Burundi: The CNDDFDD distributes arms to imbonerakure as the MRND distributed it to the interahamwe before 1994

Burundi: The CNDDFDD distributes arms to imbonerakure as the MRND distributed it to the interahamwe before 1994
After the passage of the armed groups which have been heard in Burundi since August 23, 2020, calm seems to reign in the country, there is no longer talk of attacks for some time, but we keep finding, here and there, corpses of men and women killed tied up. Gitega’s government called these groups that called themselves Red Tabara armed bandits. Yet the fear was perceptible in the eyes of the authorities, both military and civilian. General Niyongabo Prime quickly toured the divisions to alert the military and give them new instructions; representatives of the imbonerakure militia and the cnddfdd party at the national, provincial and municipal levels, travelled all over the country, mobilizing all the imbonerakure. You will remember Minister Ezéchiel Nibigira’s speech in Kayanza on August 29, 2020 when he asked the imbonerakure militia to resume their patrol work  » immediately  », a job that the governor of this province, Colonel Remy Cishahayo had formally forbidden them, promising them prison for anyone caught on patrol. He knew what he was talking about because this work is legally entrusted to the defence and security forces.
Minister Nibigira’s speech recalls, for those who followed the policy of Rwanda during the period preceding the genocide of the Rwandan Tutsis in 1994, that of Ngirumpatse Mathieu, then president of the MRND who said: «  I gave orders , that the prefects and presidents of the party do everything so that in July, the interahamwe are deployed throughout the country.  » And Jean Kambanda, brandishing his pistol, told the audience that came to listen to him, that “weapons have already arrived, they will soon be distributed in the first place to those who have already done military training; more are expected soon so that all the young people (interahamwe) have their own weapons to fight the enemy; these young Tutsis (speaking of RPF fighters) have no more strength than you ».
In Burundi, ethnic hate speech is not spoken publicly at the stadium except Reverien Ndikuriyo who said, in colourful language,  » Kora  » (he was addressing the imbonerakure to kill the Tutsis to recover their properties and houses). This Ndikuriyo’s term, then president of the Senate, recalls that of Sindikubwabo Theodore in Rwanda who encouraged the Rwandan Hutus to start the work requested of them as quickly as possible. The power of Gitega uses the Kenny Claude Nduwimana to spread this hate speech via social networks; it also sends Pierre Claver Ndayicariye to unearth the remains of the bodies of people killed during the cyclical crises that have grieved Burundi and to make known that they are Hutus killed in 1972, a way of inciting the Hutus to revenge.
Now is the time to distribute weapons to imbonerakure across the country. And this is not the first time that this operation has been done, it is now a backup. At least 200 AK47s and many grenades have just been distributed in provinces bordering neighbouring countries under the supervision of cnddfdd chiefs at the provincial and communal levels. These are the provinces of Cibitoke, Bubanza, Kayanza, Kirundo, Ruyigi, Makamba and Rumonge. According to a source close to the imbonerakure militia, demobilized members of the cnddfdd and imbonerakure from other provinces will be deployed as reinforcements in these provinces mentioned above when the war begins.
When does this war start? What is the mission entrusted to these imbonerakure and demobilized from the cnddfdd to whom the weapons are distributed? Gitega’s power knows for when he planned this war. It is Evariste Ndayishimiye and the ruling military clique who know when and how it will be carried out and against whom it will be directed. But, according to well-informed sources close to the imbonerakure, the weapons distributed will not be used to defend against an enemy from outside the country even if the bulk of the weapons have been distributed in the border provinces; these weapons will be used to, they say, kill all Tutsis and CNL members wherever they are.
URN HITAMWONEZA once again alerts Burundians, the community of East African countries, the African Union and the United Nations to the imminent genocide in Burundi. If today we cry out and no one reacts, tomorrow may be too late. Instead of the European Union considering discussing with Burundi on the resumption of their cooperation, sanctions should rather be strengthened to force it to abandon its macabre project of genocide in Burundi, but also in the sub-region. Otherwise, this organization will bear the heavy responsibility of having supported Gitega’s power in this project. Young imbonerakure should not forget that the weapons they receive are not loaves of bread, but double-edged tools. They become game and hunters at the same time. They carry with them their certain death. And those who distribute them will be the first to flee when times get tough. All Burundians must now be vigilant; Evariste Ndayishimiye and his clique have some unpleasant surprises in store for us.

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