Burundi: The imbonerakure and interahamwe are more considered by the power of Gitega than the defence and security corps (4th part)

Burundi: The imbonerakure and interahamwe are more considered by the power of Gitega than the defence and security corps (4th part)
Our approach continues in order to show to what extent the CDS of Burundi are discredited by the simple fact that militias perform the tasks which are theirs by right. Their composition, their mode of operation also suggests non-professional and partisan forces; which is contrary to article 265, paragraph 1: « CDS are professionally constituted and are non-partisan ». However, we had the opportunity to talk about the composition of these corps where we have demonstrated that there is no cohesion between the groups which form these corps, and that consequently, they cannot in any case be professionals in this form. Identifying themselves with this or that other group or party of origin removes them from neutrality and impartiality and makes them more partisan corps.
Indeed, the cnddfdd never wanted there to be professional CDS in Burundi; they would not agree to carry out shady missions outside of those recognized by the constitution; they would not agree to carry out clearly illegal orders. Killing a person simply because he is in conflict with you or your loved one, harming the life of a Burundian on the order of a member of a political party simply because he is of another political tendency shows that you are far from being a member of professional CDS. When the late President Nkurunziza said that one can lead men without having an academic training (he said that it is not necessary to be dismissed to be an officer, to say that even an illiterate can lead men to the battlefield ), he knew what he was talking about. First, he knew that upon integration, many of their men integrated into the officer and non-commissioned categories only knew how to pull the trigger on the Kalashnikov. Some had to undergo adult literacy sessions to at least be able to write their names. Secondly, it is extremely easy to manipulate an illiterate, and more so when he occupies functions for which he does not have sufficient skills.
The functioning of the current CDS is also due to this lack of training, both academic and technical, of the members who compose them and especially of the leaders. But, this is not at all an excuse of the cnddfdd power, it is not a justification to replace the work of the CSD by that of the imbonerakure or the interahamwe. Just because these bodies are unprofessional doesn’t mean that this power did. Far from there. The military clique had and still has another objective. Otherwise, they have been in power since 2005, they could have trained professional soldiers if they had the will. The objective was to have men easily manipulated to carry out blood crimes until the genocide; all this in order to stay in power. These men are unable even to see that they are putting themselves in danger, when the chiefs who send them are protected and enrich themselves every day when they are not able to support their families. Tomorrow, they will find themselves in court, no one among these leaders who manipulate them will come to defend them, and they will answer alone for their actions.
URN HITAMWONEZA finds that at a time when everything is at a standstill in all areas of the country’s life, when the country is becoming increasingly impoverished, it is difficult for Burundi to change anything without changing first diet in place. It is at the root of all the misfortunes of Burundians. Yet it is a small group of politicians and officers who are taking a whole people hostage. Now is the time, if it is not late, to mobilize to oust them from power and seek other leaders who could save our country from this descent into hell. These humiliated, dishonoured CDS must be the torchbearers of this liberation struggle. They too will be freed from these leaders who want to treat them as their servants when they are called to be the guarantors of the peace and security of all Burundians without exception.

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