Burundi: When the power Evariste Ndayishimiye kills its people in silence under the blessing of the United Nations.

Burundi: When the power Evariste Ndayishimiye kills its people in silence under the blessing of the United Nations
When we observe what is happening in Burundi, there is reason to think that this country is left to itself, no sub-regional or regional organization or international has no say in everything that is done in this country. If it is true that it is a sovereign, independent country, are these leaders allowed to make their people whatever they like? When basic human rights like the right to life are violated by the same leaders, no one else can intervene? Should we wait for these victims to flee these leaders so that the UNHCR (United Nations body), which is waiting for them in a country of exile, has work to do? Is there no pressure possible on shadow governments to prevent the people from fleeing the country?
Recent history reminds us that ECOMIG forces were able to force President Jammeh to leave The Gambia paving the way for President Barrow’s return on January 26, 2017. This was after his temporary exile at the Gambian Embassy in Senegal because, convinced that he had won the presidential elections of December 1, 2016, he ran the risk of suffering the anger of Jammeh who had refused to accept defeat wanting to stay in power. How can other African countries not follow this good example of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)? How the African Union, the Community of East African States, not to mention the United Nations which has peacekeeping forces all over the world, can turn a blind eye to cases of genocide, organized massacres by irresponsible leaders under the sole pretext of state sovereignty?
Former President Nkurunziza violated the Arusha accords (which the African Union, US, UN sponsored) and the resulting constitution and sought an illegal and illegitimate third term. The people cried, no one heard his cries. The repression of the demonstrations of the people affected the whole world so much, the pressure of some sanctions did not prevent the cnddfdd system from continuing to kill, torture, imprison and push into exile anyone who opposed this violation of the law. The dispatch of forces recommended by the Security Council did not take place because it was refused by the Burundian government, which continued to organize demonstrations by members of the cnddfdd to insult and mock the United Nations. The whole world will remember Evariste Ndayishimiye, current president of Burundi, who said in front of his militants, when he was secretary general of the cnddfdd, that if the UN sent troops, he would align 12 million Burundians, and the UN would be destroyed themselves.
Nkurunziza therefore continued to rule the country in the blood and tears of the Burundians; its imbonerakure militia and the fdrl interahamwe continued to kill whoever they wanted with total impunity, the intelligence services, the zealous police and soldiers of the cnddfdd continued to arrest, torture and imprison innocent people without embarrassment in the knowledge and in view of the countries of the EAC, the AU and the famous international community. The human rights organizations, the private media that have been driven out of the country, have not stopped shouting, but no reaction. Even the coup that was attempted by General Godefroid Niyombare in May 2015 was foiled; and the heads of state of the sub region have played an important role in bringing President Nkurunziza back to the country and regaining his power. Everyone believed that it was time to save the Burundian people from this ordeal. Some savvy observers say that the heads of state in the region could not let President Nkurunziza go by a coup; they would have thought that if he left that way, tomorrow might be their turn. « Don’t do to others what you wouldn’t want to be done to you »
The Burundians were hoping for a change with the 2020 elections. They voted, they won, and everyone knows that. But, a military clique decided to bring Ndayishimiye to power, everyone is silent. Is this the democracy that the international community recommends to us? Is this the respect for human rights that she preaches all day long?
Today, the country is overrun by an unnamed rebellion that is circulating across the country, killing whoever it wants, looting shops, stores and pharmacies without any prosecution. We wonder where the security forces have gone, we wonder what the imbonerakure and interahamwe militiamen , institutionalized by the military power that rules the country are doing, we wonder what the government’s radio silence means. At the same time, the intelligence services are busy arresting the Tutsis, especially the ex fab (ex Burundian armed forces) in retirement, (tomorrow will come the turn of those who are still in office) and the opponents of the CNL of Agathon Rwasa who had won the presidential and parliamentarians. Thousands of people are imprisoned; others are under torture in gross violation of the law. The Burundian population in general is afraid; no one dares to say a word about what is happening, everyone fears the worst.
URN HITAMWONEZA is concerned about what will happen in Burundi tomorrow and whether human rights organizations, countries in the region, the African Union and the United Nations, will intervene after the fact. If it is true that the genocide of the Tutsi in Rwanda in 1994 was done in full view of everyone, why would this unfortunate experience not serve as a lesson to intervene as soon as possible to avoid another humanitarian disaster? We will keep on screaming so that tomorrow no one will say we didn’t know. Astonishing is to see a delegation of the UN Secretary General in Burundi supposedly on a strategic assessment mission. Are the human rights violations of which the leaders visited are guilty on his agenda? We will come back to this in detail in our next publications.
Burundians should know that if they don’t stand up as one man to defend their rights, no one else will come in for them. Once again, let’s face the fear, the criminals certainly have the means of the State, but they are very few in number. The cause to be defended is our great strength. Together we will overcome the forces of evil. WhatsApp contact: +31685638237 Email: urnhitamwoneza16@gmail.com  Twitter: URN HITAMWONEZA

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