Burundi: Country with leaders without a national vision, still unstable and poor country (summary of the week’s files)

Burundi: Country with leaders without a national vision, still unstable and poor country (summary of the week’s files)
Since the cnddfdd has been in power, Burundi has not taken a single step forward in terms of development; rather, he backed off. We cannot speak of development when there is insecurity, when there are flagrant violations of human rights. From the moment they arrived, the watchword was ‘’ everyone helps themselves where they belong’’. This is how people quickly built houses, bought nice cars in less than a year in office. At the head of this embezzlement, the late President Nkurunziza. According to people around him, no project could develop in Burundi without having his share of the pie; the designers of the project would also have to pay a hefty sum within the cnddfdd party. Ask Prime Minister Bunyoni how much dollars officers on assignment abroad paid home for a term extension when he was Minister of Public Security. This is just a small example. And President Evariste Ndayishimiye dares to ask him to declare his property. Not only that he can’t justify how he got what he has, he doesn’t even have the will to do it. If Ndayishimiye were to insist on this matter, it would be his life that would be in danger. All he has to do is talk just to please the public, fine words, promises he knows he won’t fulfil; he will eventually be called a liar. On August 23, 2020, he gave all leaders two weeks to prepare to declare their assets as required by article 95 of the constitution, one month after, exactly on September 25, 2020, he said that the wealth of someone is a secret. A contradiction which shows that it is not he who leads, but a military clique that put him in power (by demanding that he be a candidate in the elections of May 2020 and by assuming all the consequences that could arise after the cheating of these elections).
The country cannot develop with leaders who only see their own interests. Reason why they do everything to stay in power; even while committing the most heinous crimes. Hence the insecurity that remains in the country, the fear for the next day that does not allow people to flourish and work comfortably. Our leaders are forced to adopt double talk because they want to please people without concrete actions. When the president and his government sing overnight that there is total peace in Burundi, they know it is not. Human rights organizations say at least 03 people have been killed a day in Burundi since Evariste Ndayishimiye came to power. Since August 23, 2020, the armed groups that President Ndayshimiye describes as bandits have been crisscrossing the country, the death squads of power (the SNR, certain elements of the police and the army, the imbonerakure militia) take advantage of this to arrest all political opponents and Tutsis in the localities through which these armed groups have passed. Some observers go so far as to establish a certain relationship between these groups which claim to be Red Tabara and the Ndayishimiye power, which did not use the necessary means to combat them and which remained silent on these attacks. It is in this context that the Burundian refugees are returning, some voluntarily, others are forced by the poor living conditions to which they are subjected especially in Tanzania and the DRCongo. Rwanda, which protected them and which did everything to ensure that they were regularly assisted, still remains in the crosshairs of the cnddfdd power, which unfairly accuses it of taking them hostage; just because he didn’t allow his intelligence service to disrupt them to force them back as he does in Tanzania and DR Congo.
When at least 2,000 Burundians from Rwanda have already returned to their country, Sylvestre Ndayizeye, national leader of the imbonerakure militia is traveling the country to activate his death squads so that they closely follow the returnees, especially those returning from Rwanda. They fear that they may join the ranks of armed groups despite the famous patriotic training they are subjecting them to in the Songore transit camp. Despite this voluntary repatriation, there are groups of people in Mahama camp, visibly manipulated by the Ndayishimiye power, who are beginning to show certain arrogance towards the camp administration and who risk disrupting the camp just to discredit Rwanda. . This is a case that is being followed closely.
Gitega’s power is committed to maintaining conflicting relations with Rwanda; which hinders exchanges between the two brother peoples. Indeed, it is no secret that the negative forces that operated from eastern DR Congo to disrupt Rwanda are welcome in Burundi led by the cnddfdd. FDRL elements were even integrated into the defence and security forces, their leaders easily find Burundian travel documents for their movements, arms and ammunition and logistics are provided by the Ndayishimiye power to the forces which have erected positions in the Kibira, on the border with Rwanda, through which attacks are carried out by these elements on southern Rwanda and fall back into the same positions in Burundi. Simulations of incursions by rebel elements from eastern DR Congo are regularly carried out to allow these negative forces to be reinforced in strength by elements from the DRC. It is then difficult if not impossible for President Ndayishimiye to improve relations with Rwanda when he knows that he maintains criminals qualified as genocidal and negative forces who dream only of disrupting neighbouring Rwanda; why not commit another genocide there if they could? This aggression against a neighbouring and brother country only aims to seek at all costs a pretext so that the military clique in power in Burundi can complete the genocide of the Tutsis and the Hutus of the opposition so that it reins alone as absolute master. It is for this reason that URNHITAMWONEZA never stops and will never stop asking whoever wants to hear us to keep a watchful eye on Burundi. Its current leaders may provoke genocide of Tutsi in the sub-region at any time. Burundi’s opposition Hutus would not be spared either. WhatsApp contact: +31685638237
Email: urnhitamwoneza16@gmail.com  Twitter: URN HITAMWONEZA

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