Burundi: Evariste Ndayishimiye’s power continues the hunt for the Tutsi ex-FAB

Burundi: Evariste Ndayishimiye’s power continues the hunt for the Tutsi ex-FAB
His name is Master Corporal Diomede Niyonzima of the 322nd Battalion of Ngozi. He was killed, shot, on November 4, 2020 morning. Military leaders say he committed suicide, that he had a mental problem. What the other members of his unit, contacted, dispute.  »It is an invention of the S4 Battalion (in charge of logistics), Major Nshimirimana and the Battalion Commander, Lt-col Jean de Dieu Ntakirutimna who are trying to hide what they have done, » one of the corporals of his unit testifies on condition of anonymity.  »We’ve never seen any signs of mental illness on him, it’s obvious that they had a tooth against him, » he added.
Master Corporal Niyonzima was on a position outside the camp. He returned to the camp for reasons that have not yet been clarified. We tried, to no avail, to contact the military who were with him on position to find out more. Maybe they would be aware of the reason. Other sources indicate that he would be summoned by one of the leaders to the camp. What’s the reason? Again, we have not yet received a reply because neither the Battalion commander nor the Logistics Officer can communicate on this file as long as they are the first responsible for his death (at least according to the first testimonies gathered within this unit).
In the logic of things, a soldier leaves a military position alone with a weapon when he deserts the army ; this is not the case with Master Corporal Niyonzima because he would not have gone directly to the camp. What are the other circumstances? There are several, but we can list a few to see where we can locate the specific case.
The first is when the member is called for a special mission. There, the command sends a vehicle to retrieve it. The second possibility is when he has received a transfer and it is time to execute it. Again, for a well-organized unit, the chief sends him a vehicle for this trip because he has to go to the camp to retrieve his road map and his belongings. The third is when he applied for and was granted leave. There, after recovering his roadmap (a supply vehicle can give it to him), he may decide to go on leave without necessarily going through the camp.
The command of the Battalion, which claims as the reason that the Master Corporal had a mental illness, falls into an unnamed lie. One, how can a soldier with a mental disorder be allowed to hold his weapon? It would be a great irresponsibility on the part of its leaders because it is endangering its brothers-in-arms, but also the surrounding population. A mentally ill person cannot be allowed to leave the position alone; he must have a means of movement and at least two sick guards who accompany him to a health facility adapted to his illness. These sick guards must remain with him permanently and are strengthened if necessary
Preliminary investigations by URN HITAMWONEZA show that the assassination of the c-c Diomede NIYONZIMA was planned and executed by Major Nshimirimana and his leader Lt-Col Jean de Dieu Ntakirutimana. His family will not be allowed to pursue this case for fear of being also pursued and exterminated by the cnddfdd system that would use its imbonerakure militia. It is clear that this assassination is part of the overall plan to eliminate the Tutsis one by one (when an opportunity arises), not to mention the Ex Fab. The information at our disposal is that all Tutsi soldiers who are still in the army are monitored by elements from the cnddfdd; at least three monitor the movements, contacts and conversations of a single Tutsi soldier. Less criticism of the commandment or power in place is death. The family won’t even see his body. We also want to give a nod to the former members of the cnddfdd who are regularly used by their leaders to commit any kind of crime. I want you to know that your bosses don’t love you. When their interests are threatened, they do not hesitate to have you executed to avoid embarrassing witnesses. All of you, Hutu as Tutsi, have a noble mission: to defend the country and ensure the safety of all Burundians without distinction. Then get rid of those evil leaders who treat you like their servants in order to keep your honour, that of your families and your dear nation.

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