminder. This is what is currently doing private journalist Keny Claude Nduwimana.
This journalist, working in Burundi, continues to disseminate messages of denigration, insult and dehumanization of Tutsis on social networks. They qualify them as dogs, wolves, thieves, drinkers of Hutu blood (ibinywamaraso). He considers them to be foreigners, who do not even have the right to live in Burundi. Remember that the late President Pierre Nkurunziza baptized the Tutsis « Mujeri » (skinny dogs) and that Evariste Ndayishimiye kept calling the refugees (by that Tutsis) enemies of the nation who collaborate with the settlers.
According to legal experts, these messages of call to ethnic hatred propagated by Keny Claude Nduwimana are punishable by 3 years in prison under article 266 of the Burundi penal code. If it turns out that they are ultimately messages of incitement to genocide, article 204 of the same code sentences him to life imprisonment.
The president of the CNC, who is in charge of controlling the media, is not ashamed to say that Keny Claude is not a journalist and that his messages do not concern him. It’s ridiculous. The law says he is not only in charge of print journals, audiovisual, but also all social media broadcasts / posts. Moreover, this so-called journalist is well-known, with well-known channels of communication and is always in contact with state organs to seek information. In other words, what he is doing is not a secret, it is known to the Burundian authorities. Nestor Bankumukunzi, chairman of the cnc does not want to incur the wrath of his boss. Do not seek from noon to 2:00 pm, Keny Claude Nduwimana is carrying out a mission of the military clique in power; otherwise, it would already be stopped.
These terms were used by the hutupowers of Rwanda in the preparation of the genocide against the Tutsis of 1994. It is well known the role played by Radio Mille Colline in the mobilization of the interahamwe and other extremists to kill the Tutsis. Rwanda’s  » Imvaho  » and  » Kinyamateka  » newspapers kept publishing writings describing Rwandan Tutsis as cockroaches, people who only shed blood (inkoramaraso: Kinyamateka number 1334), enemies of the nation (inyankarwanda) and calling for the mobilization of the Hutus to get rid of the Tutsis that the extremist Hutus considered to be foreigners who came from elsewhere. President Havyarimana Juvenal used to say that Rwanda is like a full glass, to say that the refugees who were abroad (the Tutsis) no longer have a place in Rwanda. In other words, the genocide was planned and executed with state organs.
We would not be mistaken if we say that Keny Claude is a continuation of the large-scale genocide project planned by the current leaders in Burundi. They will tell all day long, whoever wants to hear them and believe them, that they have put in place a parent government ’(leta mvyeyi), as they prepare to eliminate some of their children. What kind of a good parent? Cicero tells us, « We must remove hypocrisy and simulation from our lives. » Otherwise, sooner or later there is a great risk that the dire consequences will fall on the planners of evil.
URN HITAMWONEZA joins all peace-loving Burundians, who only dream of living together for all Burundians, to ask the United Nations Security Council to keep a watchful eye on Burundi to prevent another genocide to be committed in this sub-region.

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