Burundi: The unspoken on the choice of the date of 12 December 2020 to celebrate the diplomatic victory of the Cnddfdd power

Burundi: The unspoken on the choice of the date of 12 December 2020 to celebrate the diplomatic victory of the Cnddfdd power
On 4 December 2020, the UN Security Council took a decision to remove Burundi from its political agenda. This means that it is no longer a security threat in the world.
The ruling military clique waited until December 12, 2020 to hold protests in Bujumbura, Gitega and Ngozi to show its joy at a long-negotiated decision. And this date is known to a lot of Burundians, as a date of misfortune and mourning, a date that reminds them of hundreds of Tutsis, especially young people, who were awakened in their homes and shot by some soldiers of the BSPI (Special Brigade for the Protection of Institutions) and some policemen of the API (Support to the Institutions), supported by the imbonerakure militia, in the Districts of Ngagara, Mutakura, Jabe, Nyakabiga and Musaga. You see that these are neighbourhoods inhabited mainly by tutsis and which participated massively in the demonstrations against the third illegal and illegitimate mandate of the late President Pierre Nkurunziza.
Let’s call things by their names, the military clique at the head of the country took advantage of these attacks of the military camps of the capital and its surroundings to send its machine to kill, massacre as many tutsis as possible, claiming that these young people participated in these attacks. How can someone launch an attack on Camp Ngagara or even the Iscam in Musaga and retreat to the Nyakabiga district with the presence of soldiers, police and imbonerakure everywhere? Incomprehensible. It is simply that at every opportunity, these criminals of the cnddfdd, put the double package to try to accelerate his plan of genocide of the Tutsis and his political opponents.
The choice of the date of 12 December 2020 as the date of the expression of joy was a clear message, both for the group of criminals of the cnddfdd and the imbonerakure as well as for the international community in general and the UN Security Council in particular.
The message to the first group was to tell them: we killed hundreds of thousands of Tutsis in 1993; although the report of a commission of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Boutros Boutros Ghali, specified that it was a genocide of the Tutsis by the Hutu of Frodebu (S/1996/682 of 22 August 1996), no one has so far been prosecuted. We have killed them in IDP camps, in schools, on roads, dormant in their households, and yet we are in power and we continue to kill whoever we want. We killed them on 12 December 2015 and continued to kill them, the European Union and other UN organisations that had been suspicious of us are beginning to resume cooperation; and now, despite the cries of human rights organizations and the report of the UN Commission on Human Rights, the United Nations Security Council has also just recognised that we have the right to do everything we have done. Today we have the green light to do whatever we want and no one will say a word. All these countries will come to bow before us as they have done in recent days. This is a message that most foolish criminals in the cnddfdd understand very well.
To the famous international community, the message is: we have seen your weakness; we are a sovereign country, we will do whatever we want, at your slightest reaction, we will organize marches protests against you and you will eventually shut up.
URN HITAMWONEZA has always shouted, and he will continue to shout to let anyone understand that the military clique in power in Gitega is planning the final phase of the genocide of the Tutsis and Hutu of opposition. The United Nations Security Council and the European Union are now strengthening its position as if they were its accomplices because they would not say that they do not see the warning signs of this genocide. The demonstrations of 12 December 2020 were a sign of Gitega’s victory over the international community. He now knows he can do whatever he wants and no one will react. Experience has already shown them that the Security Council’s decision to send forces to Burundi was overturned after they protested to refuse them; today, they have called for Burundi to be removed from the political agenda of the Security Council and they have just won their case. It remains for the military clique to organize its imbonerakure well, coordinate its activities with the Interahamwe FDRLR who have their positions in Burundi and the other groups of negative forces located in the east of DR Congo to take action in total silence.
It is time for Burundians to see that the international community no longer cares about Burundi’s problems because it turns a blind eye to the serious human rights violations to the genocide that Gitega’s government inflicts on Tutsis and Hutus opposition. It is our duty to stand up as one man, all of us who crave a country of peace and security for all, to gather all the means that must be taken and to drive out of power this handful of men who are taking the country hostage. A good future for Burundi will depend on this act alone.

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