Burundi: The ruling military clique is ready to move on to the final phase of the genocide that has been going on since 2005 (2nd part)

Burundi: The ruling military clique is ready to move on to the final phase of the genocide that has been going on since 2005 (2nd part)
We are continuing our efforts to awaken national and international opinion on the danger that Burundi is facing today; a country on the doorstep of a large-scale genocide that is likely to spread throughout the sub-region. A handful of men who have held power since 2005 in Burundi have always committed acts of genocide by Tutsis and Hutu opposition groups without people noticing. The time of the final phase seems to be approaching in view of what is currently being done. We will try to invent the maximum of these crimes committed since 2005 and show how these are acts that are part of the overall plan of genocide long planned by Hutu criminals who have always thought of power after eliminating all Tutsis or recovering power and using it to exterminate them. That is what is being done today.
Larousse tells us that : » are described as genocide the wilful violations of life, physical or psychological integrity, submission to conditions of existence endangering the life of the group, obstacles to births and forced transfers of children that aim for such a purpose.
The Tutsi ethnic group has always been the target of Hutu extremists in Burundi. Very recently in 1993, they had planned to kill them all without a trace. The famous fdd rebellion that began in 1994 claimed to be fighting a single-ethnic Tutsi power, a single-ethnic Tutsi army. A real pretext to kill as many Tutsis as possible (in the camps of the displaced, on their hills, in schools, on routes etc.) because within the various governments, within this army, there were Hutus and Tutsis, perhaps in different proportions. Since 2005, the target has remained the same: the Tutsis. They added a major enemy: the fnl who had always been their direct competitors from the bush; but who were more virulent towards the Tutsis than they were. They had in common the ideology of genocide of the Tutsis; they had been to the same school where the fnl were the brilliant students. As if Bururi province were the nursery of presidents and by ricochet of the Tutsis, the cnddfdd has always ignored it economically (to the point of calling it Rirubu-Bururi inverted, which means  »cry now »), always appointing incompetent female governors, except on this mandate of Evarsite Ndayishimiye who put Colonel Bandenzamaso at its head because he could be his close friend . Maybe he can change something.
Some naïve Tutsis, animated by a regionalist spirit, turned their thumbs face of this situation in Bururi province. They did not know that in the eyes of these criminals of the cnddfdd, who says Bururi, who says ex fab, simply means  »TUTSI ».
All the Tutsi projects were ruined by the cnddfdd government (banks, markets where they had a lot of capital burnt , exchange offices closed, drive the Tutsis out of the high responsibilities of the state, arbitrarily imprison them or push them into exile to recover their property etc…). The list is long. Today, economically, they are on their knees (successful goal for the military clique in power), all that remains is to eliminate them physically because psychologically they are also already dead: they live in panic fear because the imbonerakure or the police can arrest whoever they want at any time and kill him the next day and throw the corpse in the street, in the lake or river, or simply make it disappear without even leaving a trace, and this with total impunity. The family is not even entitled to the corpse to bury and mourn. Let the Tutsis who are members of the cnddfdd get deceiving them, they are not spared, if they do not know, their turn will come. The cnl who are virulent suffer the same fate as the Tutsis, simply because the military clique is afraid that they could oust him from power. This is the kind of genocide that has been going on in Burundi since 2005: physical elimination by a power; submission to very harsh living conditions both economically and psychologically of people because they were born only Tutsi and some Hutu who seek power.
We will continue our approach in our next edition, but already URN HITAMWONEZA advises Burundians to stand up as one man (without distinction) to fight this ideology and the genocidal practices of the power in Gitega because no development is possible without security, peace and stability.

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