Burundi: When and how would Burundi be equipped with a truly national army and police? (Seventh part)

Burundi: When and how would Burundi be equipped with a truly national army and police? (Seventh part)
In our previous edition, we described Defence and Security Corps (CDS), downright heterogeneous, not harmonized, without cohesion, without discipline and consequently without positive results. Indeed, both at the level of the army and at the level of the police, people are distinguished according to their origins. When you see a soldier or a policeman, they will tell you directly that he is from the cnddfdd, the Nyangoma cndd or the fnl (there are still a few elements who have agreed to play the cnddfdd’s game in their crimes). Such an army or police can in no case be called republican because it always tends to serve its master and not the people.
In carrying out their missions, we have seen him more than once; these forces have always treated Burundian citizens differently. As early as 2005, when the integration was complete, and the CDS included the three forces, the members of the cnddfdd were bitter against the fnl, that is to say the civilians (remember the fnl killed in Kinama and Kamenge, those killed and thrown in Ruvubu by Colonel Vital Bangirinama, then commander of the 4th military region in Muyinga) accusing them of being enemies of the country, or FNL members of the CDS accused of being accomplices with the enemies of peace. However, there was no war, the Burundians began to hope for the effective return to the peace so long desired. The slogan was to defend the power of the cnddfdd to the limit; and it was done with the utmost brutality that characterizes a force whose members and especially those in charge (at least those who were sent on shady missions), were uneducated people, who only knew how to pull the trigger. And unfortunately, it is such calibres that the authorities put forward. And it is for this reason that all the killings were directly known to all; power no longer finding a way to justify them, it contented itself with attacking human rights associations or the media.
The country under cnddfdd power was characterized only by the killings of Tutsis (one by one, as they themselves said,  » kamwe kamwe  »), members of the fnl (whenever the occasion arose. presented), and members of the cnddfdd who are used in dirty missions to remove evidence. The country has never taken a single step towards development because, as soon as they come to power, everyone should do everything to enrich themselves by any means. The country has rather retreated, becoming the first poor country in the world at a time when its subsoil is full of minerals of all kinds.
Most of the killings were carried out by gangs of the national intelligence service, members of the BSPI (soldiers of the presidential guard), members of the API (Support to institutions = police of the presidential guard). Do not say that the President of the Republic did not know about it. The other missions of killing people were entrusted by the cnddfdd to the trained and armed imbonerakures (cnddfdd militia).
The 2015 demonstrations against the illegal and illegitimate third term of the late President Nkurunziza, the attack on certain military camps and the attempted coup were pretexts to kill as many Tutsis as possible and anyone who dared raise a finger to oppose it. During the coup attempt, some cnddfdd members were arrested, some jailed, others released, but no one was killed (they said they were wrong). « Two weights, two measures ». Today, Tutsis and cnl, former fnl, are arrested and killed if only for showing their joy during this famous failed coup. Others are accused of complicity with the rebels as the government keeps declaring that there is no rebellion in Burundi.
URN HITAMWONEZA confirms that the CDS are now at the service of the cnddfdd, the state party, and only defend the interests of the military clique that commands them. Its main interest is to keep power at all costs, even by cheating in elections to conquer it, even by bloodshed by Burundians to stay there. No one can say that these CDS are fulfilling their constitutional missions because their actions only violate this very constitution.
The army cannot claim to defend the integrity of the territory at a time when it itself continues to go to DR Congo in violation of the borders of a neighbouring country, at the time also and above all when this army allows to enter and settle in Burundi, FDRL-Interahamwe elements who committed the genocide against the Tutsis in Rwanda in 1994.
The police cannot claim to ensure the internal security of the population when it is they who kill, in collaboration with the imbonerakure militias and the interahamwe.
We once again alert national and international opinion that the CDS today are more dangerous than those of 1965 and 1972. Their only resemblance is that the Hutus were and are more numerous within these bodies than the Tutsis. . Those today have a command and a government that thinks only of genocide; exterminate all the tutsis and all those who dare to oppose their power. They are ready; all the means have been put in place, there is still a trigger.
We will talk to you tomorrow about the abuses of each organ separately to finally conclude on the ways and means of arriving at professional defence and security bodies capable of protecting all Burundians without distinction of ethnicity, political party, region or religion.

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