Burundi: After the military clique in power, France would play an important role in the preparations for the final phase of the on-going genocide.


Burundi: After the military clique in power, France would play an important role in the preparations for the final phase of the on-going genocide.
Large-scale genocide is inevitable in Burundi. We said it and we will never stop saying it. We have had time to give warning signs that stand out to any discerning observer. We are starting a phase which consists of pointing the finger at the main partners of Burundi who have played or who still play an important role in the success of this genocidal project of the cnddfdd military clique which runs Burundi like their own box.
It is obvious that the military clique in power and a few Hutu extremists who dream only of exterminating the Tutsis and political opponents are primarily responsible. Most of them had the formation of genocide ideology from an early age (palipehutu was taught to Hutu children in primary school), others learned it by doing (those who have been drafted into the rebellions). They always tried, they killed as much as they could, but they have not yet succeeded and will never succeed in eliminating all the Tutsis. Political opponents can, to escape this extermination, either agree to join the party in power or be silent. But, we cannot escape the one who seeks to kill you by the simple fact that you were born Tutsi. There, all that remains is to resist by all means. These extremists are not very numerous; it is unfortunate, however, that they embroil others in their dirty work. What is certain is that everyone will one day have to answer individually for their actions.
Apart from the Burundians, among the other officials, we start with France, which has also played and still plays an important role in the preparations for this final phase of the genocide underway in Burundi by supporting the state organs in charge of these operations. France has always supported the cnddfdd regime despite the human rights violations for which it has been responsible since 2005. It has even been difficult for France to respect the European decisions taken under article 96 of the agreement. Cotonou who suspended cooperation with Burundi following its multiple violations of human rights. Indeed, it was in March 2016 that the EU officially suspended its direct aid to the regime of Pierre Nkurunziza. The measure was taken in retaliation for the violence that followed his re-election in 2015 after running for an illegal and illegitimate third term. The EU even decided on October 25, 2018 to renew these sanctions. And yet, France has unilaterally decided to resume bilateral cooperation with Burundi. This resumption of cooperation has been carried out in a secret way since October 30, 2018 after a visit by Minister Ezéchiel Nibigira, (the great leader of the imbonerakure who have always sowed terror in Burundi), then Minister of Foreign Affairs. The announcement of this cooperation was only made on July 12, 2019 in a speech by the French Ambassador to Burundi, Laurent Delahousse, who was speaking at a ceremony on the occasion of the French National Day.
Why has France preferred to keep this resumption of cooperation secret? Why after Minister Nibigira’s visit to Paris was there no press release to announce this cooperation? Because France knew she was not right. The French authorities knew they were going to support a country that constantly violates human rights. Jean Jacques Wondo, political analyst and specialist in defence and security issues, said that France is looking for another gateway to the region: « For some time, France has been in a way driven out of the region. We can count from the Rwandan genocide. This is why Burundi, despite the situation unfolding there, would be a gateway for France to return discreetly to the region. But France is also present militarily in Uganda . « 
Would France want to do its draft exam in Burundi after its failure in Rwanda? Would she once again like to support the Burundian genocidaires as she supported Juvenal Havyarimana and his interahamwe who committed the genocide of the Tutsis in 1994?
Indeed, it is visible that by forging secret relations with Burundi, especially in the field of military training, France is aware that the FDRL which failed with it in Rwanda has its bases today in Burundi. and receive the logistics from the stocks of the Burundi National Defence Force (the tin cans seized from the rebels who attacked Rwanda in June 2020 are irrefutable evidence). Who says that this French military aid does not rather benefit the FDRL Interahamwe who are in Burundi and who seek to destabilize neighbouring Rwanda? However, France is aware of a resolution 2150 of April 16, 2004 of the United Nations Security Council which instead requires States to prosecute these genocidaires wherever they are in the world. It would simply mean that what France failed to do in 1994 in Rwanda, it seeks to achieve today, this time at the same time in Burundi and Rwanda. Because the agreement concluded between the FDRL Interahamwe and all the other terrorist groups operating in the DRCongo which oppose the government in Kigali consists in using Burundi as a rear base, but also as a transit country for their weapons (Ernest Manirumva would be the victim of  » to have investigated this arms traffic which passed through the Burundi airport to be then transported to the DRCongo in the ranks of the FDRL: he was assassinated by the criminals of the cnddfdd the night of April 8 to 9, 2009 and the real culprits have not been tried, scapegoats are in prison, the annoying witnesses have been eliminated) to attack and conquer Rwanda, after which, they would return to help the military clique in power to exterminate all the Tutsis in Burundi.
By supporting the Burundian army, France consequently supports the FDRL and moreover participates directly in the plan of the Hutu extremists who seek only to finalize the genocide of the Tutsis in Burundi and to disrupt Rwanda at least, to succeed where it failed in 1994 at best.
URN HITAMWONEZA believes that France should normally have learned a lesson from its actions in Rwanda and should not yet support a government that is planning an other genocide in the sub-region. This military cooperation that she secretly concluded with Ezéchiel Nibigira, representative of the Burundian government, will only serve to strengthen the imbonerakure as she supported the EXFAR (ex Rwandan armed forces) and the interahamwe. We call on the United Nations, the European Union and the African Union to witness, so that tomorrow, France, like the other countries or organizations which support this military clique in power which is preparing the genocide, take responsibility for their actions.


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