Burundi: The military clique in power is ready to move on to the final phase of the genocide underway since 2005 (part 5)

Burundi: The military clique in power is ready to move on to the final phase of the genocide underway since 2005 (part 5)
In our approach to demonstrate that the killings carried out by criminals guided by the military clique that has ruled the country since 2005 constitute acts of genocide of the Tutsis and Hutus of the opposition, long planned by Hutu extremists who have only in in their minds the elimination of the Tutsis. We are in the process of seeing if this genocide follows the 10 stages as described by Gregory H. Stanton. We have already analysed the first two, which are classification and symbolization. Today we enter the third step which is, according to Gregory, discrimination. It is, for him, an act for which a dominant group uses the law, customs and political power to deny the rights of other groups.
In Burundi, we are not yet at the stage of separating ethnic groups in schools, housing, transport, restaurants as was the case in South Africa and elsewhere. But, with the victory of Melchior Ndadaye in 1993, we observed Tutsis driven from their positions of responsibility; what they called the « Gusususutsa » (warm up) system. The term also meant – burning the houses of Tutsis – during the genocide of the Tutsis by the extremist Hutus of Frodebu in 1993.
At the start of cnddfdd power in 2005, the quotas in positions of responsibility were respected following the compromises of the Arusha agreements; both at the level of the public service and at the level of the defence and security forces. Year after year, these agreements were regularly violated until finally burying these agreements with the new constitution of 2018. The distinction between technical and other positions was not made as stipulated in the Arusha agreements (in the understanding of some, the Arusha agreement was limited to the sharing of positions of responsibility between Hutus and Tutsis), positions occupied by the Tutsis at the start of the implementation of the Arusha accord were gradually granted to the Hutus of the cnddfdd and no one dared lift a finger to denounce this violation.
At the present stage, the military clique has put an end to the Arusha accords, placing whomever they want in positions of responsibility; Tutsis no longer have a place in high state functions; the few Tutsis who remain in key positions are members of the cnddfdd (which the military clique manipulates like tools, without any decision-making power); they are there just to deceive public opinion, especially international opinion, that there is a sharing of responsibilities in the management of the country between Hutus and Tutsis.
Within the defence and security corps, the Tutsis who occupy important positions in the services or in command are people without moral personalities, easily manipulated, who only applaud what the military clique dictates to them, just to look for the maximum possible profit from their positions.
Discrimination against Tutsis in the management of state affairs reached its highest peak with the recent census (which was carried out in the public and which must be done in the private sector) which goes so far as to ask for their ethnicity, their location, their banks and…. The objective is twofold: first to be reassured that there are no longer any companies or services where the Tutsis are still dominant in order to drive out some (not members of the cnddfdd) and replace them with Hutus; then, make sure that when the time comes, they can easily find them and exterminate them. They are finalizing the large-scale genocide plan in sight.
URN HITAMWONEZA believes that discrimination against Tutsis is real in positions of responsibility, all their projects were ruined by the military clique in power in order to weaken them economically. On the psychological level, the Tutsi in Burundi lives in panic fear; a worthless, member of the militia imbonerakure arrests whoever he wants, kills him without pursuit and throws the corpse where he wants. And the authorities multiply communications via Hutu extremists like Kenny Claude Nduwimana and Pierre Claver Ndayicariye to make him more guilty, to show that it is as if all the Tutsis killed the Hutus in 1972 (not to mention the crimes committed by the Hutus); to make the Hutus understand that killing them is a legitimate action. A real incitement to genocide.
Burundi will not experience any development with such discrimination because it deprives the country of important resources. Ethnic quota-based job sharing must give way to the principle of ‘’one man in the right place’’. And this can only be achieved if Burundi is endowed with enlightened leadership, which sees only Burundians instead of Hutus and Tutsis. We must all fight with our last energy, putting all the means necessary to achieve such leadership that cares only for the interests of all. WhatsApp contact: +31685638237
Email: urnhitamwoneza16@gmail.com  Twitter: URN HITAMWONEZA

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