Burundi: Burundian justice is instrumentalised by the genocide power of the cnddfdd.

Burundi: Burundian justice is instrumentalised by the genocide power of the cnddfdd.
They are many to be imprisoned with empty files in the sense of the law, but with very heavy files in the eyes of the cnddfdd power, by the simple fact that they were born Tutsis and that they did not accept to be puppets of power, or of the fact that they are Hutus who oppose this power. The injustice in Burundi has reached its highest level to the point that hundreds of people languish in prisons for years after they have won cases. They will come out when the power wants it. A country or a jungle?
The cnddfdd power has taken the Burundian courts as instruments allowing them to continue to perpetrate the genocide of the Tutsis and to crush any Hutu who do not agree to submit to all their demands. That’s why people are being jailed in violation of due process with files containing trumped up charges. Two of the hundreds of cases hold our attention today: that of Clément Nkurunziza and the Honourable Fabien Banciryanino.
Clément Nkurunziza is a Burundian citizen who is languishing in Ngozi prison after being sentenced to life imprisonment for a crime he did not commit. You will recall that he was kicked out of the United States of America, which had denied him asylum, and returned to Burundi after he told the American authorities that he was afraid for his safety in Burundi. The power of Gitega accused him of having a certain responsibility as president of ASSER in the assassination of the Hutus of the Mutanga campus on the night of June 11 to 12, 1995. After having verified and found that he was not more at the head of this association of students, they told him that the planning of the killings was made during his mandate. No one accuses him of killing a person, but they find spurious charges to jail him and on top of that with a life sentence. The first people in charge of this association at the time of the killings (those who are still alive) are in Bujumbura and are taking it easy.
We say that the United States also has some responsibility for the woes that Clément Nkurunziza is facing today. Being great defenders of human rights, they should not throw this innocent citizen into the lion’s mouth. What has been done is done, but repairing the damage caused remains imperative.
At the time of publication of this article, Hon. Fabien Banciryanino is detained at the Central prison of Mpimba where he was allegedly molested, quarantined on the orders of those they call security chiefs (imbonerakure chosen to torture certain prisoners who are not members of the cnddfdd), including a certain Prosper Nahimana . He is said to be accused of having an android phone despite having found nothing on him after a search; just a motive to humiliate a former parliamentarian; by the simple fact that he is Tutsi (remember how these criminals of the cnddfdd treated the former vice-president Alphonse Marie Kadege).
Hon. Fabien, an honest citizen, is accused of having simply told the truth that many others see and do not dare to tell for fear of being killed, tortured, imprisoned or forced into exile by the criminals of the cnddfdd power. He spoke forthwith in a parliamentary session. And it is today, after his term in office, that the Ndayishimiye powerhouse concocts a shameless assembly to imprison him. When the bandits are in power, the place of an honest man is in prison, said Michel Chartrand. Who did not see that the late President Nkurunzizane did not deserve the title of Supreme Guide of patriotism with the crimes for which he was primarily responsible? Who did not realize that the advantages granted to him were almost an organized theft, when the people languish in nameless misery? Who is not aware of the human rights violations that were carried out by the cnddfdd power killing machine and continue to this day? The figures presented by human rights organizations are alarming: in just 100 days of power Ndayishimiye, Bunyoni and Ndakugarika, 198 people have been killed, 11 missing, 26 raped and 300 arbitrary arrests. And this is Hon. Fabien Banciryanino who deserves prison!
The cnddfdd power is showing the Hutu extremists that it is capable of silencing all Tutsis, humiliating them, impoverishing them, in short, destroying them on all points of view, as well as any Hutu who do not espouse their ideas. Yes, to do it is one thing; to answer for it one day is another.
URNHITAMWONEZA considers that the imprisonment of innocent citizens like Clément Nkurunziza and Fabien Banciryanino is in line with the project of genocide of Tutsis and Hutus who oppose the acts of the cnddfdd power. The project is in its final phase, the characteristic acts of the previous phases having all been observed (we will come back to this in detail). We call on all countries that support in one way or another bloodthirsty power to prepare to assume responsibility for having contributed to the genocide of the Tutsis in Burundi, the preparations for which have been completed and whose execution awaits than a trigger. WhatsApp contact: +31685638237
Email: urnhitamwoneza16@gmail.com  Twitter: URN HITAMWONEZA

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