Burundi: The oldest member of the new National Assembly is a renowned genocidaire.

Venant Sinzinkayo

Burundi: The oldest member of the new National Assembly is a renowned genocidaire
His name is Sinzinkayo Venant. He is the oldest member of Burundi’s new National Assembly. According to article 175 of the constitution of the Republic of Burundi of 2018, it is he who should and who led the work of the first parliamentary session. This session must adopt the rules of procedure, which determine its organization and functioning. It is also during this session that the new parliamentarians set up the office of the National Assembly.
When this information came out on social media, a lot of people were shocked to hear a man like Sinzinkayo Venant, elected representative of the people, speak to the media, when according to witnesses, he should be in prison for the crimes that he committed in 1993.
Sinzinkayo Venant was administrator of Gishubi commune in October 1993. Witnesses affirm that the bad news of the 1993 putsch which was followed by the assassination of Melchior Ndadaye, was received on Radio Kigali by the population of Gishubi (people remember Jean Minani’s message). A majority Hutu population which had massively adhered to the Frodebu party. Without further instructions, the sounds of whistles, of drums, resounded everywhere in the 51 hills of the town. It was the beginning of the ordeal for the Tutsis.
The United Nations report S / 1996/682 of 8/22/1996, describes Sinzinkayo Venant as a very agitated man on this date of October 21, 1993, who preferred to go and start killing from Bukirasazi, far from his commune. He was always disguised with loincloths.
At around 10 a.m. on October 21, 1993, the Hutus of Frodebu gathered at the Gishubi trading center with machetes, after having barricaded the tracks and roads, cut the bridges to prevent any intervention from arriving easily before they have finished doing what they should be doing. To exterminate all Tutsi from the commune.
The report also speaks of the presence at Gishubi High School of the wife of Bakevyumusaya Venerand, then Director General at the Ministry of Education who was on official financial control mission. His vehicle was used to travel all the hills inciting the Hutus to kill the Tutsis. Two birds with one stone.
The administrator Sinzinkayo Venant, the cantonal inspector of primary schools, Simbatohana Emmanuel, the Director of the Lycée de Gishubi, Ndikuriyo Evariste and Ntazina Evariste, merchant from Gishubi, held a meeting for the gathered population, after which, people with machetes directly stormed Tutsi shops and homes to ransack and kill.
It was the same administrator Venant Sinzinkayo who gave the orders to ransack the Barukinamwo Venant store, several people were killed there. He also ordered a search of stores in Njiyobiri Anicet. These enraged Hutus seized his gun, killed him and set fire to his establishment. It was three policemen who had taken refuge in one of the annexes who gave this testimony, the report added.
In the Nyabitanga zone, it was also the same administrator Venant Sinzinkayo who solemnly kicked off the massacres. He himself executed Ndaribike Astere, ex-zone chief. The report says he was still in disguise.
At the end of these massacres, Venant Sinzinkayo fled to Tanzania and returned home with the arrival of the cnddfdd. He will be appointed Executive Secretary of the cnddfdd in Gitega province.
Here is a representative of the people, a real criminal, and a genocidaire who has not even been punished. Who are these people he will represent? The Burundian people are made up of Hutus and Tutsis, Ganwa and Twa. How is he going to advocate for everyone when there is a category of people he dreams of exterminating every day?
Unfortunately, he is not the only one. Starting with its leader, Gélase Ndabirabe, appointed president of the new National Assembly; Add to this the government of Evariste Ndayishimiye, Allain Guillaume Bunyoni and Gervais Ndirakobuca alias Ndakugarika, which continues to declare itself « a parent and worker government », everyone is of this calibre. Hutu extremists who have only in their veins, the same genocidal ideology drawn from the right source, at the school of Rwanda of Havyarimana Juvénal. It is for this reason that in their speeches, they never forget to discredit Rwanda and its new leaders who stopped the 1994 Tutsi genocide and who daily show their will and talents to develop their country.
URN HITAMWONEZA finds regrettable the attitude of Gitega’s authorities who focus only on the plans of ethnic and political divisions, which seek only to exclude all those who are not of their ethnicity and political obedience, instead of bringing together all the sons and daughters of Burundi, in their differences, to develop our country, which has become the poorest on the planet. An isolated country cannot develop either. Burundi must necessarily find charismatic leaders, who know how to open the country to the rest of the world and exploit its resources (both human and natural) by placing the right man in the right place. This is the only way to get the country out of the abyss into which it has been plunged for more than ten years.

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