Burundi: The imbonerakure and interahamwe are more considered by the power of Gitega than the defence and security corps (1st part)

Burundi: The imbonerakure and interahamwe are more considered by the power of Gitega than the defence and security corps (1st part)
This observation is bitter. It is incomprehensible that a power which has an army, a police force (which the constitution of 2018 calls the defence and security Corps: CDS) and a national intelligence service, imagine to recruit, train and arm a militia of the party in power and give him powers that go beyond those of CDS supposed to be professional (probably they are not, which is why the power seeks other forces like imbonerakure and interahamwe). We will have the opportunity to talk about this aspect of professionalism of these CDS.
To make an analysis of this subject, we will gradually use the articles of the constitution which talk about the organization, the missions and the functioning of the CDS, to see if really this constitution (that of 208 manufactured by the cnddfdd) is respected.
Before analysing what the constitution says, we start from the statement of Colonel Remy Cishahayo, the new governor of Kayanza province, to show how the CDS are allergic to this situation; that which consists in having the imbonerakure and interahamwe carry out a mission legally entrusted to the CDS. Upon assuming his new duties, Col Cishahayo said that ‘’ an imbonerakure that I meet on the road on patrol, I will embark him in my vehicle and drive him to the dungeon ’. This governor’s anger is a good illustration of the anger that reigns in the hearts of many CDS members who do not dare to express it because they would risk their lives without changing anything. The proof is that two weeks later, Minister Ezekiel Nibigira went to the same province to deny what the governor had said and gave the order to resume patrols « immediately ». The colonel was dishonoured in his province, all the members of the CDS were humiliated. The imbonerakure and their leaders dictate the attitude to take when it comes to security, they have the last word. No one will deny it because this militia arrests, tortures and kills whoever it wants with total impunity. President Evariste Ndayishimiye tried to bring order to this organization by ordering the punishment of the culprits. This has been done once or twice (case of Kayogoro where the culprits, composed of imbonerakure, police and administrative staff were imprisoned), the practice did not continue. Nothing tells us that even those who were imprisoned would not already be released. In other words, the president had threats and adopted a contrary attitude; that of being silent to let things continue as before. This shows anyone who wants to understand that the President of the Republic is not the captain of the ship, there are others who make decisions for him. Remember his statement at the end of the prayer crusade in Ngozi asking all leaders to prepare to declare their assets as required by the constitution. A month later, he himself changed the rhetoric, this time saying that someone’s property is a secret that cannot be revealed. Poor président !!
Back on topic. Article 246 of the constitution of the Republic of Burundi states that « the Defence and Security Corps are established in accordance with the law. Apart from these, no other armed organization can be created or raised. The presence of imbonerakure and interahamwe in Burundi violates this article of the mother law. How could a power which itself violates the constitution of the country, in the logic of things, demand that the people respect it or respect other laws resulting from it? This is where the impunity seen across the country comes from.
Who benefits from this impunity? The power which institutionalizes it as a mode of government because it takes the opportunity to stay in power by cheating the elections, silencing any annoying voice, intimidating people through arbitrary arrests, imprisonment, torture and even targeted assassinations . It is a power which will remain in defensive manoeuvres and which will never think of the well-being and the development of its people.
We will continue our analysis, in our next publications, on the composition, mission and functioning of CDS based on the constitution to show that they do not professionally perform their mission, which is why the power of Gitega entrusts these missions to the most confident groups with which it associates the imbonerakure and interahamwe militias.
URN HITAMWONEZA already reaffirms that Burundi will not be able to find peace with these militias and proposes that everything be done to dismantle them and leave the work to the CDS. They also need to be reformed so that we can finally set up professional, truly Republican CDS. WhatsApp contact: +31685638237
Email: urnhitamwoneza16@gmail.com  Twitter: URN HITAMWONEZA

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