Burundi: President Neva, Kenny Claude Nduwimana and the extremist Hutu diaspora prepare genocide of the Tutsis: True Tower of Babel.

Burundi: President Neva, Kenny Claude Nduwimana and the extremist Hutu diaspora prepare genocide of the Tutsis: True Tower of Babel
For some time, audio messages of hatred and incitement to the extermination of Tutsis have been circulating on social media in the whole world. They are produced and propagated by a certain Kenny Claude Nduwimana, a Hutu extremist, who became one of the spokespersons for President Ndayishimiye Evariste and his cnddfdd system. It’s not too daring if we consider him as such when there has been no decree appointing him. Indeed, what he says and publishes without any fear in a controlled country can only be authorized by the President himself. Imagine someone who happens to tell a Burundian citizen that he can prevent him from setting foot on Burundian soil. It’s not just anyone. Either he has a very strong support in the hierarchy of the country, or he is an uncontrolled man. This last version is to be rejected. Rather, in everything he says he has the endorsement of President Ndayishimiye and the entire military clique because he says what they think, or plan, that they dare not say out loud. They then gave this mission to Kenny Claude Nduwimana, who became their most important spokesperson, which prompts him to say whatever he wants, to insult whomever he wants.
And all the strategies have been put in place to protect him. When Antoine Kaburahe, boss of the Iwacu newspaper, concerned about respect for deontology and journalistic ethics, winks at Nestor Bankumukunzi, president of the National Communication Council (CNC) and zealous activist of the cnddfdd, the reply is immediate: Kenny Claude is not a journalist; he is not registered with the CNC. However, he works as a journalist, he makes field trips to report, and we see him several times next to Pierre Claver Ndayicariye in his research of the bodies of Hutus killed in 1972. In addition, his publications are known to all. And it is not the CNC that does not have them because it has a monitoring service. Quite simply, Nestor Bankumukunzi got a message from President Ndayishimiye (for those who don’t know, the cnc depends directly on the Presidency of the Republic) and from the cnddfdd system: do not touch this man. And he must blindly obey. Jean de Dieu Mutabazi followed in Nestor Bankumukunzi’s footsteps. He, who chairs the commission for the prevention and the fight against genocide, during a broadcast of the RTNB, he only protected him and instead attacked others who broadcast hate messages as if for him, everything is authorized.
It was from this moment that extremist Hutus in the diaspora mobilized to support their spokesperson. They are collecting money day and night so that Kenny Claude Nduwimana can find the necessary means to disseminate messages of hatred, incitement to hatred and genocide against Tutsis on a large scale.
What is this power that claims to be guided by God and that plans the extermination of the children of God. They even manage to say that the Tutsis are not human. Kenny Claude calls them dogs, jackals that eat the flesh of the Hutus. And Ndayishimiye Evariste laughs. Yet the word of God says: ’Make no mistake, God is not mocked’ (Galatians 6: 7).
The construction of the genocide project made by the power Ndayishimiye, Kenny Claude Ndumimana and the extremist Hutu diaspora seems not to hold, the walls are starting to crumble. The money collected within this diaspora begins to be the subject of dispute between this Kenny Claude and the president of the Association of Hutu Extremists of Canada (collective 72). 11,800 US dollars would be sent to Kenny Claude Nduwimana, which the latter categorically refuses. And to justify himself, he resorts to insults and threats as is his habit. And he records audio messages full of insults and sends them to the concerned one, without forgetting to share them with the others to show his bravery in the insults as he usually does when he invites the Hutus to exterminate the Tutsis afterwards after to have humiliated them with insults from an uneducated man, a child raised in the street (at least who did not know a parent). In these disputes, Pierre Claver Ndayicariye, president of the CVR and some of his commissioners who support the work of Kenny Claude Nduwimana would have tried to mediate but in vain. This spokesperson for the genocidaires did not hesitate to tell Freddy Nzeyimana, who accuses him of having embezzled this money collected and sent, that he is able to prevent him from setting foot in Burundi; him who declares himself a fighter and a member of the cnddfdd who has the full support of the super minister Gervais Ndirakobuca alias Ndakugarika. Normal thing.
The genocide project then begins to experience disruption because God of love will not let evil dominate well, lies dominate the truth. If Hutus were killed by Micombero power, how should a child of a Tutsi today feel guilty for acts he did not commit? Let everyone answer for their actions and let the innocent have peace, otherwise it is a pretext for committing genocide. But, God is great, the planning of this genocide risks suffering the fate of the Tower of Babel (Genese11: 1-9).
URN HITAMWONEZA once again alerts all Burundians and the international community to the fact that genocide is a serious crime that must be combated with all energies. The Hutus, who believe that they will remain indifferent to the genocide of the Tutsis committed by the Hutu authorities they support, are very mistaken. We know how we start the war, but we don’t know how it ends. That’s why they should also stand up to say no to all those who are planning the extermination of the Tutsis. Burundi is a country for everyone. We will have to learn to live together as brothers; otherwise, we will all die together like idiots. This beautiful sentence of Martin Luther King should serve as a lesson to Evariste Ndayishimiye and his clique.

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