Burundi: Pierre Buyoya dies leaving behind an unfinished site.

Burundi: Pierre Buyoya dies leaving behind an unfinished site.
We are suspending our efforts to show the public that the acts committed by the military clique in power since 2005 are acts of genocide against the Tutsis and the Hutus of the opposition which are part of the overall plan of the Hutu extremists of eliminate all Tutsis from the region.
Today we bow to a Great man who has just surrendered the night of December 17-18, 2020 in France. It is Major Pierre Buyoya who led Burundi twice, from 1987 to 1993, and from 1996 to 2003. We send our condolences to his family, to all Burundians, to the African Union, to all those who have been in contact with him because he was a man of great openness.
However, he was differently appreciated by Burundians. A certain Tutsi opinion considers him as a traitor who has always satisfied the international community by delivering the Tutsis into the clutches of the Hutu extremists.
In 1993, he had the ability to cheat elections like other African heads of state. He said he never cheated. The Hutu extremists would have implemented their plan of genocide already prepared, but the damage would have been less for two reasons: there would have been disturbances from the first hours of the announcement of the victory of Frodebu, the soldiers being still in positions held during elections, they could considerably limit the damage; the other big reason is that the country would not be dominated by the Frodebu administration, which was at the base of the execution of the genocide by mobilizing all the Hutus to kill the Tutsis. There are other reasons; we stop there. This opinion concludes that he delivered the Tutsis to the Hutus by easily giving them power, but also by getting involved in one way or another in the assassination of President Ndadaye (without proof), without thinking about the protection of the Tutsi minority when everyone knew that the Hutus had prepared a genocide against the Tutsis. They said it out in the open, but no one took it seriously.
The late President Buyoya played a big role in the completion of the Arusha Accords, which allowed the rebels of the cnddfdd to return victorious and subsequently win the 2005 elections by terror, although they had not conquered no square meter of the territory for more than 10 years of scrub. Fighters kept saying that had it not been for the implementation of the Arusha accords, they were on the verge of breaking down and returning to the initial phase of the guerrilla warfare. Buyoya delivered the country to them on a gold platter, some opinion says. And there you have it, they were the first to violate these agreements in order to rule without sharing and to have the means necessary to complete the genocide of the Tutsis, and here is in return the reward given to Buyoya: to drive him out of the country, to condemn him to life without defence, in purely political trials. It is the horse that you fatten that bites you, they say.
Former President Buyoya dies after his resignation in his post as High Representative of the African Union for Mali and the Sahel since 2012. He announced in a press conference that he wanted to have free time to concentrate on his file in connection with the assassination of the late President Ndadaye for which the power of Gitega had sentenced him to life imprisonment. He has just reached the beyond without having started this great project. We will not know the truth that was in him about the assassination of Melchior Ndadaye in 1993 and the genocide of the Tutsis by the Hutus of Frodebu (UN report S / 1996/682 of August 22, 1996) that followed it.
What did President Buyoya die of? There is some opinion about Covid 19. All that is known is that he was hospitalized on Saturday December 12, 2020 in Mali. He was reportedly evacuated in a medical plane on Thursday, December 17, 2020, and died without doctors having had time to try to save his life. Other sources say he had diabetes, which is said to have quickly worsened his condition. Rest in peace. WhatsApp contact: +31685638237
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