Burundi: Evariste Ndayishimiye’s power simulates a rebel attack to complete the genocide of the Tutsi.

Burundi: Evariste Ndayishimiye’s power simulates a rebel attack to complete the genocide of the Tutsi.
Not everyone understood how a country could be attacked by a group of rebels from outside and the government said nothing, its security forces stepped in. As a reminder, on the night of August 22 to 23, 2020, a group of people would have infiltrated through Lake Tanganyika from DRC. These alleged rebels invaded the communes of Bugarama and Muhuta in the province of Rumonge. They looted stores and shops, they took people hostage to transport this loot and afterwards some were released and a dozen of them were murdered. The Red Tabara movement subsequently released a statement claiming this attack. No reaction from the government. From August 28 to 29, 2020, these so-called rebels attacked and killed people in Mukike in rural Bujumbura, injuring others. Still no reaction, no operations from law enforcement. On Bubanza’s side, social media then reported another incursion by a group of armed men from the DR Congo. This group would have followed the Mpanda River to reach Musigati. The audio messages sent on social networks reported live fighting between this group and the imbonerakures who are said to be in pursuit of them in organized disorder. No reaction until writing this article.
We announced it in our previous articles and it is starting to materialize. There would be no rebel groups that would have attacked the country; the mock attack would be organized by the power Ndayishimiye, Bunyoni and Ndirakobuca just to find a pretext to complete the genocide of the Tutsi and annihilate their political opponents.
The alleged rebels would be imbonerakure who would be gathered in DR Congo, and who would have infiltrated by two routes, some to the south (Rumonge), the others to the North-West (Bubanza). The aim is to deceive the opinion that there are rebels attacking the country and target anyone who can sympathize with them and eliminate them. The passage of these alleged rebels towards the south and the centre, in the localities close to Burambi, Buyengero, Mugamba, Mukike, Muramvya, Mwaro is a strategy to be able to find a pretext to arrest and eliminate the Tutsis who remain in these circles.
It was thus that police and soldiers were quick to invest in Mugamba commune in Bururi province and Mukike in rural Bujumbura where they would have arrested until August 31, 2020, more than 50 young people. They are accused of collaborating with the rebels. Some are said to be imprisoned in the dungeons of Mukike commune, others are in places which remain unknown to their families. These young people should start the school year, like the others, this September 07, 2020. The families are in panic fear and fear a lot for the safety of their children especially that it is the police of Bujumbura under the command of the famous criminal Désiré Uwamahoro who is in charge of this operation. All the young people who were arrested are known, identified by their names and those of their parents as well as the hills of origin; we have the right to pursue their case until the end. They are accused of collaborating with rebels who do not exist.
The information that reaches us says that they arrest any young person over 14 years old, girl or boy, any still able-bodied man, any former soldier or even soldiers still in service who are on leave in these localities. How do rebels who attack the country and who are not pursued by the security forces automatically find accomplices in these areas with a high concentration of Tutsis?
We have always said it and we will never stop saying it, Evariste Ndayishimiye and his ruling military clique have no other goals than to complete the work left to them by the late President Nkurunziza. They only dream of physically eliminating everything called Tutsi and annihilating any political opponent. As the majority of their opponents are Hutus like them, they clearly tell whoever wants to hear them that these cnl members only have to agree to bow down to them to save their lives. Otherwise, they will suffer the fate of the Tutsis.
URN HITAMWONEZA will not stop screaming until Evariste Ndayishimiye gives up his plan to genocide against the Tutsi. We know that he has always looked for a motive for him to move on to large-scale genocide, including by regularly provoking neighbouring Rwanda; now he is organizing imbonerakure to simulate a rebel attack in order to stop and kill them one by one. We say, Mr. President, do not think you are the smartest, the world sees you, God sees you. The fate of every criminal is known. The blood of the Burundians will follow you to your last resting place. To those young imbonerakure who are used to kill innocent people, let them know that they will gain nothing, that they are risking their lives for the selfish interests of those in power. Their children are studying abroad, and you get dirty with the blood of the innocent, tomorrow you will be prosecuted, and no one among these people in power who send you will remember you. It’s up to you to pull yourself together while you can, tomorrow may be too late.

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