Burundi: What is behind the census of civil servants in Burundi?

Burundi: What is behind the census of civil servants in Burundi?
Some observers say that the government has the right to do a census of its officials to see if it pays people who are actually at work. Otherwise, knowing the number of public servants he has and their identification does not require investigations because every official, as soon as he takes office, files a file that includes all the necessary elements; the CV never fails. This means that every head of department/director or director general should have the identification of all his staff as recognized by the labour code
What worries many for this census made by the cnddfdd power is that it was done in the workplace, by people who are supposed to know their staff and especially the nature of the questions to which every official must answer.
The most worrying issue is the question of declaring one’s ethnicity. For what interest does the cnddfdd power want to know the ethnicity of its officials? In addition, there are questions that show that this power has other objectives: the exact location of the individual up to the nearest bus stop and the GPS, the number of children in charge, income, and other income-generating activities outside the monthly salary, the name of the bank, etc.
The census of state officials is complete; will soon begin in the private sector, as announced by Prosper Ntahogwamiye, government spokesman Ndayishimiye and Bunyoni. Public servants that the government does not pay, for what interest does it want to list them again? Probably know their ethnicity; especially since the cnddfdd has never stopped lamenting that the private sector is fuller of Tutsis, than there are no Hutus; to the point of requiring NGOs to make ethnic balances at the level of their staff. And the Prime Minister dares to shed crocodile tears saying that parasternal societies are bankrupt. That’s the way it goes. And he knows why. It was his cnddfdd party that wanted it so without knowing it, perhaps because when people are guided by ethnic and regional minds, the spirit of discernment is set aside. To thank all the zealous power, they have piled them into all the parasternal societies to the point that they have found themselves with a staff multiplied by three compared to the one they had before and they are paying people who do nothing because they know nothing. In addition, incompetent executives have been entrusted with management and technical services. How do you want such companies to be profitable? How do you want the country to develop when  »the right man at the right place ‘’ is not at all the principle of cnddfdd? The criteria that guides everything in the selection for a position, technical or not, remains membership of the cnddfdd party. We’ll come back to that.
Most surprising in this census, the collection and processing of the data was entrusted to a private company, Mediabox16, whose owner is, according to as informed observers, close to western intelligence services. The government has not paid this company anything, which suggests that these outside financiers will take over. The government must have secret agreements with the company and its bosses. The engineers who work in this company would have even done training in the USA, they have a lot of experience in the field of internet networks and they are not new to the circles of the Burundian national intelligence service.
Based on all this information provided above, the smallest conclusion a layman should draw is that the cnddfdd system, based on all the answers that each official will give to the questions asked during this census, will be aware of all that the official has as money on his account, of all the messages he will exchange with others on email or sms , the exact position of each official at the right time. It’s a simple conclusion.
Why does Gitega’s military power need all this data? Why does he need to enter into the private life of every public servant? This is not at all for the development of the country; nor is it in order to rescue you as quickly as possible in case of danger. It’s just the opposite of all of this.
Among the major financiers of Mediabox16, France is not at all absent. Everyone knows how she supported the government of Juvénal Havyarimana until the Rwandan Tutsi genocide in 1994. It was this government that promoted ethnic exclusion to the point of mentioning people’s ethnicity on identity cards. It is this model that the power of Evariste Ndayishimiye is following. Burundi is heading straight for the situation in Rwanda in 1994.
URNHITAMWONEZA sends a warning to all Tutsis and opponents of the Ndayishimiye Evariste regime that with the information you provided during this census, the SNR controls your whole life at the minute: your communications, the movements of your bank accounts, your movements etc… He can stop you at any time and make you anything he wants, impossible to escape him. Beyond the civil servants, the military clique, in collaboration with the FDRL, with the support of some countries, is fine-tuning its genocide project on a large scale, so that no one can escape when the time comes. To all of you and to everyone as Burundians, but also to the international community, to take preventive measures to avoid this catastrophe. WhatsApp contact: +31685638237
Email: urnhitamwoneza16@gmail.com  Twitter: URN HITAMWONEZA

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