Burundi: The military clique is doing everything it can to remobilize its troops at a time when internal divisions are gnawing at the cnddfdd (3rd part).

Burundi: The military clique is doing everything it can to remobilize its troops at a time when internal divisions are gnawing at the cnddfdd (3rd part).
As we said in our previous editions, Fighter’s Week this year takes place in special circumstances within the cnddfdd. It is after an electoral heist made by the leaders of this party after the people showed him – by the ballot box – that he no longer wants a party and its leaders who have only advanced the country for 15 years, a country on the other hand that is falling back to last place in the world ranking in terms of development. The people have shown that they want change, including members of the cnddfdd.
This event also comes after a sudden and unexplained death of the supreme leader, the late Pierre Nkurunziza. His death was like a miracle, and no one knows — except maybe his family – his true cause. A heart attack as announced by the government? For such a great sportsman? Doctors can enlighten us. Covid-19 as the public suspects? Poison as another opinion ahead? This confusion has mostly created a climate of suspicion and lack of confidence within the leadership and members of the cnddfdd. Remember that Nkurunziza nominated Pascal Nyabenda as the Cnddfdd’s candidate for the May 2020 presidential election; it was categorically rejected by the military clique that imposed Evariste Ndayishimiye. The late President Nkurunziza had chosen his dolphin, his man, whom he could handle as he wished. With the honours he had given him a vote in parliament; it would have been almost a fourth term for him because he would have been president himself, the other remaining as an extra. Just like President Evariste Ndayishimiye. He is President of the Republic, but those who set him up (the military clique that imposed him) lead in his place. He cannot make any decisions without their consent. Everyone has at least one proof in mind: he announced during a prayer crusade in Ngozi that everyone, even a simple worker paid by the state, must prepare to declare their property; but a month later he changed his speech unashamedly declaring that someone’s property is secret, while the declaration of the property of certain leaders before taking office is act provided for by the constitution
The current conflict lies exactly at the level of this illicit enrichment; it seems that looking for money by all means is an agreement between all the members of the cnddfdd who respect each other. The late President Nkurunziza understood this before the others. According to our sources of information, he had a wealth that he did not know himself; richer than the state like most of today’s leaders, leading the Marechal Bunyoni. Where did he get that money from? There are many circuits: no foreign economic operator could invest in Burundi without leaving much to the late sports president. Some money passed through the Ubuntu centre run by Denise Nkurunziza, others were placed outside (especially Dubai) or used to buy houses abroad. The running boy in these cases is known, it is Rurimirije. Another great source of money? It’s the minerals. Some from Burundi: Côme Manirakiza, who has been a minister several times and even built a building for the ministry, is the great centralizer of these funds. The others came from the DRCongo, a case between the Interahamwe FDRL and the ruling military clique. These minerals passed through Burundi, to be transported to Tanzania, and then everywhere else to be sold. The generals of the military clique, including Nkurunziza, received their shares. The money from this sale bought weapons to be delivered to these Rwandan genocidals. We will come back in detail to tell you about all the circuits and characters involved
The country is facing a serious economic crisis at a time when people, who have not even had the opportunity to send this money outside, have safes full of currency in their homes. The miraculous flight to Gaspard Sindayigaya speaks volumes. And some sources say that it was not at all a robbery, but a recovery of the wealth of the late Nkurunziza that he had hidden/ or that his family hid at the home of this gentleman, whose wife is sister to Denise Bucumi. Among these so-called bandits were members of the security forces who knew where the gold bars and currencies were for helping to get them there. This means that the entourage of the late president is no longer on good terms with the current holders of power. None of all those around him were put on the lists of the representatives of the people; others did not receive visible positions; Pascal Nyabenda is sitting in an ejector seat from one moment to the next. The risk of prison is also not to be ruled out.
Evariste Ndayishimiye would not be among those who have stored a lot of wealth. He finds himself unable to manage an extremely poor country at a time when he knows that many of his party’s leaders are richer than the state. It uses military money on peacekeeping missions to meet certain government needs. Although this money would have been invested by some members of the military clique in minerals in Rdcongo, without hoping to recover them. All of this creates frustrations within the party, frustrations that even happen to members at the lower level. The week dedicated to the fighter is therefore an opportunity to try to remobilize those members of the cnddfdd who were beginning to think that the party is on the verge of collapse following these conflicts of interest that are gnawing at the leaders at the highest level. Throughout the week, these leaders will try to approach them, descend on the hills and towns, sit with them and share ‘’colocases’’, potatoes, cooked corn, sweet potatoes and bananas. Whatever they do, the worm is in the fruit, there is a risk of break-up within the party. We will talk to you in our next editions of all the personalities who are involved in these mafia files that make the people remain poor at a time when all the wealth of the country is in the hands of a handful of men of the cnddfdd.
URN HITAMWONEZA once again calls on the Burundian people to unite and cohesion in order to get rid by all means of these leaders/thieves/criminals that forcefully run the country. It is in this way alone that the country’s wealth will benefit all Burundians, without exception, because will be entrusted – for management – to leaders in clean hands who love the country and its people.

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