Burundi: Anicet Niyonkuru thanked for his services to the cnddfdd system

Burundi: Anicet Niyonkuru thanked for his services to the cnddfdd system.
President Evariste Ndayishimiye signed a decree appointing Anicet Niyonkuru as Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Communication, Information Technology and Media on 26 November 2020.
Better later than never. He was starting to get impatient. He was expecting a ministerial position. It’s done. He is the number two in the department. A thank you for the services rendered to the cnddfdd system.
This appointment paves the way for many other traitors who have always malignantly blocked the way to the actions of the political or armed opposition by being more virulent than the others while working for Gitega’s power; now they have just been reassured that when they return, they will be thanked to the extent of their performances. Many of them are now pushing an egg of relief; those who have completed their mission can return. It’s coming soon.
Some remember the statements of Anicet Niyonkuru when he was secretary general of CNARED. More virulent than him, we die of it. He was vying with his boss Jean Minani to show how bad the cnddfdd system is, how much insecurity there is in Burundi caused by the same power that kills whom he wants with total impunity. They were moving heaven and earth to keep themselves at the head of the organization and the most naïve thought it was in the interest of the political opposition at the time when their plan was to put a handbrake on all the activities of this opposition until the day they returned to the country to show that they are repatriating all the opposition. It wasn’t easy for them because some people saw their game and dissociated themselves from it to form CEFOR-Arusha.
Also know that Jean Minani was very interested in the various so-called armed groups that thought to change things in Burundi by weapons to infiltrate them, to know what they are preparing and to inform the system for which he worked. That’s why their actions have always been smothered in the bud. Anicet Niyonkuru and Jean Minani really desserve reward.
Jean Minani was unable to return home because the cnddfdd system did not agree to reimburse all that his men damaged such as furniture and apartment building to Dr. Minani (example given being his hotel located in Kirundo).
Belly politics, they say. For those who do not know, he had fled the threats of the cnddfdd system which had offered him money to help him play the front political opposition. Dissatisfied with the sum offered to him, Jean Minani refused. He was intimidated, telling him that if he does not accept the proposed sum, he will do so for free. That was the reason he fled the country. Unfortunately, the game he did not agree to play inside the country, he accepted it in exile and he played it very well; it is not yet known how much the cnddfdd paid him for his services. He was also used to such deals because he was the first to help the cnddfdd to put into practice the policy of ‘divide and rule’; dividing political parties to make them weak; what has been called Nyakurization. He thus created a wing of the Frodebu (Frodebu Nyakuri)
Anicet Niyonkuru was then sent as a precursor, taking advantage of the elections of May 2020 to create a political party CDP that was quickly approved by the power of Gitega to participate in the elections. A game agreed with the cnddfdd to make these elections credible by showing that even the opposition in exile actively participated in it. The means to run his campaign would have come from the cnddfdd. With one stone two blows: apart from his participation in the elections, Anicet Niyonkuru mobilized many refugees to make them believe that they will change the policy of Burundi by participating in the elections as political opponents when in reality he would rather support the cnddfdd in all respects. Some believed it and returned home. This means that Anicet Niyonkuru deserved this position because he did everything to play the game of power.
Today, Gitega’s government is closing its eyes on all that is called opposition in exile and making those who listen to it believe that it does not exist despite the UN Secretary-General’s report calling on her to engage in a frank dialogue with this opposition. During his visit to Equatorial Guinea, it was said that Evariste Ndayishimiye’s primary concern was to ask for money to run his business administration and, above all, to repay the Amisom money used by his system in shady files of ore trafficking extracted in the DRC. He would have come home empty-handed. He would have stumbled on this problem of dialogue with the opposition which would have been imposed on him as a prerequisite for any financial support. This is why Jeremiah Minani and Jean Bosco Ndayikengurukiye tried, in vain, to reclaim by force the CFOR-Arusha presidency, this CNARED survivor. Their objective was none other than to position themselves above this organization to lead it to negotiations with the power of Gitega for whom they ride. They were going to make some semblance of negotiations and go home to be thanked as Anicet Niyonkuru.
URN HITAMWONEZA advises all Burundians who are trying to organize actions to liberate our country from this deadlock in which the cnddfdd has plunged it, to identify the true friends of struggle traitors who pretend to be virulent opponents while they are riding for the power of Gitega. They even have the financial means sent to them by Burundi’s national intelligence service to destroy or hinder all your initiatives. We’ve got to unmask them. Things will change one day; the good will sooner or later overcomes evil; the truth will triumph over the lie and these traitors will have the place they deserve. WhatsApp contact: +31685638237
Email: urnhitamwoneza16@gmail.com  Twitter: URN HITAMWONEZA

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