Burundi: No democracy as advocated by the late President Ndadaye, but the genocide that his party started is in its final phase.

Burundi: No democracy as advocated by the late President Ndadaye, but the genocide that his party started is in its final phase.
We are at the end of the week that URN HITAMWONEZA dedicated to the memory of the late President Ndadaye and to the Tutsis who were exterminated by extremists from his Frodebu party. This act of exterminating the Tutsi after the assassination of Melchior Ndadaye has been rightly described by the UN as « genocide of the Tutsi by the Hutus of Frodebu » (see report S / 1996/682 of 22 August 1996). The genocide of the Tutsis was effectively planned and carried out by extremist Hutus from Frodebu. We say extremist Hutus because there are Hutus who saved Tutsis. Despite this, the reports speak of 120,000 Tutsis who perished in this genocide, we have the names of 85,000 Tutsis killed and clearly identified, and 144 Tutsis from Rwanda were also victims of this genocide of the Tutsis of 1993.
The planning of this genocide is not debatable: nobody can justify the spontaneous reaction, as soon as the news of Ndadaye’s death was announced, of all the Hutus throughout the country when we know that there was no of means of telephone communication: gathering of Hutus, with machetes and spears, cans of gasoline to burn houses, chainsaws to cut trees and obstruct lines of communication, destruction of bridges etc. Same methodology to kill: tie up Tutsis , kill them and then throw them in toilets, mass graves, rivers, collect them in houses and burn them alive. Everything has been taught, the material has been prepared. The trigger for this genocide was the assassination of President Ndadaye; but everything leads to believe that even without this assassination, the genocide would have taken place sooner or later because it had been prepared.
But who really prepared for Ndadaye’s death? It seems that many actors would have some responsibility for this assassination. Melchior Ndadaye was not killed by the Tutsis as the Hutu extremists who seek pretexts to kill the Tutsis say. He was executed by a group of soldiers who did not represent the Tutsis. Many people are said to have participated in or influenced his assassination. We were talking to you about an officer in charge of the intelligence service of Juvénal Havyarimana, then President of Rwanda, and French captain Paul Barril who were in Bujumbura the night of the coup d’état of October 21, 1993. Ndadaye was no longer in good terms with Juvénal Havyarimana because he dared to advise him to share power with the Tutsis. It is therefore not France which supported Havtyarimana’s Rwanda, nor is it Belgium which initiated the policy of divide and reign, much less the palipehutu which has only the extermination of the Tutsis as an ideology who were ready to support the Ndadaye regime. He did not intend, from the first days of his reign, to do correctly what everyone mentioned above had recommended to him: exclude the Tutsis from power, if possible exterminate them. However, not only that Ndadaye officially asked Havyarimana Juvenal, visiting Burundi, at the Ngozi stadium, to speak with the Rwandan refugees to negotiate with them and share power, but also we learned that Ndadaye was preparing to change the government in November 1993 and he had asked Nicolas Mayugi to propose to him (in secret because he knew that the other members of Frodebu did not endorse his project) names of Tutsis to be placed in ministerial posts. You understand that he was starting to have even enemies within his camp. It is then difficult to know exactly all those who wanted the departure of Melchior Ndadaye.
But can it be said that the democracy he advocated was followed, since he was called a hero of democracy? Right off the bat, we say no. Today, Burundi is ruled by a power more military than any power we have known. From the President of the Republic to the hill chiefs, including the Prime Minister, the Minister of the Interior, the President of the National Assembly; it is known that the cnddfdd only thinks of entrusting all the responsibilities to those who were at least combatants.
This whole military clique only oppresses the Burundian people, saying that they are in a democracy (that they have been elected). What kind of democracy? Abraham Lincoln said that « democracy is government of the people by the people and for the people », while Oscar Wilde told him that it is « the oppression of the people by the people for the people ». The Burundian people live in total insecurity; the imbonerakure militia kills whoever they want and when they want with total impunity. An average of three people are killed, another is illegally arrested every day; the prisons are 300% full, 700 prisoners have been pardoned by the late President Nkurunziza but are still in prison. The Burundians eat once a day, they cannot find medicine when they are sick, yet the authorities sing that they are treated for free; the children of the country study in very bad conditions, sitting on the ground, without books, the teachers are mistreated by all means. In short, all sectors are paralyzed, which is why the country is second on the list of the poorest countries in the world. Yet the military clique is richer than the state; these people have surpluses when the people lack everything; which is contrary to the theory of Mahatma Gandhi who believes that « democracy should provide the weakest with the same opportunities as the strongest ».
So there is no democracy in Burundi, there is an unnamed dictatorship, there is a regime that only seeks to stay in power after having exterminated the Tutsis and all the opponents because it knows it cheated the May 2020 elections, he has too much blood on his hands, he knows that if he leaves power, his place automatically becomes prison. This is why he is not afraid of anything; he is ready to provoke a regional genocide with the support of the FDRL interahamwe who are in Burundi and DR Congo.
URNHITAMWONEZA asks the Burundian people in general to note that with the current leaders, peace is still very far away, let alone development. He must then change and all means are good to do so. Security and defence forces must know that their mission is to ensure the security of the country and the people, not that of individuals. That they refuse to be instrumentalized by the party in power and, that they take the courage to refuse illegal orders. We ask them to support all those who advocate change so that tomorrow they, too, can regain their dignity and honour to be guarantors of the security of the country and all its inhabitants without exclusion. Burundi must be governed by leaders who have no blood on their hands and who have not been involved in cases of economic malfeasance. We want clean leaders who have the will to lead our country to stability and development.
We thank everyone who follows us and promise to always deliver the truth to you on issues that many do not dare to face out of fear or to protect their own interests. You will always follow us on our usual channels: WhatsApp contact: +31685638237
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