Burundi: Burundi has become a rallying ground for all criminals and preparation for a regional genocide.

Burundi: Burundi has become a rallying ground for all criminals and preparation for a regional genocide
We will never stop saying it; Burundi is currently a rallying ground for all criminals. Indeed, it is very understandable that when it is led by a military clique resulting from a rebel movement (cnddfdd) which had only a genocidal ideology for a long time (exterminate the Tutsis), hidden behind the return and the defence of the democracy ; all criminals find their places there. The group in power today is the same which took up arms in 1994 (instead of attacking military positions, they killed the Tutsi who had survived in the IDP camps, the Tutsis on the routes in vehicles, the Tutsi who slept peacefully in their homes), after committing genocide against Tutsis in 1993 (see report of the UN commission of inquiry: S / 1996/682 of 22 August 1996), on the pretext that President Ndadaye Melchior was killed by a group of military and politicians. Why should a Tutsi peasant from the Alfa hill who did not even know Ndadaye be killed with all his family, his property set on fire or confiscated? This automatically means that the genocide had been prepared and taught; a trigger was needed for it to be put into action. We would also like to emphasize that, and it is up to everyone to verify, the majority of these criminals learned the ideology of palipehutu (the Tutsi is the enemy of the Hutu to be eliminated) from an early age, at the level of the primary school. We can stop at this generation; otherwise, if we push it far, we will see that the ideology takes root in Rwanda in 1959 with the famous Kayibanda social revolution.
It is very surprising that today, after so many failures in their strategies seeking to put an end to the Tutsis in the region, extremist and genocidal Hutus from Burundi continue to hunt for Tutsis, without forgetting Hutus who are oppose their bad governance. They have the means of the State to train, arm and maintain the imbonerakure militia,; to grant advantages to groups of police and military used to kill whoever they want, torture them, imprison them or simply sow terror in the country.
And as if that were not enough, they signed mutual aid agreements with the criminal groups who committed the genocide of the Tutsi in Rwanda in 1994 and who seek once again to destabilize this country, and if possible, to commit another genocide because they killed as much as possible, but they could not exterminate them all. The RPF managed to stop the genocide and drive them out of the country. They reorganized themselves in the DRC, they tried many times to attack Rwanda, without success (they killed people, damaged their property, but that was not their final objective).
Today that these Rwandan criminals, qualified as negative forces by the international community feel cornered in the DR Congo, they have chosen Burundi as a favourable ground for their gathering (the Kibira is vast and borders Rwanda), for their logistics facilities (logistics come from the stocks of the Burundi National Defence Force), but also for their mobility (Félicien Kabuga had a Burundian diplomatic passport; Paul Rusesabagina found himself at Kanombe airport while on his way to his friends in Burundi)
The war requires huge resources. Its financial resources come from countries which visibly supported the Rwandan genocide and which probably support genocidaires in the region through bilateral cooperation projects. The other means come from the sale of minerals from the DR Congo which these groups of criminals exploit on the land they occupied; they make them pass through Burundi under the blessing of the military clique in power; then leads them to the country of papa Evariste Ndayishimiye (understand by that John Pompe Magufuli). The funds generated by these minerals are used to buy weapons which are officially supplied to the Burundian or Tanzanian government and then brought into the ranks of the Fdrl interahamwe present in Burundi by the Burundian army. Burundi is therefore a favourable ground for the Rwandan genocidaires because of one thing, they have in common the project of genocide of the Tutsis; two, it is between Tanzania and the DR Congo and three, it has a large permeable border with Rwanda.
According to the planning of the Rwandan and Burundian genocidaires, if nothing changes, they should start with the genocide of the Burundian Tutsis (who have been strongly weakened by the cnddfdd power); then concentrate all the efforts of the extremist Hutus of Burundi, with the means of the State and all those of the extremist Hutus of Rwanda, to attack Rwanda and commit another genocide there. The testimonies of young people claiming to be Red Tabara (who would be arrested by the Congolese army and handed over to Burundi) shown on Burundi national television saying that they had the support of Rwanda and European countries is a montage concocted to support in arguments this plan. They want to show that Rwanda is involved in Burundian problems; more serious than that, they say that Red Tabara is a pro-Tutsi movement (which is false); these criminals then take it as a pretext to create an ethnic problem in order to achieve their objective.
URNHITANWONEZA once again wishes to alert the Great Lakes sub-region that if urgent measures are not taken to put out of harm’s way these Hutu extremists recognized for the acts already committed, they are ready to reoffend as soon as possible. The Tutsis of Burundi (plus the political opposition of the CNL), the Tutsis of Rwanda and eastern DR Congo must remain vigilant because the regional genocidal machine is already in motion. Instead of launching international cooperation with Burundi, the European Union and the UN (see the recent report of the Doudou Diène commission) should rather keep a watchful eye on Burundi because it is the centre of reception and action of all the criminals in the Great Lakes region.

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