Burundi: General Prime Niyongabo is correcting the shooting of his godfather; he has taken attacks by armed groups seriously.

Burundi: General Prime Niyongabo is correcting the shooting of his godfather; he has taken attacks by armed groups seriously.
General Prime Niyongabo speaks with commanders and second in command of infantry units to discuss the security of the country and the citizens. He took the attacks by the armed elements seriously, although nothing was communicated from the outset of the attacks. He knows that the rebellion does not start by attacking the presidency or occupying a municipality as his godfather, Evariste Ndayshimiye suggests.
We will always remember this President General, Evariste Ndayishimiye, who entertained the public on September 25, 2020, in Gitega, in his first public conference after 100 days of reign. Asked journalists for his reaction to the attacks by armed elements observed since August 23, 2020, which the Red Tabara movement has even claimed, the President General said that they are armed bandits. Until then, the answer holds. You will say that this is a way of minimizing the group even if the military likes to say that there is no enemy to overlook. The scandal comes in the continuation of his explanation. For him, we cannot talk about armed groups or rebels as long as he leaves Kigoma at night and arrives in Bujumbura, as long as he is able to leave Bujumbura very early in the morning and go up to Gitega without worrying. Worse still, one cannot speak of rebels until they attack the presidency of the Republic, as long as they do not yet control at least one municipality in the country. Evariste Ndayishimiye says so. Ridicule does not kill, they say.
Everyone knows that General Ndayishimiye is a former rebel, who would have even been trained by the French alongside the interahamwe. It was not his time as secretary general of the cnddfdd that made him forget the phases of the guerrillas. No, the only explanation is that he would have lost his mind; he himself said during this conference that he is starting to get tired by the functions of the presidency.
Our dear president is making himself tired by speaking a lot, and especially by leaving his mouth only lies, promises that he will not be able to honour; just to advertise himself, to pass himself off as a decent man who loves his people too much. This is what tires President Neva’s brain too much.
The fear that is eating away at the military clique in power following attacks by elusive elements, pushed General Prime Niyongabo, the Chief of the General Staff (CEMG) of the Burundi National Defence Force (FDNB) to travel to meet the various unit commanders on the ground.
Following the urgency and gravity of the situation, he brought together the commanders of infantry units of the first division (regrouping the provinces of Bujumbura town hall, Bujumbura rural, cibitoke, Bubanza and Muramvya) and third division (the provinces of Kayanza, Ngozi, Muyinga and Kirundo) in Rwegura on September 29, 2020, and those of the second division (the provinces of Gitega, Ruyigi, Cankuzo, Karuzi and Mwaro) and fourth division (provinces of Rutana, Makamba, Bururi and Rumonge ) at the Gitega centre on September 30, 2020. He preferred to group them together because according to our sources, there is an emergency. The military clique has reportedly received reliable information that rebel attacks will multiply and throughout the country in the days to come. General Prime would not have time for moral talks in every division or brigade, let alone at the battalion level.
According to our sources at the meeting places, the commanders and second-in-command of infantry units and division commanders as well as some well-selected department heads are invited to these meetings. Meetings are held behind closed doors, with no telephones, not even TAs (communication agents) are allowed to approach the meeting room.
Why invite the commanders and their deputies (second in command) to such meeting? The answer is simple: with the division of posts as mentioned in the Arusha accords that the cnddfdd power has completely violated, it was expected that if a leader comes from the PMAP (armed political parties and movements), his deputy should come from the FAB (Burundian Armed Forces). Today everything has been turned upside down by the cnddfdd; it remains only in a few cases where this principle is still in force. For lack of confidence in ex fab, where there is an ex fab commander, one, he is extra, two, he has a second ex pmpa, and it is him who is in direct communication with the EMG. This means that there are shady orders that come from the army EMG or cnddfdd that have to go through it and that are executed without the knowledge of the ex fab commander. And he’s not allowed to say a word about it if he wants to live a few more days. You understand that if there is a meeting of the only commanders, there would be units which would be represented by ex fab; This is why Prime insists on having both at the same time so that there is an ex pmpa who gets the message because he is the one on which leadership matters most. Poor army, poor country!
During these meetings, each commander presents the security situation in his sector of responsibility, while mentioning the state of morale of his men and the degree of collaboration with the imbonerakure militia and the administration (what they call quadrilogy: order forces, population, administration and justice). In addition to the strategies to combat these armed groups (which Neva describes as armed bandits) which will be transmitted to them in the form of a written order, the commanders present at the meetings received clear orders to monitor the movements of opponents and returnees (focus on those coming from Rwanda) to prevent them from joining rebel groups or providing them with any logistical support. They were instructed with the entire rigor they needed with a warning for any loopholes or weaknesses towards the enemy.
URN HITAMWONEZA believes that the Burundian people have already understood the double talk of its president and the military clique which dictates the measures to be taken. It is then up to the people to take their destiny into their own hands and find adequate means to say no to the lies and manipulations of the Ndayishimiye power and his clique. Otherwise, the risk is great that the country will soon fall back into a nameless crisis.

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