Burundi: The hunt for human trafficking and loincloth fraud is dividing the ruling military clique in Gitega.

Burundi: The hunt for human trafficking and loincloth fraud is dividing the ruling military clique in Gitega.
Burundi has become, in the power of the cnddfdd, one of the great countries in the world that practices human trafficking, an inhuman trade reminiscent of colonial times and forbidden to the whole world. 101 women and girls ready to board to some Arab countries were discovered by the police on 14 December 2020 in a hangar in the Buterere district, cut off from all means of communication. It’s a disgrace to the country. People in the 21st century who still trade in human beings. They are sold as goats and sheep to people who use them as objects: prostitution (until they are delivered to their dogs), domestic slaves, extraction of certain organs from their bodies to sell them (such as kidneys), etc. Yet these girls and women are not forced to participate in this kind of trade despite the damning testimonies of those who preceded them.
Given the misery in which they live with their families, they would rather die in this way than starve. The people who do this business so flourishing (it would be among the first to bring a lot of money into the world) tell them that they will work to earn dollars that they can regularly send to their families. And this is done in absolute secrecy.
But who does this kind of business? It’s not just anyone. They are undoubtedly very influential people in the cnddfdd system that can easily find passports for these people and can justify them within the transportation companies. Not to mention that they can also use dishonest ways of corruption to succeed in their mafia operations.
It is safe to say that such operations, which are prohibited at the global level, cannot be carried out without the complicity of the police and intelligence forces at the highest level. In any case, the boss of the police, along with his dreaded former chief and current prime minister would not be out of this file. It is also to be said that Evariste Ndayishimiye and the new boss of the SNR would not be aware of this. It was a trade that began with the arrival of the cnddfdd in power; the police have long multiplied declarations of intent to track him down, but he has continued until today.
This cache of these women would be revealed, according to our source, by an SNR informant who knows the circuit, but who benefits from nothing from this traffic and who has sought to gain the sympathy and trust of his bosses and the presidency; it will probably be awarded on May 1, 2021 by Evariste Ndayishimiye.
But this saving action would not be without consequences within the military clique in power. Just like the spreads ling fraud from The Congo (1875 loincloths seized this 14dec 2020 on Lake Tanganyika in Bujumbura, in addition to many others that have been seized in Rumonge or cibitoke), this file will create a great break between the generals who see their capital soar because of the people who want to fight against a practice long unpunished because made by high-ranking officers under the complicity of the power of Pierre Nkurunziza. If there were a rigorous and independent investigation, there would be a 90% chance that the people apprehended in these trafficking would be paid workers in the service rendered, but that the bosses were those leaders who were part of the military clique. It is for this reason that these two issues will accentuate the misunderstandings that already exist between the Evariste Ndayishimiye camp (which wanted to score a few points in the eyes of the voters) and the Allain Guillaume Bunyoni camp (who wants to continue to store goods, even by illegal means to enrich themselves more; the power of money that could lead him to the conquest of power). Who has money has power, some will say. Evariste Ndayishimiye sits in an ejector chair.
This money lure is among the motives that have pushed the military clique to power to forge strong relations with the interahamwe FDRLS operating in eastern Drcongo who extract minerals from the Congolese underground, smuggle them through Burundi to be sold abroad and back to buy weapons to continue disrupting security in Rwanda. These weapons are purchased and delivered to the Burundian government, which transfers them directly to the FDRL. Their relationship is not limited to this level. They have in common the ideology of genocide that they intend to perpetrate once again on the sub-region, starting with Burundi, the weak link in the chain.
URN HITAMWONEZA finds it time that the military clique that has always plundered the property of the state (the state no longer collects taxes on these illicit trades), which has always been enriched at the moment when the average Burundian is starving to the point of agreeing to be sold as an object, to be removed from power by every conceivable means imaginable to appease the suffering of the ordinary citizen. All those who feel that change is more than necessary must mobilize in the immediate future (including the defence and security forces) to free us and the country and the people of these moles who seek only to lead us straight into the grave.

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