Burundi: Burundi will not have peace and progress without strong authority like Prince Louis Rwagasore.

Burundi: Burundi will not have peace and progress without strong authority like Prince Louis Rwagasore.
Prince Louis Rwagasore left too early. Burundi needed him to transform the Burundian society for which he fought with principles of unity and social development. His speech after the Uprona party won the 1961 legislative elections remains relevant to this day. Moses Isegawa said, ’The true leader speaks words of wisdom and sows the seeds of authority‘’.
Today, we are focusing our reflection on the importance of authority in the management of a country because in his speech, Prince Louis Rwagasore said:  » my dear compatriots, today’s electoral victory does not is not that of a party but the triumph of order, discipline, peace, public tranquillity. Because without strong authority, no country knows order, peace, tranquillity. Without strong authority, there is no progress « .
The word authority is defined as « the set of qualities by which someone imposes their personality on others, ascendant through which one makes himself respected, obeyed, listened to ». Authority is also the power to command, to be obeyed. It involves notions of legitimacy, command and obedience ’’.
Burundi therefore needs leaders who truly embody authority, people who impose themselves by their personality, their human qualities; people who are respected by the values they defend and who guide them: values of unity among Burundians, of peace and security for all, of tranquillity and of social development.
We have leaders today who have none of these qualities, so we always remain at the bottom of the world in social progress.
The strength of Prince Louis Rwagasore’s authority lay in his conception of a unified society; he was a real unifier. He had already heard and seen the effects of an excessive ethnicity taught and implanted in Rwanda by the settlers, and he did not want our country to fall into the same trap. There he was killed by those very people who wanted to implant this policy of ethnic divisions in our country. And they succeeded.
Rwagasore’s ideology was not followed after his death; otherwise the country would not have experienced so many cyclical crises and violence. The prince’s death thus opened the door to divisions, ethnic hatred, discrimination, humiliation, extrajudicial killings, massacres, genocides and impunity. And with impunity, it is permanent insecurity that sets in and no development.
The current leaders cannot inspire confidence; their authority is called into question because they imposed themselves by force, by an electoral coup. They are in power, but they themselves know that the whole people know that they are cheaters, bandits, and people of questionable morals. It is for this reason that they try to rely on ethnic divisions to attract the Hutu mass to their side, they deliver enticing speeches just to try to show a beautiful face that they do not have in order to accept. Unfortunately, such speeches without concrete actions end up destroying them because sooner or later will be considered as liars. This is how their big worry becomes filling their pockets, building beautiful houses and villas in the village of origin, buying luxury cars and they keep the rest of their money in foreign banks because they know that their reign cannot last long. So the strong authority Prince Louis Rwagasore spoke of is just the opposite of what Burundi today has at its head.
URN HITAMWONEZA points out to the Burundian people that the Burundian evil is precisely the lack of strong authority capable of understanding that unity is strength. The energies of all Burundians are necessary for the construction of our country. Instead of thinking about this gathering of all the forces, the power of Evariste Ndayishimiye is spending all its time planning the exclusion and elimination of all Tutsis (a real genocide) and members of the CNL. It is therefore the duty of all Burundians, aware that with exclusion, there is no progress, to use all possible means to block the road to these genocidaires in order to annihilate them and bring them before the appropriate courts. WhatsApp contact: +31685638237
Email: urnhitamwoneza16@gmail.com  Twitter: URN HITAMWONEZA

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