Burundi: They consult with the power of Gitega to plan other strategies.

Burundi: They consult with the power of Gitega to plan other strategies.
We are talking about two men, who have just revealed their hidden faces by wanting to occupy by force the presidency of the organization CFOR-ARUSHA. They are General Jean Bosco Ndayikengurukiye and Jérémie Minani. They have unfortunately failed, they have just spent a few days in mourning, and they stand up in force to first enter into consultation with their Master, the cnddfdd power, to jointly come up with new strategies. They say they have lost a battle, but the war continues.
Among the 12 who should vote, we learned that 5 slammed the door and appointed Jean Bosco Ndayikengurukiye president of CFOR-ARUSHA; it was not long in coming out of the dismissal decisions of almost all of these competitors. Public opinion needs to know who the other three are to give them the right place. Apart from JB Ndayikengurikiye and Jérémie Minani (the leader of this rebellion), the other three are Kamariza Kelly, member of the party to which Jérémie Minani claim, Ndorukwigize Wilson and Nzobambona Prosper. Let’s not say one day that they’ve been manipulated by anyone; they are adults and vaccinated, they will have to assume this responsibility.
They have the heavy responsibility of having supported a project of which they do not know the ins and outs. The pilots of this boat on which they embarked are General Jean Bosco Ndayikengurukiye and Jérémie Minani; and both know who they’re riding for. They’re riding for the power of the cnddfdd, they’ve got a mission they’ve been doing for a long time, but they just missed the last round. It did not hit the target CFOR-ARUSHA, the last organization in exile which brings together political opponents of the dictatorial and genocidal regime of Gitega.
Jérémie Minani has always been active, both in opposition political organizations with statements that could not be more powerful, than in armed struggle organizations by even promising funding, just to know more and inform his Master. According to our sources, his remuneration from Gitega passed through African capitals like Addis Ababa, Kampala, or Nairobi. And no one knows how many times this man travelled per year. Only COVID-19 could have limited his movements. And now that very few military organizations are active, he did not hesitate on August 2, 2020, to create a fictitious one. Remember he gave Gitega’s government an ultimatum that if in two months it didn’t agree to negotiations, it will attack the country with arms. With which force? This is the question everyone has asked unanswered. Two months have passed, the military attack has not yet taken place, but he has just launched a political attack on CFOR-ARUSHA. He has just fired his last cartridge on all fronts; he still has to return to report to his master.
Rebel leader JB Ndayikengurukiye missed a golden opportunity to position him at the head of an exiled political opposition organization that could open a path for him to Europe which has already denied him asylum for the crimes for which he is responsible. That’s why he fought tooth and nail to be president of CFOR-ARUSHA. Ndayikengurukiye’s other motivation would be that, being at the head of this organization, it was easy to nip his political struggle in the bud, as Jean Minani did for CNARED. He then just missed the opportunity to score points with the cnddfdd power. Jean Minani completely destroyed CNARED, Jean Bosco Ndayikengurukiye wanted to politically eliminate the survivors of CNARED.
According to information in our possession, this rebel General is a strategic advisor to Alexis Sinduhije, with his Red Tabara. You will recall that in their demands for the attacks that have just been launched on Burundi, Red Tabara always made it clear that he is the only armed movement that is fighting the government of Gitega. Why this precision? Alexis Sinduhije has always sought to eliminate by all means all other opponents, both political and military. We will remember the FPB fighters he had executed. Seeking to eliminate the other forces that wage the armed struggle is only a strategy of wanting in the long run to enter into negotiations alone with the authorities after having executed thousands of the country’s children. Going through his strategic advisor to destroy CFOR-ARUSHA would make it possible for his MSD party to remain the only opposition party in the political arena. It would be easy for him to negotiate with the power of Gitega. And on this ground, it accords with cnddfdd power.
URN HITAMWONEZA finds it is time to get rid of all those leaders hiding among political opponents as they secretly play the genocidal power game. We ask that all those who have the blood of Burundians on their hands are in no way entrusted with any responsibility in organizations fighting for a rule of law in Burundi. Their place should normally be The Hague. It is for this reason that they seek cover for their crimes within opposition organizations to continue working in secret for the criminals in power in Burundi. They should now be unmasked so that they are silent or at best return home to wait together with the other criminals for a day of their trial. Because, sooner or later, the Burundians will show them their right place. WhatsApp contact: +31685638237
Email: urnhitamwoneza16@gmail.com  Twitter: URN HITAMWONEZA

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