Burundi: The imbonerakure and interahamwe are more considered by the power of Gitega than the defence and security corps (2nd part)

Burundi: The imbonerakure and interahamwe are more considered by the power of Gitega than the defence and security corps (2nd part)
We continue our approach which consists in showing what kind of defence and security corps the Burundian people have as guarantors of his security and that of his country.
We have already demonstrated, in our first edition, that our defence and security corps have been dishonoured, humiliated by the simple fact that a power of the cnddfdd dares to train, arm and deploy a militia across the whole country (which is a violation of article 246 of the constitution); he did not stop there, he even recruited foreigners, the FDRL Interahamwe, who committed a genocide against the Tutsis in neighbouring Rwanda in 1994. This attitude of the cnddfdd power undoubtedly shows a lack of confidence in his CDS
We must then proceed to analyse the facts which lead the authorities to be wary of CDS as a whole. We say as a whole because among them are selected elements more zealous than the others, that the cnddfdd system or the military clique in power uses as objects to commit various crimes within the Burundian population.
Art 262 of the constitution reminds us that «  the CDS are organized in such a way as to guarantee the unity within them, the political neutrality of the members as well as the impartiality in the accomplishment of their missions  » Officially, the CDS are made up of former members of the Burundian armed forces, commonly called the EX-FAB and the former PMPA (armed political parties and movements = former rebels). Today, Burundians should not yet distinguish who came from the old army and who is the former rebel. Even less within CDS, these names should no longer be in the heads of people who have the same mission, who should share life and death. When one is awake, the other is resting; when one is injured, his friends must transport him to the treatment station even under the whistling bullets.
What is the actual composition of these CDS? When you approach the members of these corps, they tell you that when you enter a group, other than your own, people start to ask the question: Who is this man? That doesn’t mean they want to know your name or your assignment unit, but they are looking to see if you’re ex fab or ex pmpa. When you have Tutsi appearance, they immediately conclude that you are ex fab; when you look hutu, they hesitate between being cnddfdd and ex fnl (although the latter are very few; they have been mistreated and many of them have deserted).
In practice, the CDS are made up of a first category of members from the very influential, overzealous cnddfdd, who are used in all the shady missions of the cnddfdd party or the military and civilian authorities from this party. It is these elements, in collaboration with the imbonerakure militia and the interahamwe genocidaires who are integrated into the police, army or the SNR, who commit all the crimes observed in the country. Kidnappings, arbitrary arrests, torture, selective assassinations; such are the acts which these trusted men engage in daily. This category enjoys a lot of advantages over others.
The second category is made up of members of the cnddfdd who are a little professional, a little educated, who understand and who show certain logic in the execution of their mission. They carry out their professional work without worry, do not receive any particular missions and therefore do not enjoy any special advantages from the military clique. Add to this category ex fab Hutus on the one hand and ex fab Tutsis and ex fnl Hutu who agree to hand over members of their respective groups to death on the other.
The last category is made up of ex-fab Tutsis and former FNL who do not accept to betray others and who are against the actions of some zealous CDS members and those in power in general, without daring to lift a finger to denounce them. People who fall into this category are still under surveillance because they are still suspected of being in cahoots with the cnddfdd enemy.
Do you think that CDS subdivided into such small groups can constitute a professional force on which the country can count? Do you think that such a force without cohesion can protect the Burundians as a whole? We will see how they work tomorrow to answer all these questions.
URN HITAMWONEZA already believes that the Burundians must think in time of all possible and imaginable means that would allow them to change their minds, to remove from power those who divide the Burundians in general and the CDS in particular; This is the only way to completely reform these CDS and build professional forces at the service of the country and not of the party or individuals and which protects all Burundians without exception. WhatsApp contact: +31685638237
Email: urnhitamwoneza16@gmail.com  Twitter: URN HITAMWONEZA

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