Burundi: The imbonerakure and interahamwe are more considered by the power of Gitega than the defence and security corps (3rd part)

Burundi: The imbonerakure and interahamwe are more considered by the power of Gitega than the defence and security corps (3rd part)
In our approach to demonstrate how the imbonerakure and interahamwe militias which make rain and good weather in Burundi are more considered through the power of Evariste Ndayishiye and the military clique that the defence and security corps of the country, we spoke yesterday of its real composition in violation of article 262 of the constitution. This article talks about the unity, political neutrality and impartiality of CDS.
Today we will deal with the question of the functioning of these CDSs, analyse together whether they really demonstrate political neutrality and impartiality in the performance of their daily missions. We will also look at articles 247 paragraph 2 (the CDS are at the service of the Burundian people. They must be an instrument of protection for all the Burundian people and all the people must recognize themselves in them) and article 250 (Neither the CDS, nor none of their members may, in the exercise of their functions: Prejudice the interests of a political party which, under the terms of the constitution is legal; Manifest their political preferences; Partisan advantage of the interests of a political party ; Be a member of a political party or association of a political nature; Take part in activities or demonstrations of a political nature).
Will be a great liar who will say that the articles cited are respected in Burundi. Indeed, any Burundian who follows what is happening in the country knows that the members of the CDS from the cnddfdd never hide this party membership; some are proud to show it even to those who did not know it. More than once we have seen policemen wearing cnddfdd party t-shirts, officers participating in demonstrations organized by the party; associations of military and police members from the cnddfdd operate in broad daylight
In their operation, no one is unaware that the power has zealous elements from the cnddfdd who carry out missions of kidnapping, torture and assassination of Tutsis or political opponents of the CNL. These missions are carried out in close collaboration with the imbonerakure militia.
Clearly, the members of the CDS should be, according to the will of the military clique in power, in the service of the power in place, and consequently in the service of the party in power, the cnddfdd. We have heard members of the cnddfdd say that President Melchior Ndadaye would not be killed if he had an army. One way of saying that they remain in power despite the various crimes committed because they have military strength. This justifies that this force is no longer at the service of all the Burundian people, is no longer an instrument of protection of all the Burundian people (art 247). Rather, it becomes an instrument for the protection of cnddfdd power and only members of this party. The rest of the population takes this force as their enemy because they panic when they see them pass. And this with good reason because uniformed police officers razed entire families of Tutsi and CNL (the police who exterminated the family of journalist Christophe Nkezabahizi did not even disguise themselves), soldiers and police officers killed many people in broad daylight targeted with total impunity (those who killed General Kararuza and his family were soldiers and police officers known to all, they were in uniform and did not hide). All these criminals were in the service of some military or civil authorities of the cnddfdd
URNHITAMWONEZA reminds the Burundian people that they must not forget the crimes that the cnddfdd power has committed and continues to commit just to stay in power. The people cannot in any case continue to suffer because of a small group of people (who can be counted on the fingers of one hand) who rely on a group of CSD members, non-professionals (who have become cnddfdd law enforcement tools). This group is still trying to gain the sympathy of the Hutus who want them to believe that it is the Hutus who are in power while millions of Hutus cannot find food or eat once a day; can’t find medicine when they’re sick; their children are sitting on stones in schools without doors or windows while those in this group are in the best schools in Europe. The Burundian people must then rise up as one man (because they share the same sufferings) to block the road to these criminals by all the means at their disposal.

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