Burundi: The military clique is doing everything it can to remobilize its troops at a time when internal divisions are gnawing at the cnddfdd (Part 1).

Burundi: The military clique is doing everything it can to remobilize its troops at a time when internal divisions are gnawing at the cnddfdd (Part 1).
According to a program that circulates on social networks in the form of advertising, the cnddfdd organizes once again a week dedicated to the fighter from 16 to 21 November 2020. The launch ceremonies will be held at the party’s national office in Bujumbura at 14hoo, following a mass in a Church in Gifugwe, Mpanda. Remember that it was in Mpanda that they wrote on a cross: « Ntihica ubwoko, hica ubutegetsi bubi »‘ It is not ethnicity that kills, but bad leadership (bad governance). Is there more bad leadership than that from the cnddfdd in the world? The answer is clear. That’s not because even the country they lead is the poorest in the world. It is probably for this reason that they chose a theme calling for ‘supporting the Mvyeyi government, Nkozi to fight the enemy of development, poverty’. The country is very rich, the population is very poor. The military clique is richer than the state. All the resources of the country are in the hands of a handful of generals and politicians of the cnddfdd. That’s why gold bars and safes full of greenbacks can be found in people’s homes. We will comeback to that in detail.
Where do the phrases come from:  »It is not ethnicity that kills, but bad leadership’?’ These sentences are written in Mpanda where several fdd fighters were reportedly buried, many of them officers, some killed by the regular army, others by fighters like them, guided by leaders who fought for command and who used regional conflicts as a pretext. The command of this remote rebellion; who were no more or less than gangs of killers with the objective of the genocide of the Tutsis throughout their struggle, were in the hands of the people from Bururi province. Remember that Leonard Nyangoma led the political wing and Jean Bosco Ndayikengurukiye the military branch; two leaders from the same area who apparently have family relationships. By changing the origin of the leaders, those in Bururi province were systematically eliminated, accusing them of attempting to assassinate other fighters from other provinces.
When these criminals arrived and integrated into the defence and security forces following a comprehensive agreement to cease fire after negotiations with the government, there were very few officers from Bururi province. The majority of the officers came from the provinces of Bubanza, Ngozi and Gitega. The situation has remained so to this day. The fight is always tough when it comes to changing the President of the Republic. Yesterday it was Ngozi, today Gitega won the fight he was leading with Bubanza (Nyabenda Pascal was proposed to the candidacy and was rejected by this military clique), tomorrow we do not know where the next president will come from if the system still has the chance to stand. The choice of the new Secretary General of the Cnddfdd is now not only a difficult exercise, but also very dangerous. Neva still has both functions.
Did the cnddfdd fight for peace and democracy as its members sing? If so, they have failed because there is no peace or democracy in Burundi. As mentioned above, throughout the marquis period, they sought only to complete the 1993 genocide by attacking the camps of the displaced to kill the survivors of 1993, attacking children in schools, arresting people on the roads, selecting Tutsis to kill. They have never conquered any area of the country as Reverien Ndikuriyo claims, even though Evariste Ndayishimiye, called Kirogorogo by his friends, said on the microphones of radio and television that we only talk about rebellion when a group is able to conquer at least one commune and attack the presidency.
Coming to the head of the country, their genocidal plan has continued until today. To silence everyone, to kill whoever they want with total impunity, to rape the daughters and wives of the Tutsis to give birth to imbonerakure (and this militia is not even afraid to sing it in the open), to imprison people without justice, to force others into exile; Is it peace and democracy that are under their belt? It’s up to them to respond during this fighter’s week.
Which fighter? During more than a decade of war, Burundi has seen many rebel groups attacking defenceless civilians and the defence and security forces were still pursuing them. After the ceasefire and integration, everyone should be called veterans; the Department of National Defence even has a branch that oversees veterans in its organization chart. Today, only the one who is a member of the cnddfdd is called a fighter, and the week is dedicated only to those, which is why they celebrate the week in party attire.
It is therefore a way for the ruling military clique to remobilize the members of the cnddfdd, in particular the imbonerakure militia, which includes mostly demobilized and young people of the party to remind them of their mission to eliminate all Tutsi and Hutu from the opposition. This is at a time when the country is facing extreme poverty and internal divisions within the government that are likely to bring down the entire system. We will come back to this
URN HITAMWONEZA asks the Burundian people as a whole to do a conscience check to notice that for 15 years in power, the cnddfdd has only plunged us into misfortunes of all kinds. No peace, no democracy, no development. Only a handful of men get rich, some send the surplus to foreign banks, others stock gold bars and suitcases full of foreign currency in their homes. Let this group of leaders not put you to sleep by organizing prayer crusades or the combatant’s weeks; Instead, wake up to drive them out of power by all means so that the country is governed by people who still have clean hands (and there are many of them, of all tendencies); the only way to achieve the peace for all, the democracy and development we have always dreamed of.

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