Burundi: Tanzania is another country which directly supports the final preparations for the on-going genocide.


Burundi: Tanzania is another country which directly supports the final preparations for the on-going genocide.
Tanzania has always supported and still supports Hutu extremists who dream every day of the extermination of all Tutsis in Burundi. It is above all for its own interests. A strong power, with patriotic leaders, would be very embarrassing for this country which has an area equivalent to a third of Burundi which it illegally belongs to, even though it is part of Burundian territory.
Everyone knows that the Bugufi and the Buha belong to Burundi because the Orts-Milner agreement, signed on May 30, 1919 between Belgium and England, meant that Burundi was cut off from the two territories in return for concessions in the ports of Dar es Salaam and Kigoma. This convention seems to have been forgotten and Burundi is the big loser.
According to historian Aloys Batungwanayo, England having a railway project which was to link Cape Town to Cairo, « The Cape to Cairo Railway », came up against the fact that the latter had to pass through part of Ruanda-Urundi under Belgian control. To remedy this concern, an agreement was signed in 1919. From this Orts-Milner agreement between England and Belgium, it emerged that, at least as far as Burundi is concerned, the Bugufi should be attached to the Tanganyika territory to facilitate the construction of the famous railway, done in March 1921, and in return Belgium received the concessions of Kigoma and Dar es Salaam (the Belbases) with special facilities on the railway connecting the two towns.
According to the same historian, “This agreement has not been replaced or modified and the Bugufi has remained an integral part of Tanzania, so Burundi should keep its advantages over both ports. This is not the case for Rwanda, which was able to recover the Gisaka. Belgium administered the port of Kigoma until 1962, Burundi would have benefited from these benefits until 1969, considering it « a favour of Nyerere ». The historian believes that this was due to the ignorance of the Burundians who did not know / know the convention and not only the traders but even among the authorities of the country.
It is not a question of ignorance; the various authorities did not want to claim this part of the territory for their own interests. If the Bugufi and Buha are part of the Tanzanian territory, the expenses coming from the BELBASES should feed the budget of the Burundian state for as many years.
Tanzania has always manipulated the Burundian Hutu powers, that of the cnddfdd having reached the milestone. There is nothing to indicate that this movement, when it was still in the bush, did not sell this territory to Tanzania, which provided them with a rear base, weapons and all the necessary medical care. And it is not for free that President Nkurunziza has gone to supervise the work of installing the border posts between Burundi and Tanzania; an act qualified as high treason by jurists. With this single gesture, the cnddfdd sold part of the Burundian territory to Tanzania (we will come back to this in detail).
Tanzania has always supported the cnddfdd, but in the end, it is Tanzania that benefits from this collaboration or simply from this corruption. Indeed, Burundi’s entire economy is in the hands of a handful of Tanzanian businessmen, headed by Jakaya Kikwete. It was this man who controls all the fuel entering Burundi who bought the old cotebu which became Afritex. It is for this reason that he has an important say in the politics of Burundi. Tanzania is the country which mistreats, in collaboration with the criminals of the cnddfdd, the Burundian refugees who are in its territory in violation of the international laws on the rights of the refugees. This is to force them to return, in support of the power in place in Burundi, a way of showing that there is total peace in the country.
What many do not know is that the appointment of Allain Guillaume Bunyoni at the head of the Burundian government would not be a decision of Evariste Ndayishimiye, but a demand from Tanzania (Kikwete and Magufuli) who would like to keep an interlocutor who has to weight after the disappearance of Pierre Nkurunziza, with whom they had very good business relations. Bunyoni was the only authority who knew on it. Evariste Ndayishimiye knew nothing about it. It is not excluded that Tanzania could participate, directly or indirectly, in the success of Mutama2’s project to move up to the next rank of Mutama1. This is perhaps the origin of the trigger for the genocide we talked about in one of our previous articles. In addition, this group of Tanzanian mafia would spare no effort to support the military clique in power in Burundi to eliminate all its embarrassing elements (which could one day demand the restitution of Bugufi and Buha in Burundi). And for the Hutu extremists of the cnddfdd, it is the Tutsis and the political opponents.
URN HITAMWONEZA believes that Tanzania is supporting the preparations for the final phase of the genocide in Burundi as it has always supported the Hutu anti-Tutsi extremists for a long time. Let this country prepare to take responsibility for it before the appropriate international bodies.
Belgium also had to make a delivery and recovery in due form because it was not done (it would have been done after independence; unfortunately Rwagasore was killed so quickly and Belgium’s responsibility for this assassination did not take place. is not to be excluded), so that this territory (Bugufi and Buha) returns by right to Burundi.
We ask all Burundian patriots (apart from ethnic, political, bookbinding or regional differences) to mobilize and use all possible and imaginable means so that our territory is returned to us as soon as possible. If this territory has been illegally sold or ceded to Tanzania, the ruling cnddfdd military clique must be brought to justice for high treason. It will also have to answer for the crimes of genocide which it has committed to date and for which it continues to plan the final stages. Tanzania will also have to assume its share of responsibility for its multifaceted support to these Hutu extremists in Burundi.

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