Burundi: President Ndayishimiye has raised the smoke of his faults and those of cnddfdd members to the sky. Today all are Saints.

Burundi: President Ndayishimiye has raised the smoke of his faults and those of cnddfdd members to the sky. Today all are Saints.
He said it with insistence and assurance. President Ndayishimiye Evariste this weekend invited all those gathered around him in a prayer crusade organized in Ngozi, to bring, the following day, a paper on which are recorded all the faults of each. The objective was to burn them so that their smoke would rise to heaven to God so that they would be forgiven. He seemed to be giving an order accompanied by threats because, according to him, whoever does not will have wanted to show that he is holy and that all-seeing God would take care of him. To mark the importance of this, he insisted that this concerns everyone in charge (who is paid by the state), from the president of the republic to the orderly. He then told the religious leaders who are going to pray to prepare all night for this so important exercise.
What was more important was the reaction of those around him, who looked at him like an actor in a movie or a comedian telling crazy things.
Behind him, a group of people obviously prepared to applaud what he was saying all the time. His wife who was next to him was clapping unconvinced, just to support her husband (even if he was talking nonsense, she should clap); she seemed absent from the scene (we like to say that someone is elsewhere).
On the other side, you had to see the face of Prime Minister Allain Gullaume Bunyoni and Vice-President Prosper Bazombanza. The latter is still cold in the face. This is his nature. Bunyoni was more of a scowl in the face, the attitude of someone who receives jokes in his ears, stories that don’t hold water. Surely he was saying a lot to himself in his inner self. Either way, his face showed any keen observer that he did not appreciate his president’s speech. If it was not out of respect, or for protocol reasons, he would have found reasons to be absent from this meeting.
Even more serious was the reaction of Denise Bucumi, widow of the late President Nkurunziza. Not only did her face show that she didn’t agree with the president, it made her smile or laugh. This was especially noticeable when the three of them moved around to kneel in front of everyone in prayer. In the images we see President Ndayishimiye kneeling on the carpet, his wife on his left and the widow Nkurunziza on his right. In the photo, you can’t hear what he was saying, but what is certain is that what he was saying amused Denise Bucumi because in the photo, head down, she was smiling. It was either the way he prayed that made her laugh (she and her husband are Protestant while Ndayishimiye is Catholic) or what he said touched her in some way.
Beyond the observed facts, let’s think about what these officials who run the country are doing. Let us not dwell on their words; they are always flattering, manipulative. Rather, let’s look at the actions, the results of their actions. We cannot always spend such moments praying, if we really pray to the true God, and continue to commit the crimes observed in Burundi.
According to reports published by Ligue Iteka, at least 49 people were murdered during the month of July 2020. During the first two weeks of August 2020, at least 40 others were counted. And this morning of August 24, 2020, images circulating on social networks show a corpse of a young man tied up, foot and arms tied and which was put in a bag and thrown in a gutter in on 13th avenue number 10, in Twinyoni. The people who discovered this body immediately thought of a garbage bag. It was when they attempted to lift that they felt the weight and discovered that it was a male body that they could not identify. That is, they brought the body, but the scene of the crime would be elsewhere. And this is the current tactic of the cnddfdd death squads:  » Kill people, embark corpses to throw them away from their homes, the administration warned has them buried in a hurry so that they are not identified  ». The tactic was announced by Sylvestre Ndayizeye, national chief of imbonerakure. This can be found in the report of the NGO « Human Rights Initiative in Burundi », released at the end of January 2020. The report is entitled « A facade of peace, fear in everyday life ». The imbonerakure were ordered to no longer share images of the bodies of those killed on social media; which was respected for a moment, but some images escape them because they are broadcast by others (such as the case of Twinyoni on August 24, 2020). According to this report, Sylvestre Ndayizeye repeated this message in a meeting he held with the imbonerakure of Cibitoke on September 29, 2019. It was at this time that he told them that any political opponent would no longer be taken to the dungeon, but that he will be dressed in a red beret (term used to mean kill him) and thrown away from his home to avoid recognition. This is where the order came from to throw the bodies away from the place of residence of the killed person. This is not an isolated act, it is a cnddfdd plan.
Are they ready to be washed away from these sins? Do they have the will to do it? Are they ready to stop this crime for good or is it just a play on words to distract the people? When and how will they disarm the imbonerakure militia? It’s not tomorrow or the day after. On the other hand, the insecurity will increase, expect more corpses; the killing machine is still going. According to our informants, the power of Ndayishimiye, Bunyoni and Ndakugarika continues to bring members of the fdrl interahamwe into the country. More than 80 are said to have arrived in Burundi from the DRCongo last week. General Marius Ngendabanka knows something about it.
URN HITAMWONEZA will never stop shouting to whoever wants to hear him that Ndayishimiye and his team’s words and their actions are diametrically opposed. Prayers and kind words announcing paradise for the Burundian people is just one way to fall asleep and continue their genocide plan. The people must realize this and devise appropriate strategies to take their destiny into their own hands; otherwise Burundi is on slippery ground, it risks ending up in a deep hole if nothing is done immediately.

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