Burundi: Fighting in Bugarama / Muhuta: The government declares that there is total peace, but people continue to die.

Burundi: Fighting in Bugarama / Muhuta: The government declares that there is total peace, but people continue to die.
President Ndayishimiye and his government are always touting the security found across the country. Not only that the concept of security has a broad meaning (health, food security, etc.), the physical security of ordinary Burundians is not guaranteed in Burundi. Just follow what is happening across the country. No day goes by without finding a corpse either in a gutter, or in a river, or in a bush or in people’s houses. Some are beheaded, others raped and then beheaded, others still tortured before being killed. Horror scenes unimaginable for human beings . And that’s the security of the Burundians that Ndayishimiye and his clique brag about. Even their own security is not guaranteed because security is in people’s hearts. However, they are the first to fear for their lives. Look at the contingents of heavily armed soldiers and police who accompany them at the slightest displacement. This is already a sign of insecurity. Think then of the peasant who does not even have a machete for his protection; anyone can cut his throat whenever they want. We will talk about guaranteed security when all citizens can sleep peacefully without worrying about being killed by someone who is not of their ethnicity, of their political tendency, or someone who wants to take their goat or their property by force. . This thief will not do it because he knows that security officials can intervene quickly and kill or arrest him, he may also be afraid of fair justice for all.
Unfortunately, this is not the case in Burundi and everyone knows it. Evariste Ndayishimiye and his government know this, but downplay it and just say: « even elsewhere people are dying ». This is not a response from an official, from a member of the «  mvyeyi government / parent  » because if it happens that one of his children dies (which we do not wish), he will not say that even elsewhere children die.
The figures of people dying killed in Burundi are alarming. It looks like a country at war. According to the Iteka League reports, at least 49 people were killed during the month of July 2020. This is not a rumour or an exaggeration as one can quote the names and places of origin of these people. In August 2020, the figures will be more important because, only during the first 3 weeks of the month, 40 people have already been registered.
The fighting that broke out on August 23, 2020 in the communes of Bugarama and Muhuta has already left more than 12 dead. Burundian citizens , innocent, who are killed. A great loss for families and for the country. And this is guaranteed security for Ndayishimiye and his clique. Today, the fighting continues. Bombs are dropped, bullets are whistled, innocent people continue to die, others are injured, and those captured are tortured by the military, police and imbonerakure. In all this scenario, who wins at the end?
It would be very difficult for us to answer this question when we do not even know the protagonists precisely. Who attacked? This is the first big question. Who did they attack? What are they looking for? The official name of the government is « evildoers ». Again, this government must speak out because until now, nobody has said a word about these fighting, as if the death of dozens of Burundians does not worry the « parent » government.
A statement released on August 24, 2020 seems to imply that it was the Red Tabara movement that carried out the attack. This document is not as reliable because with modern technology anyone can write such a document and find a signature to stick to it.
Other observers speak of mounting the cnddfdd to take advantage of it and downgrade or eliminate what it calls « enemies of peace » (usually Tutsi or its political competitors). It will not be new because we have already seen a similar scenario in Kirombwe in rural Bujumbura on February 19, 2020, when a group of people burst in in the middle of the day and declared themselves a rebel group belonging to the cnl of Agathon Rwasa. At the end of the tunnel, it turned out to be a manipulated imbonerakure militia organization; some have been arrested, tied up and killed. The images circulated around the world via social networks. However, those captured said they were members of the CNL, party of Agathon Rwasa. Just to downgrade, smear or tarnish the image of a political opponent; perhaps also a path to his imprisonment or his physical elimination. Everything is possible at cnddfdd.
In any case, URN HITAMWONEZA opposes and will always oppose anyone who wants to resort to violence, to shed the blood of Burundians for any demands whatsoever. It makes no sense for a group of so-called fighters to invade an area, take innocent citizens hostage and then kill them. We strongly condemn such acts. They will one day have to answer to the appropriate courts. If he intends to fight a government, he only has to encroach / attack military or police positions. We also condemn an irresponsible government that turns a blind eye and ears to the problems that undermine Burundian society. The problems are real and visible; we must face them and not suffocate them. The Burundians have the good culture of dialogue. This is where a lasting solution should go. Otherwise, violence calls for violence, he who has strength today may not have it tomorrow; and we will remain in a continuous cycle of violence. We reject this state of affairs and we invite all Burundians to refuse the war (every Burundian has lived it for more than 10 years) and to support the resolution of our problems through dialogue.

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