Burundi: The suspension of scholarships for refugees by Maison Shalom satisfies the power of GitegaThey are 52 Burundian refugee

Burundi: The suspension of scholarships for refugees by Maison Shalom satisfies the power of Gitega
They are 52 Burundian refugee. students who are in total despair after receiving a message from the education officer at Maison Shalom meaning that they will not have scholarships from this organization which had supported them for more than three years without any constraint.
It all started on October 09, 2020, when Maison Shalom’s education officer instructed students to write individual scholarship renewal request letters; which was unusual for them because the university training agreement which governed them (see article 2) was renewable after one year. He forbade them even to ask questions about this abrupt change. The students did what was required not to miss this favour even though they did not understand the reason for this change in usual procedure.
The University reopened the doors after they had not yet received a response from Maison Shalom. They were also forced to attend the campus, because, according to them, the convention specifies that if a student does not strictly follow the requirements of the University, he automatically loses the advantage of benefiting the support from Maison shalom (see article 3: student commitments, point b and c, plus NB). They came to the studies hoping for a favourable response.
By unpleasant surprise, the 52 students received an email message, dated November 2, 2020, announcing the termination of the agreement, that is to say the refusal to pay them the scholarship as usual, without any explanation.
In an email from Richard Nijimbere, Country Director of Maison Shalom, we find a sort of explanation in this excerpt: “You also knew that you had to wait for the response from Maison Shalom. The fact that you then unilaterally decided to return to campus without waiting for the answer means that you agree to take charge of your training without the help of Maison Shalom, since you have decided to ignore it.  »
These students refugees had received free university scholarships from Maison Shalom and were mostly at the end of their studies. Some were in 3rd year, others were getting ready to finish last year and present their thesis work. Maison Shalom was the only relative they had in exile; he just left them in the middle of the path when they were almost at the end of the tunnel. The organization leaves an unfinished business under way, students risk missing a chance of their lives if they cannot find other benefactors to support them
These students from Musanze, northern Rwanda, sent, dated November 3, 2020, a correspondence to Marguerite Barankitse, founder of Maison Shalom, asking for clarification on this sudden termination of their scholarships, but they did not have until this day received a response. The question they are asking and anyone can ask is why this decision so much more that not all have received a negative response to renew their scholarships. What was the selection criteria?
By analysing the question, we can imagine that the means may be lacking following the Covid 19 crisis which has hit everyone, even economically powerful countries. But, what is surprising is that Maison Shalom has had funds to pay for scholarships for those who are starting college. Elementary logic would dictate that the available funds be allocated to those students who are at the end of their studies so that they finish, the others could start even after a delay. Sacrificing students who were about to finish is, logically, a loss both for the students and for Maison Shalom, which had done a laudable act.
These young survivors of the murderous barbarism of the cnddfdd power are the future of Burundi. Power Evariste Ndayishimiye keeps calling them to return home with the sole objective of killing them because they are annoying witnesses to the crimes he has committed. The new tactic is to kill silently, one by one, and throw corpses into rivers and lakes. 20 corpses discovered on the Rusizi in two months are proof that the cnddfdd killing machine is still active.
URN HITAMWONEZA attempted to contact Maison Shalom officials for clarification on this issue so important to the future of these unhappy students, but has yet to receive a response. We are also surprised to see that the media are afraid to deal with this highly sensitive issue which concerns the future of young Burundians, which is in danger. We ask Maison Shalom to come out of its silence instead of blurring this case. If she is in financial difficulty, as usual, let her be clear and other benefactors can help. These local children don’t deserve to lose their lives just because of a misunderstanding with anyone. They are the liberators and builders of our nation. WhatsApp contact: +31685638237
Email: urnhitamwoneza16@gmail.com  Twitter: URN HITAMWONEZA

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