Burundi: Why does the growing insecurity not worry the power of Gitega? Would he not be the author or the accomplice?

Burundi: Why does the growing insecurity not worry the power of Gitega? Would he not be the author or the accomplice?
The authorities of Gitega do not cease declaring every day that peace and security reign throughout the territory of Burundi. Public opinion believes in it, and particularly the international community, which does not hear the bombs that fall regularly on Bujumbura or Gitega, or the crackling of weapons on a daily basis. However, everyone agrees with Rogoberta Menchu Tum who says that peace is not only the absence of war: as long as there is poverty, racism, discrimination and exclusion, we will hardly be able to achieve a world of peace. '' In approaching the theme of human security, Lloyd Axworthy goes in the same direction by saying that human security is a protection against chronic threats such as famine, disease and repression, protection against any brutal event likely to disrupt daily life or damage its organization in homes, the workplace or in the community.  »
The two authors refer us to the analysis of the situation prevailing in Burundi to conclude whether what the leaders sing every day is really close to the truth. We do not need magnifying glasses to see that all the elements that characterize the state of security in a country are lacking: In Burundi, you are not from the party in power, you do not have the right to speak, to employment, justice, and in short you do not even have the right to life. Anyone can kill you as they see fit without prosecution, they just need to be a member of the ruling party.
In Burundi, people like Kenny Claude Nduwimana allow themselves to disseminate ethnic hate speech, to insult the Tutsis as they wish and the power of Ndayishimiye Evariste, Bunyoni and Ndakugarika shut their ears because they say what they want or just what they recommend them to say. Hutu extremists like these first are mobilizing to raise money to support these hate speeches by Kenny Claude Nduwimana in order to disseminate them on a large scale. Messages like those broadcast by Mille Colline radio and the hate media during the genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda in 1994. And they dare to say that they want the younger generations to know the truth about Burundi. It is a pity that Evariste Ndayishimiye and his clique keep deceiving public opinion that they seek peace and development in Burundi. Based on such rhetoric, they would not hold up. This would mean that the unity of the Burundians they sing about will be built after eliminating one of the ethnic components: the Tutsis.
Two new phenomena can be observed with the reign of Evariste Ndayishimiye: the first concerns frequent cases of rape of women and girls, then killing and beheading them afterwards (at least 05 cases in a period of one month). The men are killed, and the criminals don’t forget to cut off their heads. Then the administration rushes to bury them. The second and most recent phenomenon is burning people in their homes. The first cases were observed in Mugongomanga. No one mentioned it. Twice in a row that people’s homes are burnt down, no investigation has been made to identify and punish the perpetrators. It is this indifference of the authorities to this kind of crime that it is perpetuated in other provinces. In Muyinga, on the night of August 5 to 6, 2020, a whole family of 5 people from the Rugari hill was burned in their house without help. The authorities simply went to make the report, and the police apprehended the immediate neighbours. In rural Bujumbura, in Ndagano in the Nyambuye zone, 03 brothers die charred in a house. The police are content to arrest their parents for investigations.
Who are the perpetrators of these crimes? Why does the power of Gitega seem not to put in the means to fight them? Simple negligence, incapacity or complicity ? Everyone can put their answer. But, what is certain is that there is no will to fight them. In one of our editions, we mentioned a likelihood of discontent within the FDRL-Interahamwe who is not reassured about the continuation of their cooperation / support with the power of Evariste Ndayishimiy and his clique. This feeling can also be observed among the imbonerakure after the arrest of their comrades in Makamba. The two negative forces would be the basis of these new phenomena that we have mentioned above. And the authorities seem not to know on which foot to dance in this situation. This is what justifies the attitude of power to these crimes of a new magnitude.
Today, he is concentrating his energies on the design and implementation of all the arrangements that would allow them to manage to force all the refugees and internally displaced persons to return, just to show the international community that there is total peace in the country. Inside the country, they manage to kill in silence (the administration has received clear orders to bury them quickly) because no independent media will talk about it. Only those who are outside disturb their conscience a little. This is how they send imbonerakure to camps in Tanzania to disrupt the refugees, together with the police in that country, to force them back. In Mahama, Rwanda where it is difficult for them to enter, they use manipulation techniques to make their project a success.
URN HITAMWONEZA still advises Burundians, inside and outside, to be too cautious about the speeches of General Evariste Ndayishimie and his military clique. Their concern is not your well-being, their primary concern is to keep and consolidate their power; whether people die or not, that’s okay with them. May those who fled the country wait with patience and hope that peace and security be a reality in the country. We must also maintain and strengthen your solidarity to put out of harm’s way these manipulators manipulated by the power of Gitega.
We will talk to you tomorrow about the new figures that make up the office of the new Parliament of Burundi

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