Burundi: Keny Claude Nduwimana would be one of the spokespersons of the government of Evariste Ndayishimiye

Burundi: Keny Claude Nduwimana would be one of the spokespersons of the government of Evariste Ndayishimiye
Keny claude Nduwimana is a so-called journalist, who gave himself / or to whom he was given a mission to disseminate messages on social networks insulting the Tutsis, treating them with all evils (dogs, blood drinkers, assassins, jackals, thieves, incapable people, foreigners who came from elsewhere, etc.). He is in Burundi, he has a known address, he has known channels of communication, he rubs shoulders with the authorities every day, he is always with Pierre Claver Ndayicariye, president of the CVR, in his raids in search of the remains of the Hutus killed in Burundi, he raided many communes in the country to question the population, especially on the Hutu killings of 1972. There, he took photos, videos and sounds that he posted on his communication channels. When Nestor Bankumukunzi, president of the CNC says that he does not know him, that what he publishes does not concern the body he represents when we know that in Burundi no journalist / or no journalist, cannot go in the communes and to report without the agreement of the government, it is too ridiculous. We had to find another way of saying that it can be managed at a level beyond it. Jean de Dieu Mutabazi, who chairs the commission in charge of preventing and combating genocide, was quick to follow suit. In the program « Akabirya », he was too embarrassed to answer the journalist’s question in relation to this Keny Claude Nduwimana. He just said he didn’t know him, even suggesting he didn’t exist, that it could be a montage. He still accepted that his committee monitor all messages that propagate ethnic hatred. But, dodging all the journalist’s questions about Keny Claude Nduwimana, Mutabazi instead attacked journalist Antoine Kaburahe who alerted the CNC. For Mutabazi, ‘’ why Kaburahe didn’t say anything about the messages broadcast by Bwejeri and Rose Hakizimana? ’’. He asks that the government do everything possible to get in touch with the governments that host them in order to bring them back to the country so that they are judged like the case of Clément Nkurunziza forcibly repatriated from the USA and who is currently languishing in prison. He accepts with many constraints that he and his commission will investigate this Keny Claude Nduwimana. And everyone knows that the investigations made in Burundi, none have been closed for the public to know the results.
But, it’s not at all surprising. Whether it is Nestor Bankumukunzi of the cnc, whether it is Pierre Claver Ndayicariye of the CVR or even Jean De Dieu Mutabazi of the commission on the prevention of genocide, all are rolling for cnddfdd power. They only carry out the orders of those on power today.
Let the various officials in Burundi up to the level of the presidency stop playing the game. No one is going to believe them. This Keny Claude Nduwimana is well known to all, and especially to the military clique in power. What he is saying is what the majority of these leaders think and dare not just say out loud; they say it in their salons and in their cabarets. He is therefore one of the greatest spokespersons for the power of Evariste Ndayishimiye who dares to express aloud the ideology of genocide that is in their minds. In fact, some consider him their hero. We notice this in the various messages exchanged on social networks. That’s why he doesn’t worry, he enjoys complete impunity.
The famous Keny Claude Nduwimana likes to use as a pretext the death of thousands of Hutus in 1972; it is also based on the assassination of Hutu students at the University of Burundi in 1995. URNHITAMWONEZA considers that this is a pretext because anyone who has the good faith to know the truth and reconcile the Burundians should start from the principle that Tutsis have killed, Hutus have also killed (we mean Hutus and Tutsis so as not to globalize as if it is the ethnic group that killed and is responsible). What Keny Claude is doing, accusing all Tutsis in general, is criminal. It is simply an incitement to ethnic hatred. He prepares the minds of the Hutus for the genocide of the Tutsis in preparation. Under other skies, he should be arrested, tried and punished.
We all recognize that in 1972, Tutsis were killed by elements who attacked the country (our investigations revealed that it was rather a genocide prepared by extremist Hutus who were in power; he did not succeeded as planned), we also recognize that Micombero’s power has blindly killed many innocent Hutu. Tutsis also died (killed by Tutsis: but not in large numbers) in this repression based on simple settling of scores. All these killings cannot in any case, if there are no other agendas behind, rest on the shoulders of an entire ethnic group, or simply on the Tutsis of today. No Tutsi took a machete and killed their Hutu neighbour. If the Hutu extremists of today want to avenge the Hutus killed by Micombero’s power over the Tutsis of today who know nothing of what happened in 1972, let them say so clearly and leave no stone unturned play smart by saying that they have set up « a parent government ». We are saying stop the lies and hypocrisy of Evariste Ndayishimiye and his military clique. The world sees you; God whom you evoke every day sees you and judges you. No Tutsi is going to mistreat, let alone kill Hutus today. Why this relentlessness of the Hutus today on the Tutsis? What are they looking for? To exterminate them? In 1993, Hutus mobilized to kill all the Tutsis on their hills; an ideology taught by the power of the day to exterminate all Tutsis. They killed as much as possible, of course, but the Tutsis still exist. Even in neighbouring Rwanda, they failed to kill them all in 1994. You, extremist Hutu, who believe that you will have peace when all Tutsis are erased from the world map, you are wasting your time. You simply attract a divine retribution (especially since you evoke God all the time)
URN HITAMWONEZA finds that the only way to reconcile the Burundians is to agree, (in collaboration if possible with the international community), on an independent tribunal which would judge all those who have committed crimes since the end of colonization (Hutu as Tutsis, dead or alive) until today to answer for their acts. The rest of the Burundians will be able to live together in peace without any suspicion.

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