Burundi: President Ndayishimiye goes to Tanzania to sell Burundi to Magufuli when his imbonerakure militia is hunting Tutsis in Burambi.

Burundi: President Ndayishimiye goes to Tanzania to sell Burundi to Magufuli when his imbonerakure militia is hunting Tutsis in Burambi
The Burundian patriots must open their eyes to notice that the cnddfdd risks selling all of Burundi if nothing is done as soon as possible. Indeed, among the items on the agenda of Evariste Ndayishimiye’s visit to his father John Pompe Magufuli (when he bends in front of him, let him know that he represents a country and that the country does not bend not in front of Magufuli), there is the delivery of Nickel and Burundian gold in the stocks of Kigoma in Tanzania where according to Magufuli, processing plants will be built soon. « We are going to mix the Nickel from Kabanga (in Tanzania) and that from Burundi to sell it together and make a lot of money, » President Magufuli said on September 19, 2020 in Kigoma. He even plans to build a Uvinza-Musongati-Gitega railway. It’s probably a dream.
Why should Musongati nickel and Burundian gold pass through the stores and factories of Tanzania? Isn’t Burundi capable of building warehouses to store its minerals? Are there enough of them today that there is a shortage of storage facilities? If Magufuli was concerned about the development of Burundi, why would he not grant aid or repayable credits to Burundi to build these factories for processing its minerals in Burundi and to give work to young unemployed Burundians? Could we say that Evariste Ndayishimiye does not see that this is the way of doing things that would benefit Burundi and its people?
We have reliable information that Evariste Ndayishimiye instead went to finalize the commitments to repay all the resources that Tanzania spent in supporting the cnddfdd rebellion. It is imperative that Tanzania take advantage of the capital it has invested in supporting this rebellion through to the end. It is known to all Burundians that the Musongati Nickel has always been coveted to give it as a guarantee by the rebellions (from the Nyangoma cndd to the cnddfdd) to all those who agreed to support them. It is then time for Magufuli to get his money back, in clever ways by fooling the opinion that it should be stored together with the one produced in Kabanga.  »An hour and a half ».
Burundi’s riches are being exploited for the benefit of a group of Tanzanian and Burundian leaders. The ruling military clique in Burundi and a group of businessmen around Magufuli are plundering Burundi’s economy for their own interests. Former President Kikwete has a monopoly on the fuel that is served in Burundi. If Magufuli ever decided to turn off the tap in Burundi, the country would be totally on its knees. This is why Ndayishimiye behaves like a little baby who needs his mother’s breast in front of Magufuli.
We have already shown that successive powers could not demand that the Bugufi and Buha region be returned to Burundi. A territory which is equivalent to two thirds of the area of Burundi. The cnddfdd, under the chairmanship of the late Nkurunziza, rather had boundaries set up to mark the limits between our two countries; just to make this file completely forget. This may also be one of the promises that the cnddfdd would have made in return for the means spent by Tanzania in support of the cnddfdd rebellion Tanzania is then ready to do everything to ensure that the cnddfdd remains in power to make the most of the resources of our country. This is why Magufuli is not ashamed to mistreat the Burundian refugees in his territory by forcing them to return despite feeling in themselves that their security would not be guaranteed in Burundi. Ndayishimiye once again reiterated this demand to see all refugees returned to the country arguing that security is total, and that even « the question of ethnic division no longer arises in Burundi »
Yes, in the mind of Evariste Ndayishimiye , the question of ethnic division no longer arises because he and his military clique are in the process of finalizing the genocide of the Tutsis that his system has always carried out slowly. Tanzania has always given him the means to do so. Today, the Tutsis of Burambi and Mugamba sleep in a military position, threatened with being exterminated by the imbonerakure militia of Evariste Ndayishimiye. They are accused of collaborating with the rebellion concocted by the same military clique in power, precisely to kill all that remains of the Tutsis on the hills of the country. Witnesses on the spot in Burambi say that a vehicle from the Burambi national intelligence service brings bodies of Tutsi arrested and killed every day at night to bury them in the cemeteries of Mumarirangenge and the one behind the ECOFO Kiganza.
URN HITAMWONEZA asks to all Burundian patriots to stand up and cry out loud and clear to prevent Evariste Ndayishimiye and the military clique in power from selling Burundi to Tanzania. We must do everything to ensure that the country’s natural resources are beneficial to Burundians instead of enriching a group of Tanzanian leaders, Ndayishimiye and his group, when our children are sitting on the ground in schools for lack of desks. We must also do everything to ensure that the territories of Bugufi and Buha return to our country. Together we will defeat the corrupt and the corrupters.

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