Burundi: There are still students sitting on the floor in class in a country with billionaire leaders.

Burundi: There are still students sitting on the floor in class in a country with billionaire leaders.
It is a national disgrace. During this century, we find in a country called Burundi, schools in which some classes do not have desks, where the pupils sit on the floor. Such schools are found in particular in provinces like Ruyigi, Makamba, Cibitoke, and even in the economic capital of the country. These are only illustrations. These cases are known to the outside world thanks to the images circulating on social networks, images which show unhappy children sitting on the floor in classrooms without windows or doors, sometimes not well covered. This is very serious Mr. President, with your government Mvyeyi, Nkozi.
It is true that Burundi is the second poorest country in the world; but he is poor not because of the lack of resources (neither human nor natural), he is poor because of bad governance. It lacks serious leadership, visionaries, and patriots. He has leaders who do not care about the general interest, but only their own interests.
How to explain that billionaires like Allain Guillaume Bunyoni who do not manage to control their wealth do not feel touched / shocked by this situation of children, the future of the country? Declaring the assets they own is not feasible because it would take a long time, they say. However, the constitution provides for it. Leaders who themselves violate the mother law. How to justify that the cnddfdd, party in power since 2005 can release billions to build national hotlines in all the provinces and not think of putting the roof of a school in Ruyigi and desks in the classrooms? Where does this money come from that builds villas on the generals’ native hills but cannot build schools for the children of the country? Where did the great engineer and former super minister Come Manirakiza find the money to build a large building and endow it with the State of Burundi? Why did he not see that the priority is to buy benches for elementary school students who do not have them? We take random examples to show that a lack of desks for classrooms in Burundi is the intellectual unconsciousness of the leaders who now govern Burundi
Everyone knows that primary school is the basis of the intelligence of the country’s children, the nursery for the men and women who will build the Burundi of tomorrow. It is impossible, in such arduous working conditions where children learn to write, squatting, their knees serving as desks; add to this the poor living conditions as a family (who eat maybe once a day), so that these young people can enjoy school and develop mentally; hence the high dropout rate observed in these schools. As the one who said this sentence was telling the truth: « The worst feeling is to see a poor child cry from hunger in a world where bread is thrown in the trash ». The late President Nkurunziza, Ndayishimiye Evariste, Bunyoni, Ndakugarika, Steves; in short, the whole military clique in power, in addition to the large traders and very influential members of the cnddfdd who illegally monopolize all the markets and who share the profits with the clique in power have built villas all over the hill where they were born, have bought luxury vehicles and tracts of land, sent their children to study in Europe and America, yet the average peasant of Gisuru cannot even find food and feed for his child who goes to school with an empty stomach ,sit on the floor in class. And Ndayishimiye keeps calling them abenegihugu (those to whom the country belongs); just a slogan to put them to sleep by making them believe that it is the Hutus who rule the country. The majority of those who sit on the floor in class with empty stomachs are children of Hutus. Probably the leaders of the cnddfdd find no interest in these young people from the cnddfdd (ivyana vy’inkona = the children of the eagle) wasting time in class because they want to teach them how to kill in the imbonerakure militia. Is this the future of poor’s child Mr. President?
URN HITAMWONEZA finds it scandalous that local children run out of desks in class and sit on the floor as the ruling clique loots state property and becomes richer than the state itself. It is high time for the Burundian people to stand up and demand the good management of public goods so that they are beneficial to all and not only to the leaders at the head of the country. To educate the children of the country in the best conditions is to build a good future for the nation. To destroy education is to condemn the country to eternal poverty, to destroy the country. In addition to the crimes of genocide of which they are guilty, members of the cnddfdd military clique will also have to answer before independent courts, for economic crimes which have led Burundians in general to a state of extreme poverty.

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