Burundi: Gitega government troops enter the Kibira forest; the hunt for Ex FAB and CNL continues across the country.

Burundi: Gitega government troops enter the Kibira forest; the hunt for Ex FAB and CNL continues across the country.
Gitega’s government continues to downplay attacks by rebel groups, calling them armed bandits, but is starting to act even as it continues to remain silent on these cases. Neither President Ndayishimiye, nor the army spokesman, no one wants to shed light on these attacks to calm the population.
According to our army sources, today two battalions of the National Defence Force, the 57th and 58th Amisom Battalion entered the Kibira forest of Bubanza; some went through « Inaruzuru » and others entered through « Ku w’inka ». Each soldier took with him a conditioned ration of 3 days. That is, the mission could last 3 days; or it is time that the army gives itself to be able to organize a new supply. Their mission: to search the Kibira for the rebels hiding there and who launched two attacks on Nyarumanga, in Matongo of Kayanza province on September 3 and 10, 2020.
Our source of information told us that the information on the location of these rebels would have been given by the FDRL Interahamwe who set up positions in this vast forest of Kibira. Instead of attacking the foreign forces which have invaded their territory, members of the FDNB (Burundi National Defence Force) will look for Burundian rebels, in collaboration with these negative forces who committed genocide against Tutsis in 1994 in Rwanda and still seeking to disrupt Rwanda.
Another no less important information is that Major Niyongabo, who was second in command of the 57th Amisom Battalion, was transferred to Mutukura camp before the others started this operation. The reason would be that he is a former FNL. What would be the result of such a force, divided into ex fnl, ex fab, ex cnddfdd; an unattached army where everyone identifies with their original political party? It is no longer called a national defence force, much less a professional force, but a gathering of fighters from political parties. Not only that its results can only be negative, but also that they can bump into them themselves instead of focusing on the target. If this official is removed from command, it may be luck for him because nothing says that they could not let him go with the others and eliminate him in the process of operation, which becomes easy to justify. Nothing also says that the ex fab who left in this mission will return alive given the hatred that the leaders of the cnddfdd show these last days towards the Tutsis and the cnl.
This is the unfortunate observation that is made throughout the territory of Burundi: ex Fab and members of the CNL are hunted down, they are arrested on suspicion of collaborating with the rebels. In the south of the country, particularly in the province of Rumonge, in the communes of Bugarama and Burambi, people no longer sleep at home. The imbonerakure are patrolling law enforcement agencies in an attempt to stop as much as possible. Some of these imbonerakure receive weapons in the evening at the Rukinga camp and hand them over the next day. Hundreds of people are in unrecognized dungeons. Very few who have been lucky are in different prisons, others are in intelligence holding cells where the chances of survival are minimal. The new tactic is to bury the corpses at night; they have been prohibited from dumping the corpses in rivers or at discovered places. The Iteka League reports in its September 2020 report that 168 people were killed, just during the three months of Evariste Ndayishimiye in power. And the whole world continues to believe in the tantalizing speeches of the authorities of Gitega and even plans to restart cooperation with a phantom power which is not ashamed to kill its people
URNHITAMWONEZA reminds the Hutu extremists and particularly this military clique that governs Burundi that they will have to pay dearly for the blood of the innocents that they are shedding. Sooner or later things will change, and all those who have been involved in these blood crimes will have to be tried by an independent tribunal. To young imbonerakure people, we always say to prepare for their future by focusing on their studies instead of spending sleepless nights bullying their neighbours. Those who manipulate you today will not be there to defend you in court. We recommend to Burundians in general solidarity and denounce those who arrest and torture your friends and neighbours for simple suspicion.
If you’re not targeted today, tomorrow will be your turn. Whether you like it or not, we must live together in this small country, with the same rights recognized for every Burundian citizen. To live well, let us fight all the forces of evil; may the truth triumph over the lie.

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