Burundi: From a bad report, Antonio Guterres drew bad conclusions (according to URN)

Burundi: From a bad report, Antonio Guterres drew bad conclusions (according to URN)
We continue our analysis on the report (and especially the recommendations) that UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres sent to the Security Council of this organization. This is a response to the letter sent to him by its President dated 23 July 2020 (S/2020/766 ) in which the Council asked him to «  »make a written report containing an assessment of the problems facing Burundi and recommendations on the scope and modalities of the activities that the United Nations should carry out in the country, alongside the African Union and the region, to help Burundi achieve lasting peace, reconciliation and development. »
As a methodology, Antonio Guterres spoke by phone on June 29, 2020 with Evariste Ndayishimiye. In his letter, he said he congratulated him on his election as president. It’s a big mistake. This leads to confirming the view that the United Nations deals with the strong one, even if he is a thief or a criminal. It is not Antonio Guterres (with the intelligence services at his disposal) who does not know that Evariste Ndayishimiye is in power by the law of force. Congratulating him would mean that the UN supports the seizure of power by force.
Afterwards, he sent a mission to Burundi from 14 to 19 September 2020, led by his special envoy for the Great Lakes region, Huang Xia, and to the Under-Secretary-General for Africa, Bintou Keita.
It was from their report that he drew conclusions and recommendations sent to the President of the UN Security Council. Have they consulted all the categories of Burundians affected by the crisis or have they been content with the words of the ruling military clique and the other actors in Burundi, those who never dare to tell the truth for fear of dying or for the protection of their personal interests?
In any case, in view of the recommendations made, there is reason to believe that these people have missed out on the real problems, because they have made proposals that do not at all meet the objective of the UN Security Council:  »helping Burundi to achieve lasting peace, reconciliation and development ».
In our previous edition, we had written clearly that thinking about the socio-economic reintegration of imbonerakure without separating them from Burundian criminals and Rwandan fdrl interahamwe and punishing those responsible for crimes committed in Burundi is not a path to peace, nor reconciliation, let alone development. Voluntary handover of weapons is not possible because the weapons were distributed by the government; forced disarmament is also not possible as long as the Cnddfdd on power is not removed or forced to do so and the Security Council is powerless to impose peace in countries on criminal governments.
Today, we draw Antonio Guterres’s attention to the inter-Burundian dialogue that he proposes as one of the solutions. The idea of ‘’moving from an inter-Burundian dialogue led by the East African Community to a Burundi-led dialogue, with the support of the United Nations, the African Union and the East African Community’’, has not yielded fruit. The government of the Cnddfdd has categorically refused a genuine dialogue with a real opposition because it is unable to explain itself on the blood crimes and economic crimes it has already committed in Burundi; the East African Community has already proved incapable of leading a genuine dialogue on Burundi’s problems because some of its heads of state are complicit in Gitega’s power (John Pompe Magufuli in the lead), others are in the same conditions of violation of the law, so cannot speak out against the actions of the ruling military clique.
We say once again, without the risk of being mistaken, that the power of Gitega will never accept serious negotiations with the real opposition if there is no balance of power.
What does « balance of forces » mean? The military clique uses the force of weapons to commit heinous crimes in Burundi and to remain in power through terror. It then needs a force of arms that harasses it until it agrees to negotiate, if possible removed by military force. Juvénal Havyarimana never heard of negotiations, he did not hear about the return of Rwandan refugees, he said that Rwanda is a « full glass » (to say that refugees have no places); he only reluctantly accepted the negotiations when the RPF was at the Gates of Kigali.
What do we mean by real opposition? It is not the CNARED of Jean Minani and Anicet Niyonkuru that show the public the face of the opponents while in the end they play the game of power cnddfdd. Nothing hidden will be brought to light, the Holy Bible tells us. Today, the public is beginning to understand the doggedness of these various traitors to keep themselves at the head of this organization: to try to permanently break all the political opponents of Gitega’s power and to return through the front door after a semblance of negotiations. This is also what Jean Bosco Ndayikengurukiye and Jeremie Minani were looking for, stirring heaven and earth to impose them by force at the head of CFOR-Arusha, this survivor of CNARED.
Today, the real political opponents are the new masters of Cfor-Arusha and all the organizations that are campaigning for the fight against genocide because that is what it is all about in the end. This is the plan of the military clique in power in Burundi: to exterminate all Tutsis and political opponents.
URN HITAMWONEZA advises Antonio Guterres and the President of the UN Security Council not to miss out on the real Burundian problem, at the risk of finding bad solutions or ephemeral solutions. The risk of genocide is real in Burundi; this justifies the reason that Gitega’s power will never agree to disarm his imbonerakure militia and will never part with the interahamwe FDRL, much less accept the idea of negotiating seriously with the real opposition. We must say here that we are therefore not waiting for the UN Security Council solution let alone the African Union let alone the EAC. Burundians must stand up as one man, putting aside everything that opposes them, to change this power by all means, the only way to achieve a peace for all, a lasting reconciliation and development that the President of the UN Security Council was talking about. WhatsApp contact: +31685638237
Email: urnhitamwoneza16@gmail.com  Twitter: URN HITAMWONEZA

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