Burundi: The fighting continues, the government remains silent. Why?

Burundi: The fighting continues, the government remains silent. Why?
After a week, social media reports daily incursions of armed men, people being killed and others injured, people kidnapped by these rebel groups. But, the government said nothing. It looks like he can’t hear anything, he can’t see anything. Public opinion keeps asking questions. Why this silence ? Because he played down those attacks? It’s not the ruling military clique that doesn’t know that the declared enemy is never weak; that it should not be neglected. Since August 23, 2020, these groups have been talked about in Muhuta, Bugarama in Rumonge, Mukike in rural Bujumbura, Bugarama in Muramvya, in Mwaro, in Cibitoke and in Bubanza; this enemy is not at all weak. Especially since this social media never showed any rebels captured or killed. This would mean that either these rebels are very mobile and know their terrain very well, or that they have many accomplices among the population. In this case, whether the government likes it or not, they are strong. So they should not be neglected.
The government has not neglected these armed groups at all. He knows what it is; that’s why he said nothing. He knows that there are no enemies who have attacked the country, otherwise he would have immediately deployed troops to wipe them out. These groups are formed for the majority of the elements of the imbonerakure militia and some corrupted elements for later missions that you will see in the days to come.
Indeed, the government’s objective is to simulate a rebel attack to eliminate the Tutsi who remain on the hills and to wipe out all the political opposition.
The operation is so well planned to the point that even the information (the sound elements) circulating on social networks are recorded live during these masquerades of fights by these imbonerakure and sent to their whatsaap groups; there are others who are responsible for publishing them. And the world that listens to them believes there is fighting in Burundi. But, whoever has no idea in the matter understands that it is the imbonerakure who shoot in disorder, without command. Effectively, they are simulating a pursuit of these elements which they call rebels when they are theirs.
We draw the attention of opponents who believe they are groups to fight the government; they will approach you and the slightest support from you will be a reason to eliminate you. These groups will also move by approaching localities with a high concentration of Tutsis or political opponents. Search searches will follow with the aim of arresting any still valid man accusing him of complicity with the rebels. The former FNL elements who are part of these groups will, after operations, be arrested as captured combatants, then presented to the media and diplomatic missions accredited to Bujumbura, to show or prove that these so-called combatants are elements sent by the Honorable Agathon Rwasa. They will have to undergo a lot of memorization of what they are going to tell in front of the cameras. Agathon Rwasa will subsequently be imprisoned after his parliamentary immunity has been lifted, or simply killed.
The latest version of the story speaks of a virus that is eating away at the cnddfdd camp and threatening to kill President Ndayishimiye as soon as possible. Indeed, as soon as he took power, he tried to calm his imbonerakure militia, which was shining bright and bad in Burundi. He recommended that they be only intelligence agents. This is what Colonel Cishahayo Remy, the new governor of Kayanza, repeated when he first met with officials from the province. « If I meet an imbonerakure on patrol, I will put him in my pickup and drive him to the dungeon, » he threatened. It will also be remembered that imbonerakure and certain members of the Kayagoro administration in Makamba who carelessly mistreated Burundians from Tanzania were arrested, tried in flagrante delicto and imprisoned. On the morning of August 23, 2020, the soldiers of the Cibitoke center position prevented the imbonerakure from doing paramilitary exercises at Cibitoke stadium. They stripped them of all military effects and whipped them before letting them go home. A first in the history of the cnddfdd regime. These facts sowed doubt within this militia, which had become very powerful, until it wanted to do the job initially reserved for the military and police. This is what prompted the power clique to organize what they called ’IMBONERAKURE DAY’ on August 29, 2020. One way to awaken them, to encourage them to play their old roles. It was Ezekiel Nibigira, former imbonerakure leader and current East African Community Affairs and Youth Minister who conveyed the message to Kayanza. Without wishing to deny what the governor said, he told them instead that they must be everywhere because, according to him, « you cannot have soldiers and police officers to put in every household ».
Alain Guillaume Bunyoni would not be far from those who are setting fire under the cooking pot. And it is President Ndayishimiye Evariste who would be approached to carry it as he likes to carry cans of local drink. But this time, the pot, very hot, will burn his brain. Burundi will have turned another page in its history.
URNHITAMWONEZA once again recommends vigilance to the Burundian people. All these arrangements made by the power in place are only manoeuvres to seek to strengthen and stay in power. The small peasant gains nothing, at worst, he loses his life or becomes displaced or refugees, which once again complicates his life. The corporal or sergeant or sergeant major will not have an additional rank, the risk is great to leave his skin there. Why accept these unnecessary sacrifices for people who seek only their own interests at the cost of the blood of innocent citizens? It is time to say no to all these manipulators, to force them to work in transparency and to let the average citizen live in peace and quiet in order to enjoy what he has won by the sweat of his brow.

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