Burundi: Criminals disguised as refugees begin their acts by their own wives.

Burundi: Criminals disguised as refugees begin their acts by their own wives.
We have always said it and we will say it again for all those who want to listen to us and make their arrangements. There are refugees who fled the country to carry out an intelligence mission for the cnddfdd power. They are paid for their services. These are the same elements that designated the places of residence of the refugees who were arrested by the Tanzanian police to hand them over to the Burundian intelligence service. Some were killed and thrown into the Malagarazi, others were forcibly transported to Burundi, tortured and then imprisoned (those who were lucky enough to survive these tortures). It is these special envoys of the power of Gitega, in collaboration with the Tanzanian government which supports this power for its own interests, who force the others to register to return to the country despite the persistent insecurity because the living conditions in the camps are becoming more and more untenable.
Most of these people sent to the camps are members of the imbonerakure militia who have only learned how to kill and who do not even hesitate to kill their wives or children. They have become like ferocious animals because of the blood they have on their hands. On the night of October 4 to 5, 2020, a certain Saidi from Nyarugusu camp in Tanzania dared to stab his pregnant wife, her baby died and the woman is under care to try to save her life. The criminal has fled, it is said that the police are looking for him. The high probability is that he would have already arrived in Burundi by now.
We told you in our edition of October 05, 2020 of the warning signs that show that the Mahama camp in Rwanda is about to be disrupted by people manipulated by the power of Evariste Ndayishimiye. More than 150 toilets have been destroyed by these people to remove stick irons. Some were surprised at home with these three-foot-long club irons, sharp as spears. Summary investigations showed that 5 toilets were destroyed in village 1.06 in village 2, 04 in village 3, 03 in village 4, 03 in village 8, 10 in village 9, 04 in village 10, 08 in village 13, 01 in village 14, 20 in village15, 14 in village16, 22 in village17, 60 in village18.
And it is not a surprise to see that, Jean Paul Ndirahisha, living in village 18 (where many toilets were destroyed to recover the irons), has just wounded his wife to death on the head. The material used has not been clearly identified, but the wound is very deep. Fortunately, Leoncia Uwimana (his wife), did not die immediately, she will be treated and can regain good health. The criminal is in the hands of the police; he did not have the chance to flee like Saidi from Nyarugusu. The registration for voluntary repatriation is said to be the basis of their dispute. The husband wanted to return at all costs, while his wife replied that security was not yet guaranteed in Burundi. And Jean Paul to let her know that he cannot leave her alive in the camp. So said, so done. It is by the grace of God that Uwimana is still breathing.
URN HITAMWONEZA once again reiterates its request addressed to the first officials in charge of refugees, to use all strategies to separate the good seeds from the chaff because it seems that the power of Gitega is decided to put an end, by all means. ,to the question of refugees. For Evariste Ndayishimiye and his ruling military clique, the presence of Burundian refugees in the camps proves to the international community that the country still has serious security problems. However, they themselves know that their killing machine is working, but believe they are able to hide it with tantalizing speeches. They forget that it is not Evariste Ndayishimiye’s smile that motivates the refugees to return, but that it is concrete actions that are visible on the ground.
It’s not when there are regular meetings across the country to mobilize the imbonerakure militia to vigilance to crush anyone who does not espouse the idea of the cnddfdd system that people are going to come in. Only those who have fled without a visible cause will return , or those who are on a mission of power. The rest are ready to wait for the return to security, to peace for all.
We insist that those who do not yet feel safe in the country be protected because they are threatened by the corrupted of Evariste Ndayishimiye power. It would be better if the latter were targeted, searched and isolated in order to bring them back as soon as possible before they commit crimes as they keep saying . Peaceful refugees must remain vigilant, lucid and alert to help ensure on these criminals who want to disrupt their security in order to denounce them in time so that consequent measures could be taken. WhatsApp contact: +31685638237
Email: urnhitamwoneza16@gmail.com  Twitter: URN HITAMWONEZA

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