Burundi: The power of Evariste Ndayishimiye, Bunyoni and Ndirakobuca is busy setting up its own rebellion.

Burundi: The power of Evariste Ndayishimiye, Bunyoni and Ndirakobuca is busy setting up its own rebellion
It’s unbelievable, but it is true. The power led by the military clique is finalizing the formation of a new rebellion. She will be new in her missions, perhaps also in name. Otherwise, the elements that will constitute it are known to all. This is the imbonerakure militia of the cnddfdd.
According to a reliable source inside the cnddfdd system, the project consists of bringing together all the imbonerakure who were in combat during the cnddfdd rebellion and all those who underwent paramilitary training either in DR Congo at Kiliba Ondes, or in the interior of the country. They will then be structured into small units (military structure) in order to be more mobile. They will have additional equipment because, before the elections of May 2020, they had had some weapons and Motorola for communication. They will therefore be reinforced in terms of weaponry and clothing. They will find the rest of the logistics in the military camps in their areas of operation.
At first, they will pretend to be members of Red Tabara who claimed responsibility for the first attacks in order to target their enemies (sympathizers of Red Tabara) and then eliminate them. It will no longer be necessary for the police to go and arrest people accusing them of collaborating with the rebels. In this same context, they will also detect the degree of engagement of members of the defence and security forces, whether there are accomplices of Red Tabara within these bodies or not. Those who are guilty of this complicity will also be eliminated.
In a second step, they will try to infiltrate the operational communication system (supported by state resources in the area) of the Red Tabara group and fight them in order to destroy them. This new rebellion will also launch attacks in localities with a high concentration of Tutsis and members of the CNL in order to eliminate as many as possible. Their property (cows, crops, shops) will be looted or destroyed. Some of these fighters will be captured and will testify before cameras and diplomatic representations in Burundi that they are fighters of Agathon Rwasa so that they can imprison or physically eliminate him.
The military clique is busy setting up this new rebellion at a time when it means nothing about the armed groups which have been circulating for more than a week in the country without being able to intercept or simply neutralize them. They have become very mobile to such an extent that the government is unable to control them. Yet he continues to remain silent to hide the smoke when the house is already on fire.
It is surprising to see the president of the senate get up first and go to rural Bujumbura on September 03, 2020 to hold meetings to talk about security (which is not in his primary attributions), when the first officials (the clique military who runs the country) seem to have minimized these armed groups circulating in the country.
Yet they do damage. The administration of Muhuta and Bugarama (Rumonge) confirmed that 11 civilians were killed by the first group as of August 23, 2020, others are missing. In Mukike (Bujumbura rural), 02 people were killed, 04 injured and two missing. As of August 29, 2020, during the passage of an armed group in Musigati (Bubanza), 15 people were reportedly killed. The local administration speaks of two imbonerakure and 13 rebels, but apparently this toll seems fabricated because there were no direct confrontations between this group and the imbonerakure who were in pursuit of it. These groups were also reported in Mwaro province, in the Mpotsa forest; the population was afraid in view of their equipment and speed of movement. In Nyanza Lac, Makamba, these groups have come forward; the population reported their movement towards the high mountain of Rukambasi. How dare Prime and Ndayishimiye to take such a situation lightly? How many Burundians would have to die to take the necessary measures to rescue the rest?
URN HITAMWONEZA believes that instead of thinking of organizing a new rebellion to sow death and desolation in the country, the Ndayishimiye power should normally activate its defence and security forces to secure the population which is currently between the hammer and the anvil, between two fires (that of the imbonerakure and that of the rebel groups). It seems that the military clique no longer has confidence in its army and police, except for a few zealous elements used in genocidal missions. This hypothesis seems to be justified by the simple fact that the power of the late Nkurunziza (of which Evariste Ndayishimiye was a senior advisor) always preferred to entrust security missions to the imbonerakure and interahamwe whereas these are missions officially entrusted to members of the defence corps and of security. It is therefore not surprising that today these militias (imbonerakure and interahamwe) are transformed into a rebellion to continue the genocide of the Tutsi that their leaders have started since 1993 and to get rid of its political opposition, the CNL.
To the members of the defence and security corps who do not support these crimes committed by the clique in power, we invite you to dissociate yourself from this small group which is taking the Burundian people hostage and rallying to all those who aspire to change; which will allow us to put in place a unifying power that respects the rights of all citizens without distinction. All these arrangements to kill innocent citizens weigh on the shoulders of Evariste Ndayishimiye and his small circle; one day they will have to answer to the appropriate courts.

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