Burundi: Tanzania is another country that directly supports the final preparations for the on-going genocide (PART TWO).

Burundi: Tanzania is another country that directly supports the final preparations for the on-going genocide (PART TWO).
As we said in our previous article, Tanzania has always supported and still supports the Hutu extremists of Burundi who have always sought and who dream until today of exterminating all the Tutsis in Burundi. This demon dates from the years of colonization because before, the Burundians lived in harmony, mutual respect and complementarity. Belgium should shoulder this responsibility and compensate Burundi and the Burundians for the damage caused by its « divide and rule » policy. Probably the special commission, appointed in July 2020, which will study Belgium’s colonial past, will be able to come to a similar conclusion in its report which it will have to present, if nothing changes, in June 2021. If we are committed to Gaelle Ponselet’s article, published on July 24, 2020:  » Belgian colonial past: ten experts to set the scene  », the objectives of the commission are clear and encouraging:  » to clarify the independent state Congo (1885-1908) and on Belgium’s colonial past in Congo (1908-1960), Rwanda and Burundi (1919-1962), examine the structural impact that colonization had on these countries, measure it the economic impact, then formulate recommendations on how to approach this dark page of history, before arriving at formulating proposals to reconcile peoples and to protect the archives.  »
The greatest wish of the patriotic Burundians is that Bugufi and Buha, a third of the total area of present-day Burundi, return by right to Burundi because this territory has been illegally attached to Tanzania.
It is for this reason that this country is doing everything in its power to make people forget this file, by supporting criminal powers, by corrupting them with crumbs of what it draws, not only from this territory (rich seems -it in minerals), but also from the exploitation of Belbases (ports of Dar es Salaam and Kigoma). The « Cape Cairo » railway was not built, the Bugufi was ceded to Tanzania, and the Belbases are operated by Tanzania. Burundi has lost everything. Not only that the Bugufi and Buha must be theirs by right, he must be compensated for the losses suffered during so many years.
The Burundian patriots have the right to ask questions as to why the successive powers did not cry out loud and demand the restitution of this part of the territory. What is serious, criminal, and which constitutes a high treason is to see the cnddfdd power rise one day and go, in collaboration with Tanzania, to implant markers materializing the border between Burundi and Tanzania, always leaving the Bugufi and Buha to the Tanzanian side. The decision was reportedly taken during a meeting between the President of Burundi and the President of Tanzania in the buffer zone in August 2014. In September 2014, the border demarcation markers were put in place. The people who are expected to lose homes or properties because of this new demarcation awaited compensation, while others took advantage. Mr. Macumi, located at terminal 42, on Rumandari hill, Giteranyi commune of Muyinga told the Iwacu newspaper on September 12, 2014 that he had gained a few meters.
It is quite possible that this part of the territory will be abandoned by the cnddfdd in return for the advantages that Tanzania has given it since the time of the rebellion. It is also likely that the share of the benefits of the operation of belbases destined for Burundi will be paid into the accounts of certain authorities. Reason why no one wants to talk about it. A light on this file must be shed. It is all the more necessary that the national commission responsible for the demarcation of the border should deal with the case of the borders between Burundi and the Republic of Rwanda, the DR Congo and the United Republic of Tanzania. But, only the commission which worked on this Burundi-Tanzania border quickly realized its work would have cost more than 20 million frbu. Who had an interest, between Burundi and Tanzania, that this border be marked by markers? It is undoubtedly Tanzania and it is clear that it would have corrupted the cnddfdd power or quite simply implemented the agreements made between this country and the cnddfdd when it was still in the bush.
It is therefore understandable that Tanzania does everything possible to support the Hutu extremists who seek to exterminate or silence all those who would denounce its bad governance and who would demand serious investigations into this matter. Another power that would come will also have to look at the compromises between the military clique in power in Burundi and a handful of Tanzanian mafia who have in hand most of the petroleum products and other imported products.
URN HITAMWONEZA once again invites all Burundians, in their differences, to mobilize to demand that this part of the territory return to Burundi and that a commission of inquiry be set up to shed light on this issue in order to assess the damages that Tanzania and Belgium must pay to the Burundian government.

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