Burundi: The international community launches dialogue with Gitega’s government; opposition is becoming weaker

Burundi: The international community launches dialogue with Gitega’s government; opposition is becoming weaker.
President Evariste Ndayishimiye on 7 December 2020 granted an audience to the representative of the European Union in Burundi along with the ambassadors of the European Union member countries with their residence in Bujumbura. According to SOS Media, discussions included health, education, the fight against impunity and the best governance in the field of justice. « We have confirmed that we are available to support Burundi in these areas, » confirmed one of the diplomats present at the meeting. President Ndayishimiye added: « The success of restoring good relations between the EU and Burundi is already on a good trajectory. »
Everyone remembers that the European Union had suspended direct financial support to the State of Burundi, including budgetary support, accusing it of « not respecting democratic principles and values, human rights and the rule of law on the basis of the Cotonou Agreement and the principles set out in the Arusha Agreement. »
And today, the delegation received by Evariste Ndayishimiye confirms that « the time is right given the situation of peace and security that prevail throughout the entire national territory, the massive return of refugees, the warming of relations with Rwanda, not to mention the role that Burundi is playing on the regional and international scene in addition to the diplomatic successes achieved by Burundi until it was removed from the political agenda of the UN Security Council. »
URNHITAMWONEZA finds it regrettable that experienced diplomats, who follow daily what happening in Burundi, ignore the truth of the facts and make such statements. We have repeatedly said that the special mission sent to Burundi by Antonio Guterres from 14 to 19 September 2020 gave a false report which led to false recommendations. The power of the cnddfdd cannot dismantle the imbonerakure militia; instead, it continues to distribute weapons to communities that do not have enough weapons.
This report by the UN Secretary General to the Security Council would have prompted Burundi to be removed from its political agenda; which seems to confirm, as far as they know, the normalization of the situation in Burundi. And now the EU delegation met by President Ndayishimiye on 7 December 2020 confirms that today the entire international community is wrong/or simply agrees unanimously that the security situation is good throughout the country.
We remain convinced that they are aware of the situation in Burundi today; but, they do not want to be a spokesman for those who are mistreated every day at the moment when they do not rise themselves as one man to denounce aloud the crimes of the Ndayishimiye power. Where did the political opposition go to do so? Where did the various so-called armed groups that were demonstrating the intention to fight Gitega’s power go? Not having the same ideological line to follow in this fight against this criminal power, they have always left in scattered order, and the government has taken advantage of the opportunity to divide them using taxpayers’ money. Thus CNARED was divided and never advanced in its struggle because those who fought tooth and nail to remain at the head of this organization were driving for Gitega’s power. It was in this context that Anicet Niyonkuru returned (along with many other exiled Burundians) to support the cnddfdd in the May 2020 elections. All this disorder observed within the opposition is only the work of traitors paid by the power of Gitega who do everything to place themselves in strategic places of opposition organizations to put brakes on their operation. Our sources of information confirm that within the groups that were preparing to launch operations on Burundi, there were always infiltrators (paid) who gave directly rapport to Gitega’s power; reason why their actions have always been smothered in the bud.
If today the United Nations, the EU and others are beginning to prelaunch cooperation with the Ndayishimiye power, it is not because they are not aware of the serious human rights violations made by this power; they receive reports of corpses that are regularly collected here and there on the banks of rivers and lakes or along roads and in the bushes; they know that these targeted killings are made by state services unmanned by Ndayishimiye and his clique. Burundians live in fear of panic to the point that a person can be abducted by the security services in the open, then killed the next day and no one dares to lift a finger. Everyone is silent fearing they will be the next target. And that is what the international community calls peace and security in Burundi because there are no noises of arms, no demonstrations to protest against what is being done in the open. And yet the genocide continues slowly (kamwe kamwe: one by one).
URN HITAMWONEZA once again warns the countries of the European Union and the United Nations Security Council that they will be responsible for the large-scale genocide in which this power of Evariste Ndayisimiye they support is finalizing preparations in collaboration with the interahamwe FDRLs and other negative forces in DR Congo.
Once again, we remind Burundians who dream of a peaceful and prosperous country to target and exclude all traitors who pose as opponents in order to prepare, as soon as possible, to put an end to the military clique in power in Burundi. Burundians need a unifying power that cares about the interests of all without exception and the development of the country.

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