Burundi: Genocide is inevitable in Burundi; both must be prepared to assume the responsibilities.

Burundi: Genocide is inevitable in Burundi; both must be prepared to assume the responsibilities.
We cannot avoid what has already started. The genocide has been going on for a long time. Hutus extremists have always dreamed since 1959 to see all the Tutsis erased on the map of Burundi, why not the world. They’ve tried everything they can, they’ve killed as much as they can, and they just have to finish their dirty work. Yes, they currently have the state’s means to commit a large-scale genocide in Burundi, but if they are wrong, they will not kill all Tutsis. Juvenal Havyarimana had more than ten times the means they have, not to mention the support of France, he did not kill all the Tutsis in Rwanda. Today, despite the genocide of 1994, they are alive, strong, determined to build a developed country, respectful of the rights of all Rwandans and all residents without exclusion.
We say that the genocide began a long time ago; Tutsis have been killed because they were born Tutsi, reports have been drawn up, no one has been punished commensurate with the offense committed. It is this impunity that keeps the same extremists planning more such acts. Remember that in 1993, a United Nations commission of inquiry clarified, in its report S / 1996/682 of August 22, 1996, that the acts committed by extremist Hutus in Frodebu were qualified as genocide of the Tutsi. Unfortunately, there were no significant prosecutions because the powers that followed did not have the will to pursue the case, why not speak of complicity with the planners and executors of this genocide. Buyoya’s power could not put their nose to it either, as they accused themselves of being responsible for the assassination of Melchior Ndadaye. Indeed, it was not all the soldiers who killed him, nor the Tutsis of Burundi for the most part did not play any role (which means that the Hutus of the hills had no reason to kill their neighbour’s tutsis if it was not a genocide which had been prepared in advance, which was only waiting for a trigger). A group of military and politicians may have planned the coup, some military involved in the execution. Everyone had to be tried and punished; except a few performers were imprisoned. With the transitional governments of national unity, Burundi remained in total impunity because the two blocs protected each other; the innocent Burundian is thus remaining a victim of this complicity. If all the planners and implementers of the Ndadaye assassination and those of the 1993 Tutsi genocide had all been punished, probably there would not have been a rebellion by the same Hutu extremists who have continued to slaughter innocent Tutsis ever since the time of the rebellion until today.
The genocide is therefore on-going, it targets the Tutsis because they are Tutsis; it targets Agathon Rwasa’s CNL members because they are opponents of cnddfdd power. We will have time to shed light on the approximate figures of Burundians already killed by cnddfdd extremists. Now everything seems to show that they are in the final preparations for the final tournament. How?
The power of Evariste Ndayishimiye is 100% militarized: the president, the prime minister, the super minister of the interior, the president of the national assembly, certain governors etc … Kenny Claude Nduwimana is in the works to present the Tutsi as a foreigner in Burundi, an animal to be slaughtered and to mobilize all the Hutus to kill him. Ezekiel Nibigira ordered the imbonerakure from Kayanza on August 28, 2020, to deploy throughout the country to ensure the safety of the population while this work is legally entrusted to the police. A rebellion based on these same imbonerakure is crisscrossing the whole country, sowing terror and desolation within the Tutsi population and members of the CNL without any concern. Members of the FDRL Interahamwe are deployed in large numbers in Burundi, some in the Kibira forest (with logistics provided by the Burundi National Defence Force), others in the ranks of the imbonerakure and the security’s forces. The intelligence services, some soldiers and police manipulated by the military clique in power are arresting, torturing and imprisoning young Tutsi accused of collaborating with this rebellion which is not one. In short, the genocidal machine is in motion. The trigger ? The assassination of Evariste Ndayishimiye (as mentioned in our yesterday edition).
The big responsible are known, others are working in the dark believing they will not appear. At the head is President Ndayishimiye, who attended the Fdrl School. The role played by the late President Nkurunziza should not be overlooked. Then comes the whole military clique, with all its machinery used for kidnappings, torture, assassinations and imprisonment. The role of people who have been active for a long time in acts of genocide such as Jean De Dieu Mutabazi (former leader of the Jedebu = youth of the frodebu), current first person in charge of the fight against the genocide, but who continues to support Kenny Claude Nduwimana in his messages of incitement to genocide, should not be neglected. We cannot ignore financiers like Jean Marie Rurimirije, Tutsi from Gishubi-Ruhande, who has a great responsibility in the financing of the major mafia files of the cnddfdd. The Burundians are numerous, it takes a whole file to target the main ones The Great Lakes sub-region, the African Union, the European Union and the United Nations, all these organizations are silent at the time when what is happening in Burundi is known to all. Are they waiting for Burundi to turn into a centre to react or act? Do they have an interest in there being genocide in Burundi? When the United Nations calls the FDRL terrorist forces and they move around Burundi like fish in water, why do they never react? When Magufuli lets his services mistreat the Burundian refugees in Tanzania with the complicity of the cnddfdd system, why the EAC, the African Union, the UN never condemn this violation of Convention 151 on the rights of refugees?
URN HITAMWONEZA considers that either these different organizations exist only in name, or they have hidden interests in the deterioration of the situation in Burundi or quite simply the genocide of the Tutsis in Burundi. We will continue to shout and put in the face of the world the facts materializing the final preparations for the final phase of the genocide in Burundi so that tomorrow, no one comes to shed crocodile tears that he did not know what was preparing.

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