Burundi: President Evariste Ndayishimiye pledges to give work to all unemployed people. Truth or pure manipulation?

Burundi: President Evariste Ndayishimiye pledges to give work to all unemployed people. Truth or pure manipulation?
He often says it in his speeches: « We do not want any unemployed in Burundi, that everyone has a job ». Beautiful words that often lack concrete action. Nothing tells us that tomorrow he can’t even change his mind and say that it’s impossible to find work for everyone. And this is the reality. As it was impossible for the leaders to declare their property because none of them could justify how he obtained them. No power in any country in the world can give work to everyone. The unemployed exist everywhere; the more affluent countries identify them and assist them to have enough to meet their basic needs while waiting for them to find what to do. And it is not Burundi, second in the ranking of the poorest countries in the world, that could be the exception.
In order to find work for everyone, there is the minimum: First, you have security, peace and stability. If these conditions are met, even if the state could not find work for everyone, the private sector needs a lot of workers; it can hire a good number. People can create their own jobs and give work to others. Investors bring capital into the country and the people benefit in some way.
But, how to invest in a country like Burundi where bad governance is the rule, with failing leaders, without a vision for the future of the country and who only seek their own interests, a country where the people are divided and then to tear each other apart at the instigation of the same leaders who manipulate them to drag on in power. What investor would bring his capital to a country where a ruling party militia kills whoever it wants with total impunity, where the corpses of those killed in ties are circulating on social media every day? Who would venture into a country that does not respect any rights of citizens, including the right to life?
The lack of visionary leaders makes Burundi almost isolated from the world and even from the sub-region. It was only on October 07, 2020 that a mini-summit of heads of state of the sub-region (DRC, Rwanda, Uganda and Angola) was held in Goma; Burundi was invited, he arrogantly refused, without even providing a convincing explanation. It sounds like a child’s reaction: because the ruling military clique is in conflict with one of the participating states, it is stubborn and absent. However, it is always the dialogue that resolves a lot of situations. What is unfortunate is that it is not Evariste Ndayishimiye, Allain Guillaume Bunyoni or Ndakugarika who will suffer the unfortunate consequences of this isolation; it is the average peasant who needed to move freely in the sub-region, sell or buy what he wants without constraint, visit his relatives and friends, place his child in a favourite school, seek medical care that he wants. Cannot find in Burundi in the sub-region without having to go to Europe etc …
Leaders who do not care about security, peace for all and the stability of the country cannot claim to find work for everyone; it’s just a propaganda talk. According to information available to us, the census of all unemployed people commissioned by President Ndayishimiye had only a rather political objective. All young people had to be registered (their identities, their places of origin, their places of residence, and their contacts) in order to be able to control their movements at all times. All those who have been registered are now under surveillance; at least one member of the presidential party, an imbonerakure or not, has a list of people to watch.
The armed groups circulating in the country frighten the power in power even if they minimize them by calling them armed bandits. The movements of the Chief of the General Staff of the National Defence Force in the different divisions to boost the morale of the troops, the raids in the various provinces of the country of the national officials of the imbonerakure militia to mobilize them, call them to more vigilance; show that the military clique is really afraid. This fear is founded all the more since she knows that she is in power by force, that the people told them no to the elections of May 2020. Ndayishimiye and her clique are then afraid that all these unemployed young people risk joining the various armed groups which have no other goal than to oust these generals from power; a power they stole from the people who wanted a change. Their fear is also justified because the defence and security forces in their majority, except those manipulated by the cnddfdd system, are not ready to sacrifice their lives for a small group of people who occupy a power and who benefit from it alone without sharing. . It is known that even within cnddfdd, the people who hold the main positions of responsibility are the same; they take turns in the different positions, leaving the rest behind. We remind Evariste Ndayishimiye of the phrase he loved to say to the late President Nkurunziza: « If you eat alone you will fight alone ». Today he has not changed, he will fight alone. Ndayishimiye said he will mobilize 12 million Burundians to fight any enemy, whoever they are; we will see tomorrow. Let him stop handling these imbonerakure that he wants to display in front of a fire that he has started himself.
URN HITAMWONEZA once again reminds young Burundians, of all tendencies, to work instead for peace and stability in the country before believing that Evariste Ndayishimiye will give them work. With peace, everyone can find something to live on without falling into the trap of the ruling military clique. The little crumbs that power gives you today mean nothing. Above all, seek big capital, peace and security for all; the stability of the country, the rest will come from oneself. WhatsApp contact: +31685638237
Email: urnhitamwoneza16@gmail.com  Twitter: URN HITAMWONEZA

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