Burundi: The military clique is doing everything it can to remobilize its troops at a time when internal divisions are gnawing at the cnddfdd (5th part).


Burundi: The military clique is doing everything it can to remobilize its troops at a time when internal divisions are gnawing at the cnddfdd (5th part).
The week dedicated to the cnddfdd fighter that began on November 16, 2020 ended on November 21, 2020. We have shown that this is a golden opportunity for this party to remobilize the troop that was almost in disarray, not knowing who to follow among the leaders who are tearing each other apart today following the mafia money they have stored at a time when the country is going through an unnamed economic crisis. » It is not ethnicity that kills, but bad leadership »: this phrase inscribed on a cross where cnddfdd fighters are buried is valid everywhere. The country is the poorest in the world when it has all the potential, because of poor governance; bad leaders who think only of filling their pockets.
It is this money lure that divides them today at a time when the government lacks the means of operation when individuals like the late President Nkurunziza, Allain Guillaume Bunyoni, Come Manirakiza and others, are richer than the state. And what is a little positive is that the weak link of this whole chain is the current president Evariste Ndayishimiye who is aware of the mafia origin of this money. Today, we arrive at the stage of simulating cases of armed robbery while it is a strategy to go and collect gold bars and safes filled with currency in people’s homes (at Gaspard Sindayigaya).
As already announced in one of our editions, three groups are waging a cold war within the cnddfdd. The weakest as already mentioned is made up of all those who were around the late President Nkurunziza; his direct environment that were raising money for him but also for themselves. Jean Marie Rurimirije, who regularly appears at the SNR for questioning, is the holder of all the mafia secrets not only of the late President Pierre Nkurunziza, but also of the entire cnddfdd system. That’s why they’re still hesitant to lock him up in Mpimba like the others. They were afraid he might reveal all their secrets. For him, the risk of its elimination is not to be ruled out. That’s how mafia systems work. It was this gentleman who received and placed the money from the commissions of the major economic operators who, before going into business in Burundi, would have to pay a not insignificant sum to the last sports president. Since he did not leave the country, it was Rurimirije himself who sent his money to foreign banks or to buy real estate for him. According to our sources, the money of the Burundian businessmen’s commissions was collected and channelled into the accounts of the late President Nkurunziza by General Agricole Ntirampeba. This medical technician by training (in the DRC) was his special friend; he was always by his side even when he had been wounded on the ground during the rebellion period. He is also in the crosshairs of the Bunyoni-Ndakugarika government. Come Manirakiza, who was reappointed several times as minister to the reign of the Supreme Leader, was Burundi’s chief mineral manager, but also was not far from those from the RDcongo. And the late Nkurunziza and his entourage had a significant share of the dividends It should be noted that the minerals of the DRCongo are a matter to be dealt with delicacy because it also involves the negative forces, the genocidal FDRL who collaborate with the government of Burundi in this mafia trade. The minerals pass through Burundi to Tanzania and are sold in the usual markets. The money is used to buy weapons that will be delivered either to the government of Burundi or to the government of Tanzania, and then delivered to the fdrl genocidals or other negative forces operating in the DRC.
So it was this mafia trade that began to divide the leaders of the cnddfdd after the mysterious disappearance of the late President Nkurunziza. The camp of Ndayishimiye Evariste would like to see the wealth of the country returned to the public treasury but remains the weakest financially and does not find much support. It is dominated by those who have money, it has nothing to say. The Bunyoni-Ndakugarika camp is the most affluent, with many businessmen behind it. Who has the money, has the power, they say. These are among the mafia and block all the initiatives of the Camp Evariste Ndayishimiye. The Nkurunziza camp is under threat, risking being robbed of everything they have by the powerful, accusing them of embezzling money from the state.
All these different camps have men behind them, which means that the cnddfdd was no longer a party welded only by name, but in reality was already divided into three or more wings. Evariste Ndayishimiye who speaks, not as a head of state, but as a leader of the imbonerakure, is trying to gather what remains to be gathered. He tells them of an enemy that does not exist to mobilize them around the fight against any opposition that could take away their power. He thinks that at least everyone could agree on that. He forgets that in the elections of May 2020, the Burundian people, including members of the cnddfdd, showed him that he no longer wants this cnddfdd power, that he wants change.
URN HITAMWONEZA will support any initiative that aims to free the Burundian people held hostage by a handful of men who enrich themselves with the country’s resources while the people continue to languish in misery. Whether he is imbonerakure, member cnddfdd or not, every Burundian needs to live better, have enough food and food, have medicine, have enough to pay school fees for children etc. You will never have all this as long as the country is under the yoke of this group of Burundian settlers who take you by force even what you have collected, in the form of various contributions. You have already found that bad leadership is like a curse on our country. It is up to us as Burundians, in our differences, to get rid of them if we want to live better; and all means are good. The country has brave men and women, all tendencies, who could better lead us in peace and security for all, social justice and development. WhatsApp contact: +31685638237
Email: urnhitamwoneza16@gmail.com  Twitter: URN HITAMWONEZA


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